1955 Chevrolet Chevy Corvette Nomad Wagon Motorama Concept on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

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Hi i’m lou another episode of my car store in i’m here with my friend andrew andrew good great to see you andrew vogel and this is a special feature for you because you usually can’t get in here where we at well we’re at the claremont collection it’s a private automobile museum in the city of chicago no one knows of it because we’re private right we’re almost a

Hundred thousand square feet and over 300 automobiles on-site here and so this is really a treat and we’re happy to share with folks so you’ll get the chance to see the claremont collection cars we’ll be working on this all winter and spring long so that you get the chance to see some of the cars in detail and occasionally we’ll do some things that normally you

Can’t do maybe we’ll get one to start them so for the song but today we’ve got a great car as our opening car today andrew what do we have today it’s a one of one yeah it’s a big deal car in a way in many ways really because it is at one of one yeah this is a what had been a motorama car which was a 1950s thing everybody googled that now but yes you’re gonna want

To know what motorama is there was a big deal for gm especially back in the day and then mid 50s especially so we have here is a car that gm made for the motorama that is a marriage of a 53 corvette front end with a chevy nomad back end on the nomad was that two-door station wagon yeah exactly the date which is kind of a cool carl by itself but now when you put

The corvette element on it it makes it kind of sexy actually for real for the day especially and this is a recreation this is a recreation because what has the motorama cars ran the circuit for a year and then off they went to the crush they crushed him in thermal ice so they’re all gone so the folks who built this car did it with meticulous research and they did

It with amazing precision so it really does truly recreate the original nomad concept car the gm did for the boat around sounds great let’s take a look let’s go right to the featured event and with that being said here oops sorry about that here is our car let’s take a look it looks like a corvette from the front but as you go over to the side it has the 55 nomad

Look isn’t that spectacular now andrew come with me you you uh this car is exactly you can see how they grilles were back then this car is new to the collection so this is a first time video for this car maybe period as well it really is we’ve only had about six weeks and i know you like this car because andrew dress like he is exactly dressed for the car accident

We slammed accordingly for the car yeah i had a blend so that’s perfect let’s take a look at that from this angle that just looks spectacular doesn’t it you back up a little bit to give you the overall view of the car i’ll let you kind of take that in that’s great let me give you one other side shot of this car because it has so much to it that’s great so you’ll

See some of the detail in here lu when you go through the car from the as you see the exterior placards to even the interior the glass work yeah it’s not just the body shape and getting it kind of sort of close to the original concept they’ve recreated this vehicle exactly down to the stitching on the upholstery inside let’s do that let’s open her up i get it for

You thank you look at this and such a subtle blue right it is this is white almost kind of cream top to it the body by fisher and the seat we’re gonna have the seat comes separates there the driver just like that that it’s great i’ll take a look on this side you got the speaker the chevrolet bowtie right there some of the gauging just the way it was in a 55 so as

You look at some of the details on the inside loo you can see probably a couple of notable things yeah that may not have been part of the original that the the designer and builder of this particular model a little bit of cad some creature comforts because unlike so many concept cars this one is completely and totally drivable which is great so you really do have

A grocery getter here well we you can see the windows have a open here and they slide back and forth just slide this way just like a nomad all right yeah here’s some of the creature comforts us talking about power windows nice the crank for the side window let’s take a look at some of the back of this car we’ve got a wonderful exhaust out the back that’s a cool

Motorama feature but this car they chose to do out put the exhaust off the fender which is lovely and it has these great fins without being fins and and in a wonderful stylistic aircraft look very popular of course in the day in the mid 50s late 50s but it’s just so well done in this car yeah it looks great love the the curved glass there that you’re seeing we’ll

Give you a shot that back window that slides down will give you a shot of the overall back of the car here as best we can what a treat huh they just see a car like this and get the chance to enjoy it then we’ll look under the hood here in a second so again these cars were crushed so they actually had to kind of put them together some other cars which is interesting

Your see a pontiac emblem there although clearly it’s recreation of the corvette now we’ve got chevrolet there so in the day gm did a very similar thing were they basically this concept car they did originally for the motorama was built off a pontiac safari chassis as well mm-hm and so one of those again they didn’t take license there so it’s authentic and then

You’ll see as we pop the hood some other things that perhaps you’ll notice we it took a little more license with let’s pop the hood now i know that pop this hood i need to grab it under here yeah yeah that’s that’s an unusual thing to and there’s maybe part of the concept car approach is that the hood release is actually inside the left front fender well not sure

Your work is kind of interesting that’s right right here my hand is let’s take it so here see if you notice the little poetic license oh yeah v8 rather than the straight-6 yeah it would have been the straight six in the original car but the the designers builders in this case decided well let’s make it not only drivable but perhaps a little more fun yeah no doubt

And we also have you mentioned some creature comforts i’m seeing on this side we’ve got some air conditioning right here yeah exactly which would be fantastic for your freer and are not found on the original concept with a they wouldn’t have bothered and b it wouldn’t have been quite as efficient as this yeah they probably would never i’m doubting they even open

The hoods on them back then they just spun them up on a turnstile so to speak let’s shut the hood on this and we’ll have you stand right next to it yes since you’re sporting your 50s look there to get right in right yeah hey andrew again thanks for letting us view this awesome car it’s a pleasure thanks so much for stopping by

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1955 Chevrolet Chevy Corvette Nomad Wagon Motorama Concept on My Car Story with Lou Costabile By Lou Costabile