12 Volt Solutions Auto-Start – B9 Audi A4 Allroad

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What’s up everybody welcome back for another quick video um today decided to do like a quick and easy one um i actually just wanted to kind of go over the auto start that i have on um on the audi the interesting thing about most audis i’m pretty sure all audis they don’t come standard or even with the option of uh of auto start so this is kind of an interesting

Thing you would think for a luxury car it would come with some sort of auto start feature uh no dice so um a couple solutions i kind of research for them we can kind of go the old school route go into your like local speaker shop auto start shop and i’m sure they would probably charge you a good amount i would assume probably at least 500 600 for the auto

Starter and then of course install and whatnot so i’ve never done one of those myself so um did some research around uh you know the interwebs and i found a company called 12 volt solutions so 12 volt solutions they actually basically um they sell like a plug and play kit um you can use your remote you can use your cell phone um and you can basically like with

The cell phone option you are able to upgrade to where you can actually like use the app from anywhere so a lot like the oem stuff now where uh uses like 5g or whatever to basically get a signal and then i believe they cover your first year and then after the first year it’s like a couple bucks um per year hopefully i haven’t gotten there yet but i believe it’s

Just a couple bucks per year to basically take care of that so um i’ll just kind of cover i’m not gonna go over like the full installation but we’ll go into the trunk so i can show you where everything kind of is might be hopefully not bad lighting in here so right behind this little kick panel here we’ve got a lot of scary stuff i’m not a big wiring guy but

What it comes with is basically two boxes so i’ve got this one tucked in here this is i believe the uh the key box and so basically you have to put one of your keys in here so it recognizes uh i don’t know like basically the the chip inside to make sure that it’s correct the car is not being stolen so you do have to kind of give up one key with that in mind um

And then from there you have the like main main box in here i have tucked in here on the foam um but basically i believe you you plug into um i think two or three different harnesses uh but literally it’s all you unplug and you you plug back in really super easy i’m not gonna like trace the wires for you or anything but it is really super simple like i said

Wiring kind of intimidates me especially on a uh nice car so really easy um i needed a little bit of help programming when i got it i couldn’t quite figure out how to make it recognize the uh the brake i believe which ended up being like this this basically a few things i had to do to make it recognize it so real easy i called customer support um the gal who

Answered the phone was able to run me through it without even sending me back to the tech folks so super easy i was really impressed with it and so you know overall it is like i said a little bit more expensive but you can do it yourself and you know you know what’s being tinkered with and whatnot i’m a fan of random people going into my car even if they are

Pros uh you know you don’t want anything getting hacked up and whatever so um i’m gonna go to the app on my phone and we’ll see how it looks on camera hopefully it looks pretty good um but here it is basically you have the option to lock unlock start stop and then you can actually do like extra stuff too so like this one you can open the trunk um and then it

Shows you like oh those are like that’s who we bought it from that’s 12 volt solutions but it has the gps on it too so like you know when my wife is at work or on her way home i don’t just have to use find mine necessarily um i can use the gps on on the auto starter so i can see where everything’s at sorry um so yeah so pretty cool just give you a quick demo

So on the phone you would just hit start but it’s kind of cool it gives you like battery voltage tells you everything has signal but i’ll go ahead and lock the car right there let’s see go ahead and locked and then we’ll go ahead and start so it has a 15 minute timer you can see it arm in there and then obviously with the air ride it has the auto up on start so

It’s going to air up for me so just the same i can go ahead and turn the car off no problem and then as far as restarting goes um sometimes it’s a little finicky but here’s my normal audi fob um as long as the car is locked which this battery is almost dead but basically what you do is you want it to flash three times and then it will go ahead and start so one

Two three and then you get the extra blink lets you know that it’s it’s good to go so if you’re close enough you can use your fob if you are like if you work in the city like me and you know you park i don’t park super far away from my car but if you park a little ways away you can go ahead and use your phone it does the 15-minute countdown we’ll turn your ac

On ac seats or the heat heated seats heated you know steering wheel all that stuff um it’s one of those things that i’ve come to you know kind of not know how to live without it’s kind of a creature comfort that i just i i don’t take it for granted for sure but um you know it is pretty awesome so but anyway uh super easy install like i said really nice and uh

You can like i said keep track of where the car is at too so that is a nice little feature to have especially when you have uh you know significant other or maybe you forget where you park frequently uh you’re gonna have a gps on the car at all times which is kind of nice so but anyway that’s gonna do it for this quick one we appreciate you uh you know taking the

Time to watch the video um i’m gonna link everything in the description as far as 12 volt solutions and the kit i have again i have the upgraded kit with the um i think i don’t think they call it bluetooth but it’s basically like the 5g whatever so that way you can start your car from your phone wherever you’re at so i’ll link all that below but until the next

One i appreciate your time and we’ll talk to you soon see you later you

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12 Volt Solutions Auto-Start – B9 Audi A4 Allroad By Kevin Morales