1904359 2019 Chevrolet Trax Premier

Hello and welcome to liquid chevrolet my name is brett and this is a 2019 chevy trax premier edition in metallic pacifica blue now underneath that hood you have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine which ends in a 9 speed automatic transmission automatic transmission and look at this front you’ve got the 2 fog lamps down there as well as you’ve got these wraparound

Front headlamps with the projector right there and it looks like a water slide of l/d lighting and the golden bow tie now over here you have best 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels with the wheel lock this vehicle does have a front anti-roll bar as well as front independent suspension you’ve got the chrome outline there as well as the blacked out back windows the ground

Clearance on this tracks is 6.2 inches that is good enough for some geocaching or some urban exploring for all of you who would drive this tracks now you got the premiere logo there as well as the all-wheel drive i’m gonna get in here with this sporty reflector there is actually sensors to all over the back for a backup cameras around you’ve got the nice symmetrical

Rear lamps as well as that spoiler with the reflector under there this spoiler is not a spoiler at all it is actually an enhancer now i’ll get in there all you gotta do is open that up and you can see about 19 cubic feet of storage room there is cubby holes right there and underneath here those are the mats if you are this new owner as well as you know just places

To put stuff as well as you can put that down and cover it so no one can see in the back the back easily has enough for you know groceries luggage you name it now i’m just going to come down here i’ll show you the roof rails it does not have a rack as of yet but that is the fun of owning a car you can customize it any way now the body molding of the mirror caps

And of the keyless door entry handles as well on this premiere i’m going to jump inside and just see how it is and welcome to inside the 2019 chevrolet trax i’m just gonna show you the dormir at first it has that lane assist warning right on it for easy to see as well as it does have a lot of automatic options such as windows doors mirrors and locks and lights

Now you’ve got the – it is all kinds of drain here with that nice brown leather stitching and this natural pattern there it looks like a leaf in the chrome leading up to the driver information screen where i’m actually going to go next this has a digital screen in it that shows different information such as you know trip computer tech on butter oil life you’ve

Got all of your gas gauges as well as all the illuminati’s so that you can see in all types of weather i’m actually going to stay with the driver information screen in and just show you a safety feature that this vehicle has it is called advanced collision alert there is a camera in the front grille that will allow you to follow a safe distance behind and that is

Located on the left-hand side as well as on your right-hand side you have all your audio controls to get the party started all you do is push to start and it will get rocking this is a seven-inch lcd screen you get satellite radio first three months after that it is up to you to renew em it’s gonna block out a little bit of sun here you got wi-fi you got onstar

4g lte as well as time temperature on the bottom it also it does do the backup camera it’s gonna pull like that it is a very sunny day outside today so we should not be complaining that much about some glare now you have traction control and lane assist and down here you’ve got the heated seats are in the middle of these knobs and you do have air conditioning in

Which it will be great here coming up this is the six-speed automatic transmission very easy to use and you’ve got the old school parking brake with some cupholders now these seats are bucketed and heated they are full leather with that brown stitching doubly insulated so they do not lose their shape or consistency in down there oops sorry about that down there

You have the bose speaker one of many and of course i have to show you the sunroof it is a sunny day and you get to cruise in style there are the controls for the sunroof as well as you got your onstar up there there’s another row of fun and adventure so i’m gonna get to it and i just open the door right behind the driver seat and as you see in here it is tinted

So the anti glare is a very nice result of that you’ve got the leather seats in the back just as you did in the front same consistency same comfort ease so everyone gets a fair seat that is what democracy is all about and that is what this vehicle represents i guess you can say then you got also baby hooks underneath there and you we are a few millimeters shy of

36 inches of legroom but we tried and it is almost and it’s enough room you got the magazine racks there you got the mesh and the closed front now i am going to go get my last looks and look at the panel of the door well this 2019 chevy trax premier edition is currently here at lakewood chevrolet on the corner of 34th and 91st come on down test drive this premier

Style small suv perhaps you might like it or perhaps you may love it come on down before it drives away on you

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1904359 2019 Chevrolet Trax Premier By Lakewood Chevrolet