1500hp Twin Turbo 4×4 Chevy Silverado vs 1100hp Tesla Model S Plaid // THIS vs PLAID

Beto and the @ONDGAS crew drove all the way from Houston and brought their twin turbo’d, LSX powered, 4×4 Silverado 1500 (with the horses to match!) to face off against the all-stock, all-electric, all-Elon Model S Plaid. Admit it: you wanna see one of these machines mop up the other. Hit play and find out!

Packing up and leaving this right here is the definition of too crazy have you ever had a car as fast as nothing nothing so welcome back another episode of this versus plaid thanks to nos shout out to knows for making dan schertbellehnig.com we know you guys just want to see the plaid either win or get beat it’s a split audience we want to see the limit of

What the plaid can or can’t beat today’s i think the biggest heat like literally honestly heavy heat i just want to see the plaid lose and i think this is gonna do it this will be it uh yeah if anyone’s gonna do it it’s today it’s today let’s check it out what up what’s up buddy what up chillin chillin hold on hold on hold on before we go no no no come on in the

Eyes that hit me in the eyes first i was like can i even touch that with my hand all right who are you what did you bring us uh my name is beto with all the gas we come all the way from houston and this is my work truck work trucks work trucks work work what kind of work do you do we do a little bit of racism so overall what is it what what did you start with i

Bought this truck as a daily first bought it probably like a year and a half ago and then i deleted for maybe two three months and then i decided i want to go fast anyone out there who wants to go fast you decide you want to go fast yeah yeah i can see you i got out of control back really small you hear that brian a year and a half yeah and his car is done yeah

You want to come you want to come hang out with me for a bit yeah i got like 17 years with my car stolen oh yeah obviously we got ls power yeah it’s a lsx 427 uh on twin 79’s uh running on the m1 roster transmission three speed and it gets down can i point out something there is no cooling system no no yes just turn it on make a pass and that’s it we had to do

A little bit of modification cutting in the firewall but nothing too crazy you can’t sit here and say nothing too crazy this is what this right here is the definition of too crazy well man like you have turbos coming through the hood we’re from houston bro this this is maybe next this first that should just be houston this is what’s out comment below if you want

Us to do a houston only this versus that the trucks the truck game this truck is really fast though right it’s it’s yeah i guess now how much power does it make oh right now on this asphalt we’ll probably turn it down to like 200 but it usually makes about 1500. what about when you’re not lying down to 12. oh no uh same thing okay what size turbos oh 79s big old

Garage yeah they suppose up quick the four wheel drive system though did you have to piece that together is it what came with the thing it’s a regular 4×4 i do my burnout with two engage the four it has a little button four and that’s it everything’s stuck in the front stock suspension so this is the regular like silverado transfer case yeah it’s a regular and yet

Not not i know you can do this because you’re going to send me some links tonight now we do break axles every now and then okay you know it depends how sticky the ground is the stickier it is the more easy to break yeah yeah but of all the weak points like an axle is pretty easy to swap that’s the only weak point it’s wow because on a gtr for example you start

Making that kind of power like you got to get billet everything bill everything this is factory are you comfortable sharing your times uh this truck actually holds a record for the fastest 4×4 silverado ls with ls engine so it runs at 8 30. damn yeah yeah can we see inside and that’s that’s a and i just noticed because your windows are fairly tempted that you have

This cage stock dash yeah you have ac plus no it’s no i see dude he doesn’t even have a cooling system for how fast it is this thing is simple and clean and yeah it’s not that we have a little bit of weight reduction just the doors the windows on the sides yeah fiberglass doors yeah the tailgate and the bumper is custom made fiberglass as well but you can’t tell

Because we kind of wanted it so what was the rear end the only this upgrades it’s everything’s in the back so we do have a ladder bar with the nineteenth in the back yeah the upgrades on the back yeah and it has a 25.5 cage on it so everything’s kind of hidden under the bed over there we usually bring the bars out the window but i wanted to hide everything just to

Make it look more sleeker do we have this all filmed with the with this off so kill switch back here that’s the kill switch yes and this switch right here is for the shoot you engage it and it’s powered by air got you so it it makes it hard okay that’s off right now no power this thing is somehow super serious and super mellow looking at the same time kind of

