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1,500HP Nissan GT-R TRIED TO RACE My Ninja H2

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My good buddy Art tried to race my 351HP 2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2 with his 1,500HP Nissan GT-R. Slim Thug raced his 2020 BMW S 1000 RR against Adrian’s 2020 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory and Val’s S 1000 RR. Dr. Gap took the SMACKDOWN from my Ninja H2 on his filthy 2018 Suzuki GSX-R 1000R. Other bikes including a Yamaha R1, ZX-10R and Suzuki Hayabusa came out to play.

Well hey everybody it’s your good buddy 650 eve here and today we’re in awesome sunny columbus ohio and we’re going to have some fun with some of our good buddies on super bikes and we might even get a special appearance from some of our good buddies and some super cars as well supposedly there’s a louis vuitton 2 000 horsepower nissan gtr that wants to smack

Around my 351 horsepower kawasaki ninja h2 on these clean streets so hopefully that person shows up and we can see who will be victor if you’re new to the channel hit the subscribe button if you’re already a subscriber tap that bell and you’ll get notified when new content is uploaded ah it’s a very windy day but we got some beautiful motorcycles out here today my

Good buddy adrian just picked up this amazing 2020 aprilia rsv for 1100 factory is still with what it’s called for the 2020 model with the beautiful electronic oleans suspension yeah this thing’s nice and he’s just putting brake in miles on it today still has this catalytic converter and full stock exhaust so it’s going to be curious to see what his bike going to

Do on these beautiful streets dr gap you’ve seen him before on my channel there is his instagram handle right there he’s got the lord gixxer by sonic tuned amazing bike super fast especially with his weight on it and of course he has an extended swing arm so that he can harness all of that power so oh run uh beautiful graves exhaust on one of my favorite

Motorcycles the yamaha r1 and this colorway is absolutely something about the brilliant these bikes sound they just sound great you know what’s funny though people compare that bike all the time to the aprilia as far as sound and here we are both bikes side by side so you’ll be the judge and this is a stock exhaust similar sound or no um ah but you still belong

To me um ah so our first stop for fuel and everybody fueled up except for me because i still have mrxo2 racing fuel in my tank that i got to use and boy what a difference this motorcycle is on racing fuel i almost prefer it on pump fuel i’m about to try to race dr gap and see what happens he as you see weighs a lot less than me and he’s on his stretched gixxer

So we’re gonna have to see what happens when we face off here hmm this thing is scary this thing is just scary okay so as you saw we did quite a few runs and i was on mr um mrxo2 racing fuel and this bike sucks in my opinion when it’s on racing fuel yes it makes 351 horsepower but even with that rowing toys extended swinging arm and with my fat arse on it this

Bike still wheelies in second and third gear and i do not like that that’s the whole point of the swinging arm so i’m gonna put sunoco 93 octane into the bike and then i’m gonna hit this nice switch right there that switches the map from racing fuel to pump fuel and the bike will no longer wheeling now it’s only going to make 323 horsepower but in my opinion

That is just fine that is enough horsepower for me to wage war on these filthy streets you just saw me and dr gap going at it and uh this thing is just wheeling like crazy yes i was still able to smack them all around these clean but filthy streets but i have to put forth too much effort yeah call me a wuss call me a millennial even though i’m not a millennial

I’m a geezer these are lineal um i still like the bike on pumpkin all right so here’s our guy the man of the hour our good buddy art with his louis vuitton 2 000 horsepower what’s up buddy i love the rap man i love it my wife would love it too let’s get it on we’re right over there 2000 oh look at the license plates don’t cry oh and he’s running e85 i can

Smell the corn husk coming from that exhaust but we’re here with our bikes and we’re going to see what we can do he’s got racing slicks on and all sorts of other cool stuff wow if my wife sees this video she’s gonna want this rap on her bmw x5 look at that totally beautiful wow check this thing out so our what’s done to the car man that you want to tell us

Um i got bored out 4.1 engine in it yeah stage five iv tuning uh transmission so it’s built top to bottom in new jersey um yeah it’s got it’s got the rolling launch control i mean oh what the hell yeah rolling launch control you’ve got four wheels and rolling launch control to my two to one wheel drive oh my gosh what’s the horsepower rating i don’t know it’s

Pushing 1501 to the wheels okay geez you see i don’t know a lot about super sizes and stuff like that specific details yeah but it’s all been changed i just know it’s fast man oh this is gonna be much more difficult than it was when i raced my good buddy street speed 717 oh my gosh it’s gonna be great oh great you saying okay and i’m with the ninja h2 now when

I raised street speed i didn’t have the power that i have now so i’m hoping that the extra power of the bike will uh help me beat art here on this gtr i don’t know i’m kind of scared oh so i hope i know what i’m getting myself into here and i hope that i don’t end up crying after trying to face this beautiful super fast nissan gtr wow you know it’s scary when

It’s puffing out smoke yes my um my come come bye so uh we got drones busting over yeah it was quite crazy you know it was a little bit confusing with the different type of flagging you see if techniques did it more and more more often yeah did it first time so it’s not bad for the first oh we’ll be back man we’ll definitely be back you know add some

More boost and power to your car i’m gonna leave my bike the same come back and we’ll see what happens man it was great man yeah great you see it’s yeah when you when you race cars it’s a little easier because you can you can see each other cars are big and when you line up you kind of know when you take off yeah and bikes you rev up i feel like you’re already

Taking off so i’m going and yeah we had a few of those when you just took off and i didn’t even give chase because i wasn’t ready yeah i was just getting in the gear i was actually i was auto blipping down that’s what you heard and you probably thought i was taken off yeah when in fact i was bloom going into gear all right we’ll definitely have to do it again

Next time i’ll bring my pen and gallery before it starts acting up for some reason like few races on the way back yeah it kicked out from the gear a few times ooh like i don’t know what’s happened maybe too much power bro hot or something or just not shooting on time man it’s probably going over the red i’ll tell you what let’s make a deal let’s do italian next

Time let’s bring out your aventador svj or sv sv sv i’ll bring out my ducati panigale v4r it has horsepower less than that bike and would have an italian versatility let’s do it all right man looking forward to it sure he’s such a cool dude our good buddy art and this rap as i mentioned before is absolutely beautiful but as you can see at the end of the day i did

Not cry because i didn’t have to cry you know maybe another time for sure don’t drive no yeah this is totally epic so the 351 horsepower kawasaki ninja h2 held its own against that beastly louis vuitton wrapped amazing nissan gt-r but um isn’t it beautiful yeah it’s super fast it put down 351 at the rear wheel you see how many times i how many times we tried to

Take off i was all over the road man i can’t even have a good traction maybe it’s because it’s not hot enough yeah sure or those tires are not good man yeah what tires are drug especially for something like that but they are still as you you see that was a load i saw i saw this is great this is just our first one man we got many more to come i love it yeah that’s awesome um you

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