1 Week With the 2022 Toyota Sienna | Whats Good AND Bad

The 2022 Sienna comes in as a great option for families with it’s excellent space, practicality, efficiency, and overall appeal. This is just a short video describing some of the pros and cons of the new 2022 Toyota Sienna. Expand the description for more info!

I’ve been able to spend a week with this 2022 toyota sienna and i’ve got some things that i like and things that i don’t like that i’m going to share with you real quick before we get started i want you to know this is not a full detailed review i have a full detailed review of this sienna if you want to check that out in the description below that’ll probably answer

All your questions about this minivan but let’s go ahead and jump in now i want to start things off with my dislikes in no particular order and then i’ll go through the good stuff about the sienna to kind of leave you with a better taste but first dislike is that low speeds even nice roads and surfaces little bumps i hear a lot of little creaks and rattles in

Here and i just feel like for a brand new vehicle you shouldn’t now with the minivan one thing about it is that it’s just a big box i mean it’s just a big hollow area so there can’t be as much support as like a car for example but still there’s just a lot of little creeks and rattles not so much from the dash but just from all around everywhere else but the other

Thing about it is that the ride is relatively firm more firm than it should be for a family vehicle now an asterisk on that this is the xse trim which gives us a sport tuned suspension it’s far from sporty but it’s more so just firm and i’ve noticed this with other toyotas the xse versus xle is going to give you a much more firm ride so keep that in mind i would

Go for anything except this xse trim and it’s kind of a bummer because i think it looks a little bit better than the others too but keep that in mind now one of the other things i don’t like about the sienna that i wish was different or more available the fact that this is only a hybrid so the v6 sienna of last generation that could last a really long time is gone

You can’t get it anymore it’s just available in hybrid form nothing wrong with toyota’s hybrid they’re efficient they’re pretty reliable they can last a long time but for those of you that still want a regular v6 naturally aspirated engine that you can count on for a long time you’re stuck with just a hybrid i wish toyota gave us at least an option but i’ll talk

More about this later now my next dislike is that toyota has the worst remote start in the business i don’t mind the key fob i think the key fob’s fine there’s no remote start button on the key fob you press the lock button three times and then hold it the third time if it even works so i pressed it three times and just for example see it’s not even going to work

Let’s try this again walk lock lock it’s not it’s the most unresponsive key fob lock lock lock you’ve got to mash it down you got to hold it down it’ll start flashing then you got to wait about three years this is not a joke this is how long it’s actually taking okay it finally started up now watch this now the only time i use remote start is when i’m loading

Up my daughter if it’s hot or cold then i want to cool or warm the van but watch this as soon as you open the door it’s off engines off everything’s off completely off the worst remote start in the business now my next two dislikes are going to quickly come in this back area right here and then we’ll hop into the good things and there’s a lot to like about it

But the main thing to me is that the xle trim is the only one where you can choose between an 8 passenger and a seven passenger this is the xse so i’m stuck with the seven passenger that means you get these captains chairs back here some people really like and really want captain’s chairs some people want a bench seat so you have more seating well if you go for

The base model you’re stuck with a bench seat if you go for anything above the xle you’re stuck with captain’s chairs i don’t understand why we can’t choose or have an option at least more flexibility but you’re just stuck one way or the other the next dislike is how toyota used to let it be easy to remove these second row seats these captain’s chairs well that’s

Not the case anymore and i believe it’s because of the built-in seat airbags that you can’t do that but well you can but it’s just not something that most people are going to want to do take the time to do so the fact that you can’t easily take these out means you lose a ton of capability and cargo space to be able to take these seats out and have just a huge open

Area now i know people with minivans that take them out frequently or stow them away on some brands and just have this huge area for storage and hauling stuff you can’t do that in here but there is a video there are people that have videos showing how to take them out it’s a little more technical but i’ll put a link in the description below if you want to know how

To take out these second row seats now starting with my likes in no particular order one of the best things about this sienna is just how efficient it is so it can get 36 miles per gallon city 36 highway and 36 miles per gallon combined with the front wheel drive model which is what we have right here if you’ve driven a hybrid before and you know how to kind of

Feather it and use the gas right you can definitely get better than that but if you don’t drive very aware you could really drop it down but at least it’s possible to get really good efficiency with this i mean seriously 36 miles per gallon in a big minivan that’s awesome now my next like is just how easy and practical it is to get into the second row so with old

Vans you’ve known how heavy and cumbersome some of those doors are to open up especially if you are carrying stuff and all that but every single trim level even the base model gets power doors so you can open up from the inside you can open it with your key fob you can just basically touch it and it will open up but the xle and higher everything but the base model

Gets these hands-free foot activated doors so hands-free opening and even hands-free closing you just swipe your foot door will open or close everything but the base model now my next like is going to start in here so the fact that there’s so much storage and practicality just in the front is awesome and you’d expect that in a van but let me show you everything

First of all the doors you’ve got a little storage shelf there a little cubby right there a few different bottle holders down here even next to the steering wheel there’s a little spot just for you know whatever you want a little shelf i put my sunglasses there and it works fine in the middle here you’ve got this bridge center console you’ve got this massive area

With a rubber liner down there a 12 volt power outlet you could stick whatever you want down there under the ac controls you’ve got this dash this shelf so you’ve got a plug-in you’ve got a wireless charger it’s just a good overall storage shelf my wife loves being able to throw things over there and then right here you’ve even got four cupholders so there’s four

Couple there’s an extra little slot of storage an extra little slot in front of there and then even in the middle a big center console and it opens like this because then your backseat passengers can easily get in there that’s awesome now my next like is going to be the functionality of the third and second row particularly two features and let me show you so it’s

Common to have a huge storage area back here and to be able to fold the third row down but toyota makes it really easy you’ve got this step right here pull step boom down one-handed super easy no problem the next thing is the motion of the second row seat so right now obviously it’s scooted up pretty far forward but look how far back those seat tracks go let

Me show you look at this space you can have that thing way back there have all this space in the front i can sit there stretch my legs out and not be touching that seat so the long range super slide here in the easy folding of the third row that makes my likes now another like i’m back under the hood it’s the fact that the sienna can come with all-wheel drive so

It’s front-wheel drive standard and you can still get all-wheel drive available it’s not the same all-wheel drive setup of the regular gas siennas of the past but you still have electric power available to those rear wheels so you can get the sienna and all-wheel drive and you’ll still be able to get good efficiency with up to 35 miles per gallon combined minivan

All-wheel drive efficient more space than most suvs what’s not to like there my next like is going to be all of the creature comforts back here for the second and third row so first of all you’ve got a couple of usb charging ports right there you’ve got a three prong outlet you’ve got an hdmi port a couple cup holders and a storage area for your remote i say the

Remote because you’ve got this high definition eleven and a half inch entertainment system there with wireless headphones but you also have your own air conditioning controls so even on the base model you’ll get your own controls but up from there you’ll get four zones so you and the passenger or your two kids in the back don’t have to be fighting each other you

Can change your own temperature you can sync it up you can even do automatic change the modes wherever it’s going to aim at you it’s really awesome that they have full control of that back here plus even the third row every row every seat gets their own air conditioning vent there’s even more we get built-in sun shades in the second row and on upper trims you’ll

Even get them in the third row if you want more bottle holders there’s a bottle holder on each door there’s also these built-in netted bottle holders here too there’s two more back there on each side plus you’ve got two more usb charging ports there the other thing is that on the upper trims you can get an ottoman so you can literally scoot the seat way back have

Your legs out on an ottoman like you’re sitting in a recliner in the second row and on the upper trim you can get these seats heated too so these backseat passengers third row passengers are just completely spoiled so those are my likes and dislikes on this 2022 toyota sienna what do you like or not like now obviously there’s some nitpicking there’s some real

Things that could always be improved in every single vehicle like i said if you want to see a full review of this sienna check in the description below but overall the sienna is a great practical efficient minivan great for families thank you for watching

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