Make what makes it awesome yeah it was all red before uh we actually just threw in the wrap now it stands out more than what it is yeah i’ve seen your stuff before like you this isn’t your only truck no we got about 20 trucks 20 trucks is this the fastest no no no this is uh this is the fastest for the streets yeah okay all right and then i have a i’m building

Another one that’s going uh six seconds also building a dunk box caprice okay yeah you want to know anything about your competition i mean it’s um no have you raised the pod before never raced the electric car before it’s been my first time this will be your first time all right all right so for the full spec sheet on this go to tesla.com you might as well just

Order build your own yeah go through the build model i mean it’s even stock wheels like this thing is just yeah stock tire stock is stock wheels you’ve changed nothing i took off the front license plate oh highly modified it’s missing the front license and now no longer no longer california legal so how long have you had this thing uh about a month now a month

Oh damn so there’s like no miles on this did you drive it here no it trailed i flew in here trailer to tesla i mean you know you got to charge it it’s a race car it is a race car it is a race car yeah it’s crazy looking at it right now and realizing how fast it is it’s it’s just such a trip uh i think the only mod i’ve seen people do is the carbon ceramic brakes

Makes it a little lighter brakes honestly stuff everything else about the car great really brakes are horrible for this car as fast as it is you think they’ve kept good brakes yeah but i mean tire wise like you got what is that 285 on two uh up front right and then but on a 21. yeah it’s like massive wheels yeah yeah 295 in the back have you ever had a car that was

Like as fast as this i had a ferrari 458 i’ve had a porsche gt3 nothing because nothing right oh the steering wheel it’s a yoke yeah what top of wheel delete do you mind if i sit in it go for it i just want to feel this yoke what this feels uh 129. yeah if i pull back will i take off i just kind of want to it feels like you can fly right through the windshield

I don’t know why that was the first thought in my head all right so usually what we do is we do a heads-up race to a thousand feet and then negotiate from there whatever you want whatever we have what’s up though here to party all right let’s go heads up to a thousand today is the day this plan gets stomped this chevy’s gonna smoke it two giant turbos all-wheel

Drive i’m gonna have to give it to the silverado onto gas i’m gonna go texas i need this to win i’m gonna go with the truck because i want the truck to win never been against the bow tie i got on the gas all the way you already know baby i want to get to the point in life where every time i do a burnout someone’s just sitting there along the side of me just keep

Me in line big old gap that felt real good i feel real happy for gasoline engines how many cars five five cars can we go to the peanut gallery right now let’s at least are we paying these guys to be here wake me when it’s over packing up and leaving can’t accept the feet we’re out man so that was a gap that was five cars that was that was uh pretty crazy so what

Do you want for another race i give you two and the move two cars two cars and then you move and yeah so you get to go first then he chases or i give you three but i move when i move you move just like that i’ll take three and i moved yeah that’s just not how that works it’s so much worse that’s just not that’s not good with the shoot this time what did we

Learn here we learned here is that that truck is way faster than applied straight up and that guy’s just not good at negotiating hey man you played yourself on that negotiation yeah my reaction time was horrible i heard you say you were gonna use your back camera i did you had the front camera on my mistake no i had the back that thing’s fast dude your reaction

Time got me you want to do another one of water that’s it i mean you won best two out of three that’s that’s giving you i can give you a roll 30 mile an hour roll thousand to a thousand okay all right i think he might have got him tesla by a quarter of a car yeah damn that worked out for that i didn’t think i was gonna be that close i won that by yep about

A quarter of a car yeah that was nice work good that worked out perfect that was a good race man another 50 feet you would have caught me that’s right there man that thing big ends hard yeah press the little bite button ah you had to give him one if you’re watching you’re thinking this dude should come out and race unicorn just let us know because i know that’s

What you really yeah yeah and it’s not the only truck he’s got either yeah this is the slower one good race man sir congrats do it again later he’s gonna go fill up his charge right now you should do that tick tock thing actually it’s worth so much money that i like it less you want to go

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1500hp Twin Turbo 4×4 Chevy Silverado vs 1100hp Tesla Model S Plaid // THIS vs PLAID By Hoonigan