1820310A 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Regular Cab

Hello and welcome to lakewood chevrolet my name is brett and this is a pre-owned certified 2014 chevrolet silverado 1500 el-tee regular cab in a goldish bronze brown color metallic now underneath that hood you have a 5.3 liter v8 325 engine that comes together in a 6-speed automatic transmission the engine under that hood is an ecotec3 that provides three technologies

To help you compete better you want efficiency without sacrificing enough power no i’m just gonna focus it on these stacked lamps in the front they are chrome outlined as well as there are the daytime running lights of front and there are two recovery hooks of the way at the bottom there is also that set a 71 that on the front so you know it is off-road capable this

Truck i just check the ground clearance and it is eight point six inches above ground but we’ll get to that you have this 17 inch polished aluminum 5 spoke wheel with the chevrolet bowtie right there as well as the same as electronic auto track it is a tower as well as a doer now here is the hitch along this back bumper with a side step this vehicle has let me see

Here it has the kohen capacity of 70 100 pounds i’m sorry about that as well as i might as well tell you that the payload on this vehicle is 2060 80 pounds i was just showing you that it does come with this covered top it is a red rat strap our top art cover which is it that great sporty feel and these are the back headlamps as you can see people will definitely

Take notice when you step on the brake or back up one more time for deep back as well as this truck does come with an easy gate now as we make our way around this truck and back you will see that it is a single cab so i will meet you on the inside and you will definitely know where i am because you cannot get lost in there and welcome to inside this 2014 chevrolet

L t 1500 now i just want to start on a tour from left to right as you can see those are the door mirrors and you have all your automatic windows doors and mirrors and locks as well as your automatic front headlamps this vehicle kinko from two-wheel drive all the way to 4×4 at the turn of a knob stopping with too high and too low now an overview of the – it is a

Great this steering yoke is black leather stitched with some amenities right at your fingertips such as all your audio controls on your right hand side and things such as cruise control etc on the left this is the driver information screen very bright and readable with the zed somebody one badge right there on the rpm gauge it has this many kilometers on it as it

Is a pre-owned and it has a lot more wear and tear left in the engine as well as deals illuminated light snow over here to the top until your transmission kicks in and helps you tell this is the 4.2 inch infotainment 3 or at the infotainment system it shows the time of day as well as the temperature outside i’m just gonna put it in reverse so you can see that you

Are in control when you are backing up now over to the – you’ve got the double glove box as well as your atmosphere controls and there is traction control now to deceits they are upholstered and we are in a bench style format with the white stitching they are doubly insulated so they do not lose their contour and consistency and if you want to pull that down you

Just pull that down in the bench becomes buckets you got an armrest right there with whoa what are you doing in here it is the car fox he has checked this truck out on carfax and he gives it the thumbs up way to go carr fox so this is the inside of this single cab and i am gonna do my last looks right on the other side this 2015 chevrolet silverado lt 1500 with

The hard top on the back and in this metallic color it symbolizes the traditional square body and it has that iconic look to it where can you find this pacific truck this one right here on the screen you come on down to lakewood chevrolet we’re on the corner of 34th and 91st you can visit this truck online at lakewood chef calm or hey follow us on facebook or come in for a test drive

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1820310A 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Regular Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet