04-08 Ford F150 Ridetech StreetGrip / Coilover Install – Lowered Performance Suspension

We take the Ford F150 truck and make it even better with Ridetech’s new coilover lowering performance suspension system — in a few hours. Handling and ride quality are light years ahead of stock or anything else on the market. Ride height is adjustable. This kit uses the original rear leaf springs with new shackles and mounts to “flip” the rear axle above the springs – this lowers the truck approximately 6 inches.

Ridetech street grip system can be installed at home with a floor jack proper jack stands and simple hand tools he chose to use our lifts to give you the best possible view of the process with the truck properly supported and the wheels and tires removed we can start on the front by taking off the hub rotor and caliper always support the brake caliper so it is

Not placing strain on the lines with the hub and dust shield removed you can take off the tie rod to allow space for the shock and coil assembly to come out of the truck these normally requires some good solid taps with a hammer on the spindle the mounting bolts are located above the top of the foil mount after removing the lower bolt the entire shock and spring

Assembly can be removed next we’ll loosen the ball joints leave the nuts loosely placed on the ball joints to keep the spindle from falling off accidentally the original dust shield will be reused on the new drop spindles it attaches with a few bolts the front street grip kit uses ridetech coilover shocks these will need to be assembled prior to installation

The adjuster knob must be removed in order to install the coilover hardware place the coil spring adjuster nut on the body of the shock leave the set screw loose for now followed by the delrin ring then the coil spring itself the second delran ring is used on the spring retainer to make the coil over easier to adjust for ride height and preload the just the coil

Spring mount to where it is snug you can tune the final preload after the install is complete repeat on the other shock and don’t forget to reinstall the adjuster knob we went ahead and set our adjuster to the middle of the range for a starting point on ride quality use the supplied hardware to assemble the upper shock mounts and attach them to the coil overs

Place the top of the coilover assembly into the truck before mounting the lower shock bolt and spacers the kit includes new mounting bolts for the top plate as well with the coilover in place and tightened we can install the new drop spindle and reattach the tie rod when the install is complete you will need to set your ride height and lock down the adjuster nut

On the coilover you should also have an alignment done since we have lowered the ride height of the truck when reinstalling the hub and rotor ford recommends using a new spindle nut which must be torqued to proper specification don’t forget all your cotter pins and the anti-lock brake sensor repeat the same steps for the other side of the front we’re ready to move

On to the rear support the rear axle and remove the shocks as well as the rear leaf spring bounce after removing the original u-bolts we will be flipping the rear end assembly to the top of the leaf springs give the leaf spring bolts a good spray of penetrating oil these will need to be removed one at a time turn upside down and reinstall install the new

Rear shackles using your choice of the two bolt locations heavier trucks like extended cab crew cab or long beds may consider using the bolt hole closer to the chassis to raise the rear height slightly the axle mounts align on the bolts we relocated earlier with the new u-bolts and hardware the street grip kit also includes new rear bumps tops that will mount

In the frame rail the new ride tech adjustable aluminum monotube shocks will bolt into the original locations and again we’ll set these to the middle of the adjustment range to start with and that is all it takes to get your truck on the street grip suspension system better ride adjustable height improve durability and aggressive lowered stance you

Transcribed from video
04-08 Ford F150 Ridetech StreetGrip / Coilover Install – Lowered Performance Suspension By ridetechtv