,000,000 DRAG RACE (McLaren 720s vs Ferrari 488 Pista vs Ferrari F8 Tributo)

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There’s like a hot red coop out there oh you guys are just gonna stand there and watch you’re gonna see who that you in is in the uh 720 to a race what do you think you said it’s an fa tributeo all right um can you give us a second please all right hold on hold on hold on hold on so he clearly wants to race us it’s an fa tribute it’s a new one that’s a news

Ferrari isn’t it yeah should i call you yeah right now bro let’s let him in let’s buzz them in here where’s all right we’ll go ahead and buzz you in you can pull up next to the fountain all right sounds good thank you yo what’s up sally yo can you hear me yo cyrus yo there’s a new ferrari fa tributeo at the gate and he challenges us to a race bro yeah a new

One are you down to racing yeah i’m down but i’m like 30 minutes away from the house all right just um see if you can make it in 20 minutes bro he’s waiting right now we accepted the challenge all right drive safe all right and looks like we have a race guys make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up we’re gonna go meet this guy and see what he’s all about

Um we got a good lineup going on you guys ready make sure you guys subscribe i’m almost at 1 million so subscribe right now let’s get this face let’s get this w whoa that thing moves fast is that the water fountain guys all right let’s go out there yeah come on that thing is fresh bro whoa good afternoon guys hey how’s it going guys beautiful car what’s up

Thanks man i’m darius nice to meet you hey dave tilton pleasure good to meet you what’s up man how’s it going hey how you doing good to meet you hey how’s it going good to meet you dave where did you get this just got this on tuesday uh it took me 14 months man it it was a custom build and all carbon fiber and uh had to wait for a long time hey i mean it looks

Like it was worth the wait though right absolutely man it’s it’s uh it’s feeling good it it really runs good too so david tell me more about the car yeah this is the 2020 ferrari f8 tributeo it’s uh 710 horsepower 0-60 in 2.9 seconds um we’ve done all the options for carbon fiber on the car so the the car has every option you can get on it ferrari has really

Stepped up and done a lot of upgrades they’ve added the touch screen on the passenger side like they did with the 812 and uh the car is just unbelievable and ready to go you know we’re part of andretti auto sport as a as a chassis owner and actually my son christopher is actually the chassis owner and he uh from the 101st running of the indy 500 chris thrones

The chassis that um takuma sato drove to win the indy 500 so he’s the youngest chassis owner in indy car history uh to win the indy 500. so mario andretti is gonna we’re working on it mary andretti’s gonna be coming down for the 50th uh anniversary of the 12 hours of sebring and his 50th anniversary was winning for ferrari so our plan is to have mario drive the

Car as the pace car at the 12 hours of uh sebring and then after that sign the car and then we’ll uh we’ll take it back up here and kind of put it away as a as a collection piece well it sounds like your competitor’s pulling up right now whoa so it’s gonna be a good race guys give it a thumbs up cyrus dobre what’s up so are you what’s good bro what’s good guys

You ready for this yeah let’s do it i’m sorry you ready for your race oh yeah let’s do it who am i racing today hey how you doing i’m dave nice to meet you dave good to meet you beautiful car by the way oh same with you man that is absolutely gorgeous i love the carbon fiber on it yeah i’ve heard a lot of great things about the f8 so it’s going to be interesting

To see like how these go head ahead because mclaren and ferrari always been head ahead in f1 so it’s gonna be really interesting we’ll see absolutely i can’t wait to see it happen all right guys we’re not going to bore you with any more talking it’s time to head to the track let’s do it what’s going on yeah i’m trying to join the race too like you want to race

It yeah let’s do it cyrus is on his way with the 720s right now we’re rolling out that’s a lot of horsepower going there dory bro i’m so excited it’s going to be such a dope race man what’d you think marcus can be crazy bro yeah all these calls are closed so like i want to see which one’s the fastest yep whew how was that test run yeah it was good you got

That on camera oh yeah i did i think we’re ready to do how this feeling david nervous yeah the first time i’ve ever done this so it’s going to be a lot of fun oh it took me a great time how you feeling the car good car’s got a lot of power oh tons of power tons of it yeah good luck out there thanks man all right steve it’s that time race one i hope they’re ready

All right all right he definitely had me on that and the mclaren 720s wins the first race great job cyrus good first take we’re gonna wonder one more time bro how’d it go it was good it was good win yeah we took that one not bad bro good job awesome let’s do it having fun out there mr trump having a great time but i just got to learn how to shift i’m shifting

Late on it which is killing me it’s got it’s going into uh it’s just going into limp when every time i go over the the rev limiter we’ll see what happens with the pieces this time that’s 720 let me tell you something that thing has a lot of power yes it does all right now guys i’m gonna use the fh button and see how it how it runs you excited bro yeah i think

It’s gonna be a close one that’s alright bro let’s see big shout out to italy this is a legendary race right here you guys ready race number two f8 pistol you guys ready oh my gosh that was close yeah yo that was close let’s go i don’t know i don’t know good race pista versus the f8 really good the hell is good let’s go thanks enough for your time i like that

Man shout out to andretti let’s go yeah 48 pizza for 720s all right race number two ready that was awesome guys uh i think that’s a little bit of the rookie coming out in me but uh you guys got some powerful cars there and i had a blast thanks for everything shout out to ferrari shout out to mclaren amazing work on the cars the engineering keep it up keep

Innovating and thank you everyone for subscribing to thurber cars be ready for the next race let’s go

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$1,000,000 DRAG RACE! (McLaren 720s vs Ferrari 488 Pista vs Ferrari F8 Tributo) By Dobre Cars