1 year review on my 2009 Lexus ES 350

Hello everyone remy here with classic chroma one and for today’s video it is actually going to be the one-year review on my 2009 lexus es350 this video is a couple days late i can’t remember if it was april 23rd or something like that but it was april 20 something i believe it’s april 23rd of 2016 when we got this car for me this was this is my first car for those

Of you that are new this is my 2009 lexus es350 got it one year ago well year in some days like a year in five days because this videos a little bit late i just wasn’t paying attention to the calendar and it’s kind of passed over and i just really didn’t remember to do it so i’m sorry if there’s any wind noise i’m sure there is and background noise this is kansas

Like i’ve mentioned in my previous videos you just can’t really get a video with no wind noise because it’s always windy here so i officially have a per year well now over a year it’s been a great car i haven’t driven it that much because i do not have a full license i’m almost 16 years old and i have a restricted license so legally i can go to and from work or

School on my own but otherwise have to be with an adult but sometimes i drive around on my own anyways but not that often so i put close to 2,000 miles on it i think and yeah we’ll go and get on with the video so this video might actually be long so i’m not exactly sure anyways here’s the key it is the smart key access obviously and i’m sure all you guys know

How this works so i’m going to do it anyways to open the door you just with the smart key access in your pocket or purse or whatever you just grab the door handle and it does have a cruiser behind there and you unlock it and once again i apologize i was not prepared for this video it is dirty on the outside and somewhat dirty on the inside like i said was not

Prepared for this video i would have ran it through the car wash but it is supposed to rain soon so i didn’t think that was a very good idea i’ll go and pop the hood as well and as you guys know with the smart key access you do have the push button start how it works is you put your foot on the brake and hit the engine start as long as the key is in the interior

Of the vehicle so then start it for a mile check we do have eighty one thousand six hundred and ninety-three miles which is low for a 2009 via chol god’s car with about seventy nine thousand eight or nine something like that seventy nine thousand 800 or 900 somewhere around i think is in the nine because it crossed over to eighty like shortly after we got it so

Go ahead and open the hood up oh it’s already open my god and i go ahead and turn on the light and yeah i’m gonna get on with the video i would turn on the hazard but we’re opening the hood we do have a 3.5 liter v6 which produces 272 horsepower and 254 pounds feet of sport like fentanyl six cylinder and the gas mileage is alright but just look how you drive it

And i got all this plastic covering up all the mechanical stuff and mainly just the engine is showing well it is pretty clean on here just a little dusty and we do have our heat pad right here go and do a walk around on the car i absolutely adore this color it looks way better when it’s nice and clean and shiny but it is kind of dirty right now and by the way if

You guys saw my previous video i did actually take those interior lights out because they were driving me insane so yeah it’s weird because the camera doesn’t the camera on my phone doesn’t really do a whole lot of justice with the color it almost looks like a different color on camera but it’s bright red color it does alright though just not yeah it definitely

Looks a little different on camera then it does in person but we’ll go ahead and get inside and get almost video looking at your door panel you’d have some nice soft touch rubber as material up here rubberized right here chrome door handle all automatic windows up and down and power locks and window locks and some two-person memory right here which means that

You could put your seat in any position that you’d like press these two and set it like this and this and you can have two of them and when you press the button it goes to where we had it set up and right here is padded materials as well and a nice padded armrest like i mentioned i think and you do have your seat adjusters right here some of the up and down side

To side all that stuff and you can move your steering wheel as well got your blinker and light controls right here and you do have your automatic wipers right here you also have some wireless headphone controls but it’s not bluetooth it’s just uh not wireless hands-free cell phone right there you do have your radio controls here and your climate controls looking

At your dashboard materials it is nice and padded and soft and rubberized got your glover yeah your glovebox right there console here i have some crap in there he’s got your little storage tray you can move back and forth usb and aux cord in there and to close you press that and it closes you got your heated and cooling suits right here for the front seat and you

Have your charging outlet and ashtray right here and the seats are very comfortable in here as well moving on to the rear seat of the vehicle it is very spacious back here and dirty i do need to clean this car very badly and the seats are in really good shape back here i don’t think this is set in very much and but i can’t remember how many previous owners it has

Had but they are very comfortable and very spacious dorp the material do follow through on the rear seat and i’m really sure i am like five foot four or five foot five and that is set for that so i have like a ton of room right here you got your climate controls for the back pulling this down you do have your cup holders here and a pass-through to the trunk and

We’ll go ahead and get a view of the front seat from the rear another feature this vehicle does have is when you close the door and you have your key on you it does beep like that to let you know that the key is left the interior of the vehicle and that pretty much wraps it up for my one-year review on my 2009 lexus es350 i hope you guys enjoyed i have definitely

Enjoyed owning the car for one year it has been an awesome car i’ve absolutely loved it it will not be going anywhere anytime soon i plan on keeping this for a very long time and i should because it’ll be scars lost forever and i hope i mentioned everything if i forgot something i’m sorry but i’m very sorry for the lack of content i do plan on doing some new types

Of videos pretty soon i might do some speed test videos and like around here and stuff again multiple cameras and if i have a friend over maybe one of my friends come over they can help me film a video on our family vehicles speeches and stuff and that’ll be cool i’ll do like more if you guys watch the fast lane car fast lane truck i’ll try to do something very

Similar but not near as good as them but like some type of video like that and i’ll try to get out test drive videos here pretty soon as well so thank you guys for watching and i’ll catch you next time

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1 year review on my 2009 Lexus ES 350 By ClassicChrome01