1902511 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Double Cab

Hello and welcome to lakewood chevrolet my name is brett and this is a certified pre-owned 2015 chevrolet silverado 2500 lt truck double cab now that was a mouthful but this is one big truck underneath that hood there is a 6.0 liter v8 engine that all comes together in a nice accommodating 6-speed automatic transmission i’m gonna first show you these double stack

Lights with the projector screen there you get another light and as well we’ll throw in this nice fog lamp you’ve got two nice black recover even on the bottom chrome grille and on the main feature you got the square bodied traditional grill up the chevrolet truck in chrome now over here i’m next going to show you these steel load wheels these are the great wheels

Not gonna haul a big truck and this is a 2500 hd it is a monster and as well as you’ve got the chrome step assist now as i go down you can see that there are black caps there and on the handles as well as there is tinted window on the side and a black belt window in the back this is a 4×4 truck and it has a great box but we are gonna go there in a minute the nice

Chrome bumper there this side steps as well as it is great for towing but i’ll get to that when we’re on the inside i’m just gonna show you the box but first the lt trim as you know it’s gonna be nice inside this box handle is nice with the lock so no one can do this about you it comes with this brake protecting coat there as well as there are hooks throughout

This box so you can secure your load the great thing about chevrolet boxes are they’re made with rolled steel and not stamped by aluminum so it just treats a better puncture proof of a more durable box now as i come up to the side i’m just gonna give you the last looks on the outside before i take you in it’s an lt it’s an hd you know it’s gonna be nice this is a

Sho workhorse so i’m gonna look at this get dead horse in the mouth here on a tour of the inside hello and welcome to inside of his vehicle i’m gonna take you on a tour from left to right over here you’ve got this away assist i showed you the trailer and yes this has towing ability you can talk to an impressive 13,000 pounds as well as it is a 4×4 you can switch

It all the way from four high 4 low to all-wheel drive with that knob no the steering wheel it is nicely leather stitched with all your amenities right at your fingertips such as the communication side your hands will never have to leave the steering wheel this is the driver information screen it’s big bright bold it is a pre-owned certified vehicle there are the

Kilometers but this vehicle has never been in an accident that is great news for you and this truck also this is the answer infotainment system this is a 7 inch diagonal color touchscreen this is the home screen as you can see it shows the time and the temperature outside it is a really nice date as only – 2 eyes put it on this vehicle does have a great 6 speaker

Sound system and if you want to go back to home go like that and you can play with it when you take it for a test drive there is the climate control nice responsive buttons you can wear gloves and press them easy here you’ve got the other options such as parking warning we also like to have that on a light in the box and traction control now i’m take you up and the

Mirror does have some options such as onstar and the lights are up here but i’m gonna bring you back down to my level and finish the tour of the cab we’re gonna next go to the seats these are nice bucket seats upholstered stitched organ onic design and doubles foamed so that they don’t lose their contour on long drives in the middle you’ve got the center console

Nicely stitched with a lot of storage space but if you have some people that come in make it a bench bring the bench back as the classic it is all nice upholstered there is a third seat belt for you as well as the little storage space right there but i’m gonna do this so you can see the back where the people will be it’s a double cap so let’s get on you know

Can even assist you in and i just opened up the back right behind the driver’s seat and as you can see the consistency of the seats continues with the nice upholstered and stitched economic design this is a 60/40 split bench which is easy to put up i’m right-handed this is my left easy-peasy just like that and it creates a lot more room there are also nice dribble

Mats there this side goes down up as well and down and the headlights like to point out that the back windows are blacked out and the sides are tinted to reduce that glare there is a lot of room and it is a comfortable in the double cab but i’m gonna do my last looks on the other side just to give you another perspective okay just open for the last looks on the

Passenger side as you can see all you do is put that down and you can move your seat there is a lot of room in here for a 2015 double cab chevrolet summit and white this is the workhorse the hd that heavy duty 2500 a big gun so if you are ready to saddle up on this horse come on down to lakewood chevrolet before 34th and 91st i’ll hold the keys let me know if 2015

Chevrolet trucks was your year

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1902511 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Double Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet