1700hp Twin Turbo V10 Audi R8 vs Tesla Model S Plaid // THIS vs PLAID

Hank from @Iroz Motorsport brought out his 1700hp Twin Turbo V10 “street car” to give a brand new Tesla Model S Plaid a run for its money. Since THIS vs THAT isn’t on a prepped track Hank had to turn the power down to keep the R8 planted to the track. Will that be enough to take down a bone stock Tesla Model S Plaid though? Hit that play button and enjoy the show!

That’s on mild spice once again proof this show is not sponsored by tesla jack you want to lead on this one stay in the middle yes like that exactly ladies and gentlemen it is a new year and we are happy to be back we’re another series of this first stat but this year we’re doing it a little bit different we’re doing themes can you guess what we’re doing for the

First one we always gonna dress the same no only for this one okay cool cool what what wow here it is this versus plaid it’s a controversial show you’re watching this for either one or two reasons you either want to see it win or you want to see it loose we all know that the plaid is an insane car it’s one of the quickest electric cars around so

We’re going to see what kind of power it takes to overcome it and you know what else is really important nice energy because without them you wouldn’t be watching this show at least not for free suckers all right so we welcome back my good friend hank iras to the show you probably remember him from previous not beating ken but kind of beating ken and pretty much

Beat him yeah you drove this here from vegas i did i drove from las vegas probably averaged 9 500 miles an hour got like 12 miles a gallon and for those who think it’s a tt just tell them what it is yeah so this is an r8 2018 it has a twin turbo kit with 68 millimeters on it and then we put a little bit bigger zone of rotors on it it’s on motec gone sevens in the

Quarter mile can i be your hype guy so check this thing out right here we have an r8 here and then the amazing thing is is it’s got a stock bottom end it’s like long block stock long bottom it’s all stock except for the big old whistles you put on stock caps yep it’s never taken apart how much power does it make it’s pretty close to 1700 wheel horsepower these

Days 1700 wheel horsepower on a stock long block you’re strictly here to disrespect the future he lives to destroy well here’s the thing this is the pinnacle of gasoline cars 10 years from now you may not be able to do that i’ll always be able to play with this so like enjoy this thing while it’s here it’s not gonna be too long where you can’t have a nice big v10

Behind you with some whirly birds and some we are kind of in a golden era of gasoline right now like the huracans the r8 even is what you guys are doing with them so what else is done you have a lot of transmission wise done right yeah it’s got a really built transmission dots in one through seven billet gears big clutch in it as well so the gem of this car is

That it has this big v10 that revs to 9200 from it’s not from the factory but we can safely spin them up there and it’s got this awesome dual clutch transmission that rips through gears mid engine so you got a lot of weight transfer to the rear they just kind of work i probably would pick a different color next time just because it’s kind of frustrating at the gas

Stations and everybody asking if they can sit in your lamborghini it is definitely a lamborghini it’s not that far off it’s not that far off audi guys are like um what shades of silver does it come in how much does it weigh though about 3 700 pounds once we add turbos to it right so i’m allergic to anything over 4 500 pounds what kind of meats are we on we are on

Some drag radials so they’re dots still have the stock brakes on it so have a carbon ceramic still we have a new package where we can fit 17s under the rear which is changing the e-brakes so tons of tire 245’s in the front and then some 345s in the rear and they’ve seen better seen better days so oh yeah you didn’t really bring out your best tire huh yeah we just

Had to we had to send it that created like artwork that’s what two thousand horses are almost they start like feathering when you put too much power to the tire surfaces like this it’s really kind of entire design to be honest just kind of shredding them on a concrete track but uh i’ve never seen 1700 horsepower it looks so factory i know i mean if you just look

At that from afar you’re like i could i mean honestly if you just clean up that breather you wouldn’t even know so you said this car’s gone sevens it has so it’s about 798 at 181 with ac off is everything engine out on this not really we rarely take the engines out of these transmissions comes out the back pretty easily with the bumper off you got to buy some some

Special lifts and stuff to be able to do it but are you cranking it off are you cranking this thing at 1700 today i don’t think this road will we’ll let it take that much so i guess it’ll be somewhere around 13 1400 i think i’ll try to give him a chance at around 1200 to start damn you’re running your own traction control of some kind oh yeah so a little thing

In the back see a little that’s an antenna for gps oh okay so it’s looking at road speed versus gps speed at 100 hertz what management is so these engines are really cool because they have they have just like the rs3 they have port injectors and they have direct injectors so it’s really easy to shove more fuel in these things with turbos you just upgrade the port

Injectors you’re off to the races and you learned that if you watch my special where i go visit hang kairoz at irs when are we going to put that uh v10 on a boat you have my v10 just tell me when to deliver speaking of stuff uh that we don’t really need to talk about right now let’s go over and check out the tesla what’s up man what’s your name where are you from

Uh johnny parzivan from la and you’ve brought here a tesla model s plaid edition fully modified i got uh slicks i got carbons i’m kidding man i wish so this thing’s about as factory as you could get like you got stock wheels on yeah i’m kind of jealous everyone’s fully modified and i’m out here stuck but i mean we’ll see what you’re not jealous you’re not joking

You’re not jealous put on a podcast and listen to it i’d be kind of interested what this thing would do with carbon ceramics and slick stuff so i witnessed the first one go eights i was behind in line at maryland when george shout out to george he took like 500 pounds out of it there was absolutely nothing left in the interior took the mirrors off and he went like

8.92 with just weight reduction yeah just weight reduction and what do these do just like from the factory like nine two nine two yeah five hundred pounds to go three ten crazy yeah we were talking about what it would be like to cut half the batteries out here we were discussing that you don’t need the whole battery yeah for drag racing so you could cut a big

Piece of the battery out it’s reduced range but yeah give up but who cares for range if you’re just going to know how much the battery pack weighs but just the fact that anybody could get this from the factory and do that so hank what are your questions i know this car pretty well because this car actually matches up really well with our ims 1000 rs3s they make

Right at a thousand wheel horsepower which these end up making about 1100 on my dyno at the wheel really oh yeah they advertise at 10 20. yep they make 1100 wheel horsepower and main lines these this by time you’re doing 160 they’re closer to like 950 wheel horsepower but these things are just roll monsters from like a 20. i wonder if that’s a gentleman’s rule

That elon did you know don’t want to throw 1100 horsepower out there well you got to save for for the next version he’s trying to make up for all his over promising and under delivery once again proof the show is not sponsored by tesla so anyways it matches up really well with those ims 1000s that’s like a really hot race going on right now and like all the

Plaid dads like gang up on my customers dad we’re gonna have to stop you there to explain that they are the worst okay so there’s i genuinely like respect this car i grew up with rc cars but there’s a huge difference between people that own plaids and own other fast petrol cars and then people that just own plaids those guys are just like they bought a car and

They think that they’re like king they go home and have a couple kids and pop off on instagram how fast their plat is get some heart shelter in them and just started clicking away we’re going to make uncle elon turn this thing up i came from ferraris and porsche so i’m not a platform that met the criteria so he had petrol cars that are are awesome cars and

Yeah he respects this for the awesome fisher price with a really cool engine in it shots fired shots fired that he looked at me after he said that but i can’t buy any of these so i’m just i’m out of this yeah so let’s do first race heads up to a thousand yeah just based off facts alone i gotta give it to the r8 10 cylinders two turbos kind of like a no-brainer

V10 twin turbo feed locks that doesn’t win i don’t even like cars anymore i just got jumped into the four rings game going with hey here’s what’s happening my man hank mopping the floor let’s go for gasoline the blue guy do you even have to ask me round one um yeah that’s on mild spice all right folks what are we working with so you have two cars with a

Thousand okay one car at the 500 you all negotiate a race either two cars or rolling start let’s give you two cars okay yeah let’s do it boys all right man let’s get it done be safe that seemed a little bit more spicier than the last one it definitely went back and poured on a lot more sauce oh yeah who was it who said that when we really poured the boost in

Did you turn the sauce up a little bit this just feels like we’re wasting dinosaur bones at this point was that still 1200 it’s kind of more like 1450. didn’t even need a lot but it wasn’t even the full 17. huh that’s super impressive dude this thing on the top end is crazy are we doing a third or can we do some job that’s it i mean you’ve established dominance

Oh boy have you ever done a 50 50 grind on a pipe like that you know uh dde did it in their svj like a couple months ago too so you’re not the only one sounds like nothing looks like nothing but it’s quick oh my god teen wolf in there i don’t think anyone’s ever seen a plane

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1700hp Twin Turbo V10 Audi R8 vs Tesla Model S Plaid // THIS vs PLAID By Hoonigan