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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is the ultimate version of the ultimate version of the beefed-up version of the standard Mercedes AMG GT. But what else do you need to know? Well here are 11 more things…

Wow it’s a badge that’s only been worn five times before and even though the first time it appeared was on an slk don’t let that put you off a black series merc is a wild thing lighter faster and harder than whatever it’s based on and amg has taken its time with this one the first amg gt arrived back in 2015 followed by the pumped up gtc then the even faster

And much better controlled gtr and then the gtr pro for good measure with an integrated roll cage and manually adjustable suspension a bit like the 911 gt3 rx now that amg has added another 145 horsepower on top of what the gtr already had for a total of 720 horsepower the only rival it wants to talk about is the 911 gt2 rs which is convenient isn’t it because

You can’t actually buy one of those new anymore anyway under there is still a four liter twin turbo v8 but it’s been fundamentally altered it’s now got a flat plane crankshaft instead of a cross plane the benefits of that are it revs higher it’s more efficient it’s more potent but weirdly it doesn’t sound nearly as good as a gtr doesn’t have the same burble or

Volume still nord 62 in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 202 miles an hour should go some way towards making up for that amg has managed to make the interior of the black series feel like as much of an event as the exterior which is saying something you sit deep and low and the driving position is absolutely spot on but controlling all these switches on

The center console is a bit awkward they’re a bit of a stretch and you’re impeded by the wing backs on these carbon racing seats no matter because you can control all your driving modes from these auxiliary switches on the steering wheel as well down here you’ll notice a fabric door pull a nod to light weighting but what’s the point in that when you’ve still

Got the metal door pulls as well so the key to making this interior feel really racy is to go for the track package that brings the extra titanium roll cage in the back and the harnesses on the seats well in for a penny yes it uses the same seven speed twin clutch gearbox as the gtr but it has shorter ratios a carbon fiber bonnet roof and boot thinner glass

Front and rear ball joint bearings for the rear wishbones preload adjustable coil over suspension with a 10 millimeter ride height drop adaptive dampers adjustable torsion bars front and rear additional under body strengthening and a choice between hard or softer compound michelin pilot sport cut to our tires and breathe that’s right owning one of these cars

Will involve a certain amount of manual labor the front splitter can be extended by hand by 80 millimeters and then around the back you have this quite enormous double decker rear wing both the top section and the bottom section can be adjusted manually through three different angles and you’ve also got this center section here which pops up automatically to

Act like an air brake in terms of downforce you’ve got 400 kilograms at 155 miles an hour or 800 kilograms at the top speed of 202 so to stop your boot lid bending and deforming into all sorts of interesting new shapes mercedes has come up with an interesting solution you’ll notice in here two new bump stops and down here two new metal braces that means your

Boot lid doesn’t bend and instead all those forces are transmitted straight through the chassis and onto the road where you want them and as an added bonus there’s a handy place to wedge your takeaway curry in there previous black series cars have been performers gregarious big noise big character cars but this is a little bit different it’s more focused

More track ready the kerbs rattle the suspension the grip is outrageous and all it wants to do is just attack and devour circuits it’s quite full-on the engine doesn’t throb and burble anymore it seems to turn all that energy into forward motion obviously you push along pretty hard but it just doesn’t feel that quick probably because it’s less spiky in its

Delivery than something like the mclaren 765lt and yet it still manages to feel like more of an event than pretty much any supercar out there the brakes then yep yep no quibbles with how those work the steering however could do with a bit more weight there are a lot of forces at play here and any feedback is always welcome overall it weighs 1520 kilograms some

50 kilograms heavier than the gt2 rs over 180 kilograms meatier than the super svelte mclaren 765 lt but it’s only 35 kilograms lighter than the gtr favorite bit of weight saving undoubtedly the world’s first carbon fiber transmission mount half the weight of aluminium and made from a single strand of carbon wound around a series of aluminium posts up to 40

Times you have to see it to believe its fibrous structure at 335 grand plus options this is well over twice the price of a gtr it’s 100 grand more than the gt2 rs it’s 50 grand more than the mclaren 765 lt which is a whopping amount of money when you consider this isn’t even a limited series car the black series badge is special and rare we haven’t seen one

Since the mighty sls black series back in 2013. but there’s no denying this is a marmite car you’re either going to love it or hate it there’s no halfway house

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