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6/4/2017 - Lineup changes


It's been awhile since we've posted an update, mainly because a lot of things have been up in the air with no concrete details to share. Drummer, Adam House, recently made the move to Texas. We certainly wish him well on the next stages of his great life journey. Fortunately, we were able to team back up with Piranah drummer alumni, Johnny Mack. He did the Set The World Ablaze album with us and has been able to fit back in with great avail. New tune ideas are coming alive and things are sounding great. Unfortunately, another blow has stricken the group. Long time Piranah front man, Darren Andrews, left the band due to personal issues. Darren has been there since the beginning with Matt and it's really hard to imagine Piranah without his energy, personality, and aggressive vocal sound. But, this band refuses to go down. We don't want to stop playing, creating music to share with the world. So, we're on the hunt to find someone that could possibly attempt to fill Darren's shoes in some way. It may not be that Piranah sounds exactly the same going forward, but we're hoping to retain our essence somehow, and find a great chemistry again that truly works. Wish us luck and feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or leads.

Thx for checking in and keeping metal alive!


1/14/2017 - The post Christmas blues


It's insane how quickly Christmas just came and went. Kinda sad really. Are you one of those people that still has a tree up in the house? Save it for Valentine's Day and just decorate it in pink! The lady's love that sort of thing. Honestly, not a whole lot going on right now. We're starting a new year and trying to find our footing. Doing the occasional show, hoping to maybe record a few of the new tunes soon. We're feeling kinda like Stella and just need to get our groove back. Hit us up on social media and show us some love to make us feel good. Piranah's need lovin' too. In all seriousness, we're getting ready to rock the legendary Exit In tonight in Nashville with some great bands/friends of ours. Let's all keep this town rockin', especially on the heavier side. Maybe we can get a TV show about Nashville, but with some killer metal music! One can dream.


10/19/2016 - Falling toward the end of the year


That's right! It's almost Helloween once again! Actually it's practically Christmas already and we're wondering where this year has gone. We may not have played a ton of shows in 2016, but we've been enjoying our time finding a new chemistry, slowly reemerging. Hell, we just love to play music and are excited about the new tunes that are coming to life. Most of October, we're taking a breather to spend some time with family and friends and show our appreciation for they're support. November has some great gigs lined up though, to usher in the holidays. Take a look at the shows page or our social media for details. Keep metal music alive!


7/17/2016 - Metal Meltdown


Here we are in the hottest days of the summer, burning up in true Metal Meltdown fashion! Not too much to share at the moment other than we recently debuted our newest song, "Just An Addiction", also first official tune featuring our newest member, Adam on drums! We've been getting a lot of great feedback and I know we really love it ourselves. That's just the beginning of a bunch of new material brewing in the works. While we're sweating it out in the music workshop, keep up to date on our shows page or on any of our social media sites to find out when we're playing next. Come out and rock with us. We'd love to see you! Drink tons of water and keep listening to great music!


4/23/2016 - Coming alive!


PIRANAH launches the all-new rocket-fueled stage show with new drummer, Adam "Brick" House, at The High Watt in Nashville @ the Killing Grace new album release party on Feb. 6, 2016. Includes excerpts from the performance, an interview with the band/soundbites from each band member, backstage access @ The High Watt, and a rare look 'behind the scenes' in the world of 'Blue Collar Metal.' You can find it on the links to the left of the page or just click below...



2/28/2016 - Gettin ready for Spring


As of this moment, the sun is shining in Nashville and it feels amazing outside, which is extremely welcome considering the ice and snow we've seen this winter. We're ready for Spring time as Piranah is coming alive again. Mr. Adam Brick House is officially a part of our family and we've been working on more tunes that we haven't played in ages as well as constructing new material to unleash on the world of metal lovers out there. Check out our shows page to keep up with new dates being added. Of course Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay in touch as well. Good things are brewing this year and we'll certainly give details as they emerge. I think we are at a point where we're looking at what we've done and what we haven't done and trying to fill in some of the blanks. If you haven't seen us in awhile, come on out to a show sometime. We'd love to see ya! BTW, huge thanks to Darrell Close for taking this killer pic of us at The Highwatt! Thx bro, you rock!





12/24/2015 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Where did the year go?! Wasn't it just Christmas the other day? Oh well, it's time to do it all over once again. In all seriousness, this is a special time of year we love to really get back down to Earth and bond with our families, celebrating the spirit of giving and the true reason for the season. In Piranah, we're very thankful to be working with our new drummer, Adam, and perfecting a new set of blistering metal madness that we'll be unleashing in early 2016. Actually, we even have a date! Feb 6th at The High Watt in downtown Nashville, we will be supporting our good friends, Killing Grace, on their CD release show. It will be an amazing night of awesome Nashville metal that will begin a new year of live performances for us and our new lineup. In the meantime, hit us up on social media and stay tuned as we get ready to come rock the house on a stage near you!

Merry Christmas and much love,





10/18/2015 - Welcome to the newest member of the Piranah family!


It's been a couple months since we've released the latest album and we've actually been going through some big changes. After 2 years with us, drummer, Johnny Mack, has parted ways. He's been a great addition and friend to Piranah and we wish him the very best in all future endeavors. So, that left us needing to fill the position once again. We give a HUGE warm welcome to Adam "Brick" House as he joins the family! In his own words....

"I would like to thank Matt, Darren, Thorin, and all of the Piranah family for entrusting me with this opportunity to bring some of the grooviest metal I've ever heard live to Piranah audiences. I feel the weight of a long-standing, respectable, and fan-cherished body of musical work and the responsibility to deliver it with precision and excellence on my shoulders; but it is not a burden - it as a privilege, an honor, and a challenge which I will meet with all of my best efforts. I know there are many die-hard fans of a long list of classic songs recorded and performed by Piranah; and as a fellow metalhead, I understand the importance of delivering the best possible performance as much as I would demand and expect of my favorite bands, and to keeping the highest musical standards while performing songs with such a rich legacy. I look forward to meeting all of the Piranah fans at our shows, and thank all of you for giving me the chance to rock the stage with this exceptional band. You have my promise that I will give you 100%. I respect this catalog of music that much, and believe I owe it to the other fans who love it as well.

As far as Piranah being "blue-collar metal" or "working man's music;" I believe my qualifications might include many years of being a commercial driver with experience on different equipment including dump trucks with plows and salt spreaders on the interstate (I know well the sound of a big diesel engine knocking for hours against the pressure of lake effect snow while working double shifts through the nights), many years of working swing shifts all over one of the largest steel mills in the world (I've seen how steel is made from the raw iron ore coming in on barges to the rolled coils you see going down the road on a tractor-trailer bed, and all the industrial sounds of heavy machinery have been as common to my ear as the voice of family), and I have been on mounted patrol convoying to the Korengal Outpost in the 173rd Air Brigade and know what it sounds like to hear things like mortars and artillery fire for hours or even days almost non-stop - and I 'pray' the 'god of thunder' will help me interpret all of these things into musical art of the highest caliber. The truth is that even if I wasn't in a band, I'd still be rocking out the drum kit at home all the time because I've gotten so deeply immersed in playing again as part of my training and therapy in dealing with chronic severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - for which I was medically retired upon completion of a 15 month deployment to Afghanistan.  An oscar-nominated documentary about that deployment has now been made, entitled 'Restrepo.'  My heart is filled with appreciation that I've already come so far in my rehabilitation that I'm now the drummer in one of the sickest 'groove metal' bands I've ever heard.  From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

I have traded in my military-issued M4 for a pair of drumsticks, but you better believe that I'm still on a fucking mission and still training to bring you the 'brutal groove' - Piranah style  \m/"

 - Adam G. "Brick" House"


7/12/2015 - Piranah album release is here!


Finally, it's upon us! Set The World Ablaze, the new album by Piranah is here. It's been such a long wait, and we wanna thank all of the fans who have been so patient and have supported us by coming out to see us live. Luckily, you've been able to catch some of the new tunes at the shows. It's been wonderful to share them there, but we've been itching to get this album to you for quite some time. Join us for the release celebration show right here at home in Nashville at The Mercy Lounge! We have an AMAZING lineup on the bill, so you won't be disappointed. We hope you enjoy the music and have a smokin' summer!




5/23/2015 - Memorial Day Weekend


It's a time to remember and there's certainly a ton of things to think about that are going on right now. Time is flying as we're already almost halfway into 2015. I'd swear it was just Christmas the other day! The one thing on the minds of Piranah is the new album. We're getting very close to releasing the finished product to all you fans. So close that it's been killing us for months. Check out the "shows" page for dates of upcoming dates. Yes, we've seemingly been in hiding for a little while, but we're starting to crawl up from the coffin. We'll be sharing the stage soon again with some of our good friends of many years, so we're very excited to get this summer rolling. Bands like Noisecult, Vahalla, and Oblivion Myth... That sounds like some killer metal to me!

In the meantime, have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and we hope to see you soon!


2/14/2015 - A day to show some love!


Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there! First off, we wanna' say how excited we are about the new album, 'Set The World Ablaze', but we're a little down that it's not quite ready for release yet. As much as we'd like to just push it and get 'er done, we don't want to release an unfinished product. It's almost here though, and it will be well worth the wait. Huge thanks to Dave Walker at Walker Studios for bearing with us through these past months and getting down to the nitty gritty. We couldn't have done it without your insight and care. Much appreciated! In the meantime, if you're anywhere near the Nashville area, come out to Daisy Dukes on Mar 27th as we reunite with our old friends in Scent Of Remains from Knoxville, along with Granshaw and WarClown. This will be an amazing night of metal!

Rock on!



12/21/2014 - Merry Christmas (already?)


Wow, that sure was fast! One minute, it's Halloween, then you're eating turkey and busting down the doors of shopping centers and trampling on people in an attempt to garner those deals that just can't be had any other time of year (or can they?). I know it's been a while since the site has been updated, but good things are certainly coming. We are moving close to the release of the new Piranah album! With all the tracking finalized, these hardy new tunes are in the mixing stage and soon to be mastered. Our target release is early February, 2015, so that's literally just a couple months away. We'll probably be playing it low key on the scene focusing all of our efforts on finishing this project on time. Then, be prepared for new dates rolling in to showcase the blistering brutallity that we'll have given birth to. In case you haven't already heard it, you all are awesome! Thx for making 2014 amazing for Piranah.

Last but certainly not least, spend some well deserved time with your family and loved ones, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


8/30/2014 - Labor Day Weekend!


It's Labor Day Weekend and Summer is finally starting to wrap up. The kids are back in school and traffic is hell once again! We had 3 Piranah birthdays in August (Darren, Matt, and Thorin) and to make it all even better, we are in full production for the new Piranah recording. No, there's no title as of this moment, but you'll be the first to know as soon as the artwork and everything comes together. A huge thanks to Dave Walker and Walker Music Studios for doing such an amazing job working with us. The new songs we've crafted since the addition of our new drummer, Johnny Mack, are really coming to fruition and it's literally music to our ears. We just can't wait to share it with all of the Piranah fans out there.

Keep rocking and stay tuned for updates!


7/26/2014 - Breaking Metal


In case you're unfamiliar with "Breaking Metal", you've got to see this killer video on Youtube showing 4 awesome guys sitting down having a cool conversation. Season 2 has just kicked off, with excellent hosts, Matt Edmonson (Killing Grace!) and Adam (Brick) House connecting you with Tennessee's own Metal scene. Piranah was recently given the honor of having our own Matt Seckinger and Johnny Mack sit in for a great interview. Huge thx to everyone involved in the show. Please give it a watch and go spread the word! Just in case you're not too sure how to search Youtube for "Breaking Metal", click below...



6/21/2014 - Holy crap! It's summer!


That's right. Time is flying and it's getting hotter than hell out there. We're staying busy pounding out new material and getting in shape for a killer lineup of shows, to get back in the swing of things. It's kinda like, "how Piranah got its groove back"! In all seriousness, the band is really clicking now and in preparation for doing a little recording. We're loving these new tunes we've been working on so much that we are jonesing to take them to the studio and have something new to share with all of the rockin' fans in the land. As a timetable starts to materialize, we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, check out our show page and stay tuned to our social media for all the news on the lineup of summer shows.

Rock on! \m/


4/26/2014 - Spring has sprung


Yes it's that time of year once again. The flowers are blooming, things are turning green, and everyone's sneezing and getting sick! Perfect time to hide from the pollen and get indoors with some great live music, good metal at that. We had a blast at our first show back after hiding out for nearly a year. There was such a warm welcome, it's hard to really put into words our gratitude to all the excellent fans who showed up and rocked that night away with us. In case you missed out or possibly just want more, like we do, stay tuned to all Piranah channels for upcoming show dates, like Saturday, May 10th at Nashville's fooBAR. Dungeon Promotions presents Downslave, with special guest, Lobo, Heretic's Fork, and us! Check out the flyer, and we hope to see you there!




2/9/2014 - It's show time once again!


After nearly a year restructuring and preparing, we are extremely excited to be bringing our music back to the stage once again. Please come out and join us Friday, March 7th at the Rutledge LMV in downtown Nashville with special guests Vahalla, Noisecult, and Killing Grace as we throw down with a monstrous night of metal and celebrate the return of Piranah! Check out the flyer for details.



12/13/2013 - Happy Holidays!


Yes, it's that time of the year once again, and we hope you are truly enjoying it as much as we are. Now is the time to appreciate our families and loved ones, and also dream of what may come in the new year. For Piranah, it's all about being born again. Old music coming alive again, plus brand new music never before heard, being created. We can't wait to see all the fans once again and turn it on. Since the band is currently getting ideas for a 2014 debut set, email us or hit us up on Facebook with any requests of tunes you'd like to hear. We're looking at any and all Piranah albums, so get with us!


8/29/2013 - New Family Member


Well, the drummer auditions are over and our decision has been made. We would like to welcome Johnny Mack into the Piranah family \m/. Huge thanks to everyone who tried out and/or showed interest. Looking forward to rocking again!



8/2/2013 - And then there were three


2013 has thus far proven to be a year of great change for Piranah in many ways. After releasing 'Crashing Down', the 3rd album from the long time 7 year lineup, the band is now in the process of major restructuring! If you or someone you know is interested in being part of the future of Piranah, we are currently looking for a drummer. If you have power and groove and can be technical when needed, you're what we're looking for. Preferred method of contact is our Facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/Piranahrocks.

In case you love the latest album, 'Crashing Down' as much as we do and feel you didn't get enough, like a rockin' T-Shirt or something like that, we now have official album shirts available on our Zazzle store... http://www.zazzle.com/piranah_crashing_down_tshirt-235856502923581204

Rock on Piranah fans!






































































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