11-14 F150 Supercab Kicker Speaker Install

Finally got around to upgrading the factory speakers in my 2013 F150. I still would like to add a kicker subwoofer to my truck to give the system some nice deep bass.

Okay guys what’s up so today we are actually join the speaker install on the 2013 f-150 which i got the speaker’s like two months ago which i kinda regret waiting because now it’s like 90 degrees in this garage so we’re going to do the drivers hype driver side first and then do the passenger side and then i also have the tweeters for the a-pillars we’ll do those

Right last so let’s get started okay so the first thing that you want to do here for the front i already do the passenger side to just let you know i’ll show the clips of that at very end but the first thing you want to do is remove this little cover right there and this is actually cover back in here you just want to pry this off which that’s probably the hardest

Part and then you have two screws on the bottom of the door right there and one down back and that’s it okay new speakers here i already have the adapter on it for the ford the link to where i got these speakers be in the description below along with the link to where i got the tweeters for the a-pillars i got them from two different websites because i found better

Deals on different websites so link will be in the description you okay once speaker and i like to take the lock cap thing off goes right here just unscrews makes putting door on in here first thing is to pop this table we have to 6 million volt on the bottom one six mil takeoff they have to 600 be there millimeter bolts behind those and then pop this piece

Off also wanna pop this piece okay then you have one 6mm millimeter bolt here and another one over here just like that okay now once you your speaker and you you want to test the window to make sure it doesn’t hit the speaker or any wires and also test speak we’re good then just basically reassemble everything guys we finished the speakers we’re now moving on to

The tweeters so i already took the a-pillars out where the oops where the tweeters are mounted so here they are see this is the driver side passenger side because it has the handle on it basically all you do take tweeters out is there’s two screws in the back and then the screws hold in the grille and they also hold in the tweeter which you will no longer need the

Grille okay something i just realized is that you will need a dremel because the speakers are too big to actually fit in the holes and these are three quarter inch tweeters which kicker does have an inch size tweeter so keep that in mind when you are getting these because you get the inch one i think it’s going to be too big because as you can see like these just

Are barely too big so i think the inch one will be out over this round part so keep that in mind so um these tweeters have like they give these things that you can screw on to the back of them to faster men i didn’t do that for mine um you can do how you want to but on mine i just kind of made the hole just big enough to actually fit it in and then i just kind of

Did like a press fit and that it’s not going to fall out so that’s how i did it you can do it your own way but fester’s me so we get those on the truck and then i’ll do a little sound clip so you can so you guys can hear how it sounds the system i don’t think he’s done yet i still would like to get a kicker sub for it the compact subs and nothing against kicker

But i’ve never actually had kicker the only things that was actually kicker that i’ve ever had was a kicker l7 there’s nothing i have against kicker i just four speakers i mainly used alpine so i’ll see how these are and then i’ll tell you guys if i like them so let’s finish this up and get those tweeters in and so we’re in the truck right now it’s running because

It’s like a 100 degrees outside not 90 like i said earlier and just want to give you guys basically a trial what it sounds like and this is my first time hearing it too so okay it’s wrap back to my pal larry cooper’s real no false rap about four causally oh sounds good i like it um i still might add the subwoofer i just want to have like more depth to it so i’ll

Probably do that before the florida trip hopefully oh yeah so i have subwoofer do and then another thing that i need to do get to the truck for the florida trip and then i have the trailer to do yet what’s the trail of you big project so yep that’s it for this video so the links will be in the description see you guys next time

Transcribed from video
11-14 F150 Supercab Kicker Speaker Install By ZK Garage