05 Chrysler 300: Key Remote Not Working + Fix

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The roads here suck here and this video is going to be about an issue that i’ve had with the remote key entry rke remote and before i begin this video i just wanted to mention that this basically boils down into three types of problems so let’s say the remote completely stops working right problem one could be the battery is low in that case you just replace

The battery problem two could be the little holder for the battery has come undone from the circuit in which case you can fix that and that should be all good and problem three is let us say two or three i don’t remember but the third problem that could be the issue is the remote unpaired itself maybe you had the battery out of it for too long so those are

The three possibilities it could be any any one or a combination of all of them that happened and for me it was a combination of all of them and on top of that i was locked out of the car so that’s what this video was about it’s not only gonna be about replacing the battery but it’s also going to be about fixing the battery holder and it’s also going to be

About i want to say pairing the remote but i don’t have a video of that so i’ll just talk about it so without further ado let’s begin hello everyone the roads here suck how’s it going today there’s a slight problem today it would appear that the remote key entry this ran out of battery and get into the car and for some reason i tried turning the key in the

Lock in the door and maybe i maybe it’s only the second key which is currently in brooklyn opens that i don’t know so i’m gonna try and open this up see what battery this is and replace it no it doesn’t help that the screw is stripped either previous owner was an interesting character it’s a long screw anyways there’s a little indentation here i’m gonna put

My fingernail in there and try and pry this off that did the trick it’s interesting why is this like this the only thing that seems i can do here is try and take this off previous owner was an interesting person but wait there’s more at least it’s easier to take off oh okay i see why that is the way it is i can fix that though yeah see what happened is the

Previous owner probably tried taking the battery out and he broke this entire thing off so here’s a hole here’s a hole here’s like the base i don’t know if the cameras angled right but here’s the base here’s two holes this is where the battery rests this is supposed to go in these holes not too much just a little bit will do that will do let’s flip it over to

The other side now you you okay i see okay so i fixed this component i just out of curiosity let me see if i can unlock the car that would save me from having to walk to the store for the battery okay that didn’t work so what i’m gonna do now is i’m gonna go to the store and i’m going to even place this battery put that out of there and go to the store i’ll

Be back in just a minute alright so i just got back from rite aid i got the duracell 2032 it was about six dollars was like five eighty something really but six dollars okay let’s bust this open oh finally japan reminds you not to swallow babies or whatever that sucker off pop this in alright so it just slides it like so make sure that’s seated nicely let me

Get this out of the way this goes down here like this make sure everything’s seated the way it should be and pop that sucker in there like so clips in squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze drop the screw in here grab a screwdriver screw it in okay so it’s been a rough couple of hours but i have um everything was the same i slid the new battery in i closed

Up the remote for some reason manually entering the car did not work and the remote still would not work so i reckoned that the remote must have gotten unpaired somehow but i had no way of getting into the car so if you’re gonna change the remote to your battery i strongly suggest if you have the option to leave your car unlocked if you find yourself locked

Out of the chrysler 300 what i’ve done was i’ve had a friend come over with a wire coat hanger okay and i’ve bent it out of shape just so that i have a straight part like this and a little l-shaped hook over here so it’s straight and then just a small little street segment of hook it’s about one and a half inches long okay and at the top here it’s bent at the

Top here it’s bent again but that’s just so i could grab it and turn it okay so what i’ve done was i went to the back door and there you have this little like lock plunger mechanism thing about an inch so if i’m looking at the if i’m looking at the side of the car where the front is to the right hand side and the trunk is to the left hand side i walk up to the

Back window and about an inch to the left of the plunger i slid this thing in between the window and the door i pushed it down about about that deep i guess so it’s inside the door now and then what i did was i took at this little grab handle of mine and i turned it this way so now the hook is turned this way and what i’ve done was i pulled it up and you know

There’s a little rod in there that attaches to the lock mechanism and it pulled this rod up it popped the lock back door i got the back door open the alarm sounded because that’s what happens when you break into a car and quickly took the key put it in the ignition start the engine the alarm shuts off turn the key off and i forget how i repaired this remote

Exactly but it went something along the lines of hold down both buttons and turn the key to the on position so it was acc on and hold it and i think that’s what did it it’s some sort of combination of turning the key or i think it was either you turn an acc to on seven times or it was you press and hold the buttons while you flip it from acc to on it never

Since then the car paired the remote works fine everything is great now so my issue was the battery worn out i opened this up but i found that the previous owner had messed with this a little bit so i fixed it but the remote unpaired itself so i had to repair it a that is parrot to the car again but to do that i had to put it in the ignition and i was locked

Out of the car and i couldn’t get in so i had to break into my own car and was a whole complicated process but there you go that’s everything thank you so much for watching and i hope you enjoyed you

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