1819770A 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Double Cab

Hello and welcome to lakewood chevrolet my name is breton this is a certified pre-owned 2016 chevrolet silverado 1500 lt double cab no underneath that hood you have the 5.3 liter v8 engine capable of 355 horsepower and 383 pounds of torque and that is all ended in a convenient 6-speed automatic transmission now i’m just going to point out some stuff on the front for

You you have the double stack lamps right there the top one has the projector and the led strip the bottom one is the reflector and you got the signature daytime running lights of the silverado from 2016 underneath that is the bottom chrome bumper with to recovery hooks right at the bottom just in case as well as this is a zed 71 as you can tell by the grille this

Color is summit white and the grille is eight split summit white with the golden bowtie and as we march around you will see the 16 or 18 inch aluminum alloy wheels i am sorry they are big and bold here with the chevrolet symbol on it and because this is a zed 71 there are rancho mono shocks as well as well as this vehicle does have four-wheel independent suspension

So it is a smooth writer that is the double cab it is big as well as you get the six inch side step there and the body molds look at that this is a workhorse and is able to tell quite a bit this vehicle does have electronic stability and other safety functions such as airbags and traction control now we are at the back of the grill i’m just going to come over here

To examine these wraparound tail lamps they are big bright and people will take notice when you step on the brake and this is an lt addition so the inside will be nice i guarantee you that and you can see that the bottom bumper is the summit white there is a camera for backup so there are sensors as well as it is a step up bumper now this vehicle kento and has a

Towing package on it this is the gooseneck hitch with all of your amenities right there ready to tow and there is a spare tire as well in the background show you one thing here before i open the box i forgot to show you the mud flaps they are customized black chevrolet mud flaps protecting those tires you don’t want a white truck to get dirty now as i put down the

Tailgate you can see that you can lock it yourself and this vehicle does come with don’t box cover i’m gonna take it off today but you can come in and see it it is sturdy as well as pliable now the box of this vehicle is protect it and it is made with rolled steel and not aluminum stamped and you got your hooks as well in there so you can secure your load no i do

Is push it up like that to bring it back into the sporty package with the bed cover pretty much now i’m just gonna walk down this way to show you the full broad spectrum of this truck before i go inside it is in lt from 2016 so it should be nice let’s see and welcome to inside the cab as you can see the black bowtie is sporting on the steering wheel now and it’s a

Counter from left to right i just want to show you the rear view mirror as it has the double perspective there so you can see what is behind you and what you need to do as well as there are all your automatic windows doors and mirrors and walks right there handy right on the door and as we go up to the – you got sway assist if your trailers giving you some issues

Tighten it up loosen it up customize your toe as well as you can go from two-wheel drive all the way to four-wheel drive with the turn of a knob stopping on for high for low if you’d want to and there are the lights now over here on the steering wheel it is a leather stitch block steering wheel with all of your amenities that you need right at your fingertips and

On this side all of your audio connections your hands will never have to leave this steering wheel and on the back i just want to show you one thing on the back eight can switch your volume that is toggling at its finest now this is the driver information screen it’s big bright and it is illuminated at night this vehicle is a pre-owned vehicle it there are the

Kilometers it is capable of so much more it just went under underwent lakewood service so it is ready to go now i’m gonna switch my focus over here and this is the middle of the dash and it is the infotainment three system this is a seven inch lcd diagonal color touchscreen all you got to do is go like that to go to home the little home button right there and use

This is the home screen you can see the time temperature very responsive it’s got audio there are four speakers throughout this vehicle as well as you got onstar now i’m just gonna put it in reverse so you can check out the rear view camera that is pretty good and clear for 2016 one more option i’m just gonna bring you right back to the transmission as it does have

Tap until if that trailer is stubborn and will not cooperate with some weight just put tap until and your transmission will help you tow it along now there is your climate controls and there are heated seats all through out the front now at the bottom you’ve got some options such as he’ll assist and led lights in the bed as well as traction control which comes in

Great now i’m going to switch the focus to the seats right beside me you can see that it is a bench they are upholstered with nice cool with my stitching there and lumbar support now i’m just gonna bring it down like this and you’ve got you can switch your bench into a two split front seat here you’ve got your armrest and there is tons of storage and organization

To be had but if you don’t want it and you want to get comfortable go the old-school way and with the bench this as well has storage area down there you can put the extra seat belt in there it just frees up so much room the cabin is quite big as there is 40 inches of head room and legroom in the front but this is a double cab so you know there’s gonna be some

People in the back or some stuff at least let me go check it out for you okay i’m just about to jump into the back i just want you to see the sidestep assist that may have be helping your passengers into the back here you have the bench seats that are the same quality as the front they are upholstered with the stitching there and is a cement bench 60/40 and what

Does that mean that means you can go like that with ease lift it up as well as you can lift up the other one and have room to store stuff bring up pad along who knows what you are going to fill this up with as well as you got those heavy-duty mats i just want to get a little bit further in here and show you that there is tint all along the back so that it is pretty

Glare proof in here and in the middle you’ve got that armrest i can either go up or if you want to be sociable put it down and they have a pretty good view of the front and can come you know join in on the conversation on trips to and from wherever you were going well i’m gonna pan out with a side not the door panel and then do my last loops on the other side okay

Just open the door for the passenger side and i just want you just see it has the heavy duty and enthused mats right there as well as you can just lift that up and there is some z71 trim it is keeping it pretty clean in here as well as this seat is not powered but it’s okay because it does have heat and great ergonomics support one last view from the spacious back

There and i’m going to shut the door and take you on the last look of that 2016 pre-owned certified silverado el-tee where can you find this vehicle well come on down to lakewood chevrolet we’re on the corner of 91st and 34th follow us on facebook or hey shop online at lakewood chevrolet.com i’ll hold the keys it’s already warm all you got to do is show up

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1819770A 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Double Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet