1 OF 1 CRAZIEST AMG Showcar Will I AMG The Flip

I AM BACK with the all-new 2022 Mercedes Benz W1X AMG Showcar based on the GT63 AMG on our YouTube Channel! 😍

Craziest project i’ve ever seen in my entire life unbelievable the emblem of will i am you can turn it you see that this is so cool suicide doors we’ve never seen any on any amg or mercedes car with a crazy panorama roof hello guys i am back today welcoming you all with this right in front of me we have one of the most craziest show cars i’ve ever seen in my

Entire life so imagine if i told you that there is a car based on the gt63s with suicide doors with monoblock wheels with the g-class headlights with a wide body kit you would have told me that i would be crazy but this is all reality with the will i amg the w1x also called the flip so this car has been built in corporation with mercedes amg and will i am just

One of the craziest projects i’ve ever seen in my entire life so in today’s video i will be giving you a full walk around of this car highlighting you all the details afterwards also jump inside to show you the interior and last but not least finish it off with a resume so let’s get it on in this year in miami they’ve presented this car will i am work together

With mercedes amg and they’ve built a car together and it’s just a one-of-one it’s just this car right in front of us it’s his will i amg i’m right now and a fighter back at the amg headquarters where i will be filming this off for you so stick with me and let’s start with a walk around first of all looking at the front you yeah would have thought that this is a

G-class just by looking at the headlights but as soon as you move back you see something else but yes we have original g-class multi-beam led headlights on this then in the front we have this so-called real i mean it’s full finished in carbon fiber we have the mercedes-benz style in addition with well i am teddy bears some emblem here which looks absolutely crazy

The front intakes here the bumper is something we already know from the amg models also these are covered and everything is finished in carbon fiber looking at the bonnet this is extremely long you have some additional carbon fiber parts here and now as soon as we look at the side of this car there’s something very crazy we have monoblock wheels on this and as soon

As you have a colossal look here the emblem of will i am you can turn it you see that this is so cool also we have some yellow details here we have behind the monoblock wheels some brakes but you can’t really spot them the brake calipers are finished in yellow yeah it’s just so heavy 21 inches here the size is 275 35 zr21 and yeah on the side you can also see we

Have a wide body kit installed on this so the base for this car is the gt63s which is a four-door but here we have a two-door and not a normal one we have one with suicide doors which is extremely crazy as you see on the side this is the white body kit installed this has been all done by west coast customs it presented this car a few months ago in miami and yes

So so unbelievable will i amg and prince port here the suicide doors we’ve never seen any on any amg or mercedes car it’s extremely heavy but so sick look how long it actually is because normally in this space you have two doors but with this we just have one single door replacing two and instead of having normal doors we have the suicide doors also here on the

Side door panel we have the amg gt63s pass but it’s just extended so see but we will be talking about the interior later on let me just close the door for you so for that we just have to here on the side with the side mirrors also matte carbon fiber finish we have in the rear again monoblock wheels with a 21 inches and yeah the white body kit yet again here we

Have the rear light of the gt63s let’s just talk about the rear and here you can also see the wide body kit and also additional parts which they have added here we also have the will i amg emblem which is finished in black and also his personal logo the gtw one x the letters look extremely cool in my eyes and we also have this rear spoiler here which i think you

Can also extend by just pressing the button do you see that but we’ll try that later on the exhaust tips are the normal gt63s ones but in addition to that we have a crazy diffuser here which is finished in complete carbon fiber which finished the entire look of this thing so how do you guys like it it’s just unbelievable wow and now we all be stepping inside side

Before we do that here we also have the key yeah the normal gt63s key unlocking the car and if you want to step inside the car the thing is that you have to grab the door handle in here which is right over here and then you pull the car door there we go oh it’s heavy it’s very heavy you literally have to push it to open and it’s so cool i love suicide doors and we

Have them on this thing i wish like having suicide doors on amg’s would be something that would do in production but unfortunately just for this car this is also just a one of one and they’ve sold it on an auction and all the money will be donated to william’s fund helping charity and kids in specific the inside of this you can already recognize is a gt63s but the

Preface lift let me just jump inside so as i mentioned we have the door panel here this is actually the base of the door panel which comes with the gt63s front door but you see it’s just extended with a material with the stitching and the leather works which is absolutely crazy the inside yeah the gt63s and there have been also a few add-ons the will i amg and

Transport the will i amg floor mats but yeah let’s just jump inside have a seat there is no way i can close that door right now wait let me just try to pull the door there we go okay from the outside oh and there we go three two one i think it’s not closed foreign but i just don’t want to damage the car or something or just leave it the way it is right now oh

Yeah we are inside the will i amg the inside is actually a gt63s so as soon as i start the ignition again we have the amg emblem as soon as i’ve push the button again we have all the buttons here in the center console everything inside here is gt63s also something that i have to highlight is yeah the back seats i mean there are no back seats it’s just fully covered

Here but in addition to that we have the will i amg beaker covers here also with the bowmaster here on top with a crazy panorama roof which gives this a very cool touch also here everything is finished in this beige dynamica trim yeah all in all i mean at the end of the day this is just a show car and it’s not made to really drive it therefore but but how do you

Guys like the idea the inside the outside just leave it all in the comment section below so that’s it basically for today’s video guys how do you like the will i am g to w1x or the so-called the flip how do you guys like the idea of converting a gt63s into this how do you like the suicide doors the monoblock wheels the front the inside the outside the rear leave

It all in the comment section below would you like to see more of this car share your opinions and i’m looking forward to see you all again and wish you an amazing day i will be back

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1 OF 1 CRAZIEST AMG Showcar! Will I AMG 'The Flip' By Mr. Benz