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167k mile update ford fusion plug-in hybrid

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update on my ford fusion energi, also talk about the ford escape plugin.

Nice and charged ah what’s going on youtube it’s been ten thousand mile over ten dozen miles i’ve lasted another on this car a little dusty she needs a good interior detail i guess all right well it’s been a hot minute so 10 000 miles it’s 94 degrees outside today in good old florida um i guess we’ll talk about my car let me pull down my neighborhood

Here ah all right almost up to speed almost up to somewhere i can pull some speed 100 regenerated and off we go so i’ve had the car now since 2020 i’ve put uh 26 000 miles on it already oh hold on seat belt time so yeah i put 26 thousand miles on there so i bought it with 141 vehicle’s been great i’ve done uh one oil change on it because i drive a lot of

Ev um you know i mean look at this i guess i mean this discharge you know i’ve done 9 000 miles on uh this is my last oil change apparently i’ve put 900 dv miles on it i think every thousand ev monster resets every 10 thousand miles there is this back to zero too kind of hard to keep track of it the way i like to but it’s what it is i like the the meter showing

Me the consumption in kilowatts that’s interesting and then he returned i failed but uh yeah 118 uh 118 kilowatts consumed since then it’s kind of hard to gauge between like my actual car i mean my car generated electricity or my house giving it the electricity since it doesn’t keep track of that separately which means it would but it doesn’t um you know i’ve

Been using the engine a lot more these last couple you know this last couple months um before it used to be all kind of like local driving now it’s not so much anymore cars been great though i mean on the highway i do high 30s usually 38 39 miles to a gallon um city doing 40s so it’s been uh it’s been great you know cars gave me zero issues um i finally fixed

That tpms sensor i don’t know if i did in my last video but i did fix the you know replace the tpms sensor so that’s good tires are new cars been good cars been great trying to think of anything i could talk talk about you know um i feel like you know i mean it’s florida so it’s really hard to figure out with the weather but i’ve been doing less miles on my av

Charges so the cars of 2017 five-year-old uh five years old now technically six if you really count when it’s actually sold i think so september 2018 of 2016 i mean so battery has a few years on it now so it’s not as if you know as efficient as it used to be plus i do charge it with a with a 240 volt charger it’s a 30 amp charger so it does usually charge in

Two hours which obviously you know charges faster generates more heat so it does put more surround the battery the battery has a bunch of fans in the back so i hear them every time i plug it in which is great so it ford has ways of keeping the battery as life as long as possible but i do use the car i mean i’ll be honest i usually at least twice a day i charge

The car and use ev miles so i’m not using the engine that much even this morning i went out i mean this is my second charge for the day right now for example you know but um no the car’s been great you know i wish i really wish i could extend put a bigger battery in the trunk just use up all the trunk space for a bigger battery but i can’t so that’s what it is

Um i mean just there’s nothing really bad for me to say about this car you know i really love it you know i wish they made like one one of these with a hundred mile range that way i can use a hundred miles ev and then have the engine kick on but they don’t so stuck with my 15-20 miles in the fall winter i mean this florida game we still have 80 degree weather

But uh when it’s a little bit cooler you know um and i have the ac off more obviously get more miles out of it but days like today where like i said it’s 94 degrees you know um i’ll be getting those you know 15 miles of that 15 to 18 miles of pv um you know it’s what it is you know i mean again i don’t um i don’t mind it i love the car i love what it does so

The light’s red okay let’s change lanes hey green light didn’t have to completely stop but um yeah it’s been great you know you guys have you know i’ve had questions in the comments well like everybody asked me any questions i have about these cars because i’d be more than happy to answer them and i’ll probably make a really good video they’ll be informational

For people with the gas prices now you know i’m sure more and more uh consumers are looking for vehicles like these you know i was actually thinking about the new escape plug-in but unfortunately you know i feel like ford quality has gone down a little bit you know like this car you know i mean again i have a dog she’s not very gentle but you know this

This part is hard plastic but this is soft to the touch this is foam this is soft to the touch you know on the dashes it’s all stuff to the touch you know it’s not hard plastic i drove the new escape and everything is cheap plastic i mean this has a like a little bit of give but it’s super flimsy on the new escape also the newest cables have cooled seats which

In florida which i’m turning that on right now it’s literally like heaven on earth you know you gotta have it it’s just a no-brainer you know especially if you’re most starting the car and trying to get into it in the middle of the day having those cool seats really helps and i have to suit up a lot so when you have a suit you know you’re wearing like you know

A button up and it’s hot it’s 90 degrees outside getting into your car having the cool seats sucking the heat off of your suit is amazing um but you know those are my uh that’s my little update on the car you know again that’s the miles is currently at it’s uh it’s been doing uh you know doing great cars been maintenance free again for the most part just i’ve

Done like one or two oil changes you know and um yeah again if you have any questions you know hit me up ask the questions away i’d be more than glad to answer them but um thanks for watching like and subscribe and again any questions to ask away so i can answer them for you thank you

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167k mile update! ford fusion plug-in hybrid By jonyrocks