1967 LT4 Swapped Chevrolet Camaro Gets Abandoned Once Again

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Trying to do man i’m trying to experience with this car right here i need to get this thing running right dude that’s right go ahead and start it off like we usually started i mean what is up guys welcome back to the channel so today as you guys seen in the previous video we basically installed all of our cooling systems but today we’re going to finish everything

Off we’re actually going to put some coolant in this thing put some coolant in the supercharger cooler probably some power steering and try to get this thing running up to temperature you know did you say transmission fluid oh yeah i did not say that so we’re gonna need transmission fluid we’re gonna need all that stuff right here we even got a list right here of

All the coolants and everything else that we’re gonna need we need also one radiator hose that way we can finish that off right there and we can possibly go ahead and just idle this i want to idle this thing for at least a good maybe like five minutes or so yeah and burn off all that oil residue that’s on the inside probably throw on the exhaust too that way it’s

Not too loud we’ll we’ll see if that exhaust just like slides on there we may even finish it off out the back or something like that for now but dude we are almost there we gotta probably get a new filter maybe get a few new elbows that way we can reroute the intake into like the fender or something like that but for the most part dude we’re looking pretty good

Dude for the most part it kind of look like bill nye the science guy almost dude honestly seriously but it actually looks pretty cool man honestly really was it just cold this morning it was it was a little cold i had to take my trash out just found whatever i can throw on just to just to warm me up dude what brain is this man i’m telling you this is one of those

Goodwill finds dude you might find something in there i don’t know that is sharp right there but i guess let’s what do you say let’s go to the store first yeah i think we’ll go ahead and grab our list run to a local uh parts store and see what we can get foreign foreign foreign works off the coolant right yeah yeah it cools that uh system down and stuff

Like that we just forgot that we have them right here all we got to do is just go ahead and run them to it and i think we’ll be then i’m telling you if you would have kept your jacket on it would never happen i know dude honestly dude but we ended up running to the store grabbed a bunch of hoses a bunch of supplies a bunch of coolant like for like the radiator and

Also the transmission stuff like that all the fluids all the hoses we finally found this upper hose right here got everything connected got this hose connected trimmed the actual intake hose a little bit because it wasn’t fitting properly through this little uh i think this lifted up the actual intake of what’s called what do you call that right there man you know

What you call it but it turned it up a little bit to clear the radiator we installed this uh radiator overflow tank and i mean pretty much all we’re doing is filling up the radiator we’re going to start with that as you can tell there’s already some leakage going on but just something as simple as putting some poses does that stuff basically pour out right there um

Not all of it but most of it yeah most of it it’s radiator look how thick it is dude that is pretty thick right there it’s going to take probably what like five six gallons or something like that dude we gotta we got four of them so hopefully we have enough but if not we’ll just grab some more but this is a nice one i mean you need this for for a swap especially

You know exactly it’s got to stay nice and cool so i guess that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna quickly hook up our hvac system right quick right yeah just the heater hose it’s not the whole system because the whole system we don’t have the ac you know a condenser that’s right yeah just two hoses slap him in there and i think we’ll be ready to pour some more

Foreign foreign foreign alrighty guys so we just made a ton more progress of course the very first thing that we knocked out was the line that runs to the heater core and it somehow just ties in with this whole entire radiator right here so we quickly knocked it out dude super tough to get to it i gotta say dude they’re all the way back there

Man our hands barely fit in there but we managed we had to stretch the lines a little bit dude that is very true but that’s part of working on a custom car you got to really custom make a lot of stuff and you got to just get into typing it out dude you got to figure it out so got that knocked out and then the next thing that we moved on to was actually pouring in the

Coolant into this massive radiator got as much as we possibly could and i think uh we got out most of the air out of there or is there air i think there may be a little bit more i think we got to connect our ac system that way you can turn on the heat that way that can pump through as well but the main thing that we wanted to take most of the air out is actually

This heat exchanger that runs to the supercharger so we added a purge valve to that and we had it just like a little pump that was able to take out a lot of that air and uh we got this sucker idling amazing perfect we even connected the supercharger water pump and stuff like that which is that’s not the permanent one i think we got a better one coming in that’s

Just one for now but it’s all pumping it all works great exactly and then of course we knocked out our power steering and that all runs into this radiator so there is a transmission cooler and also a power steering cooler built into this radiator i don’t know how much of it it takes up in there but that’s pretty neat i think that’s the best smartest thing somebody

Invented for this car because you don’t want like six seven different coolers up here you know all in one which is just awesome i can’t wait till our our actual nice uh heat exchangers are going to come in too dude yeah so this is a temporary heat exchanger as well so there is a lot of temporary stuff and you know what there’s probably going to be a lot of stuff

That we’re going to reroute because you know we’re just kind of just basically trying to get this sucker idling in up to temporary running and we want to throttle it out a little bit and then later we can do all the fancy schmancy stuff you know running nice cool lines and stuff exactly so also we took care of topping off the transmission fluid we cranked it up and

Then uh turned it off and then refilled it so there’s a bunch your fluid that actually we added because i’m guessing this part right here that cools the transmission holds a lot of transmission fluid yeah exactly dude so now dude i think it is time to throw on this exhaust and just temporarily put it up there because we don’t got much time that i’m flying out this

Tonight dude in a couple hours dude you’re gone dude so what about you i think i’m gonna catch a flight as well might as well catch a flight dude and just maybe quit youtube for a week or something like that dude every youtuber’s uh career you know you just say you’re gonna quit youtube i think everybody have said that everybody says that but it’s a hard time to

Say it or something it’s our time but i’ll tell you what once you start youtube you don’t quit dude hey man it’s an addiction dude it’s a trap dude but we love it we absolutely enjoy every bit of this process right here taking you guys along with us but anyways right now i guess we’re just gonna go ahead quickly crack open the exhaust somewhere over there or it’s

Probably just laying on the floor and just slap it on there and get this sucker idling for like 10 20 30 minutes well you don’t blow up hopefully foreign foreign that sounds good dude it sounds quiet now nice beautiful dude i like that i’m actually like hear stuff you know what i mean it’s got a misfire or something vibrating the whole car dang i wonder

What that is right there it could because the intake itself you don’t want to drop the idle down it’s got a little bit of smoke coming from out there what on earth is that i don’t want to idle down properly you know what i mean yeah that’s true it might just be something something very simple it definitely maybe because the drive shaft is disconnected i mean

I don’t see how that could have anything to do with it though i believe because it right now if it’s a neutral gas it’s still going to spin that that transmission you know what i mean yeah that’s true it could be possible but um i’m noticing that we’re not getting no temperature or anything like that no oil pressure no no the temperature of like the coolant and

Stuff like that well do we have any of that wired up well you know we got it wired up to the usb so all that should work you know together you know what i’m saying it should so it’s it’s already tapped in to the wiring harness to the ecu obd sensor you don’t have to you know you don’t have to do any of that dude i guess we’ll figure that out but other than that

Dude let’s just let it should we let it auto for like a couple minutes or you think it’s good well i’m kind of sketched out but we’ll let it idle for a little bit because you know we don’t have our my temperature gauge i don’t know how the coin is getting yeah the the intercooler is getting nice and warm uh this uh radiator is staying so cold dude but other than

That dude i think we’ll be good to let it idle for a good maybe five minutes see what it does maybe it burns some residue off on the inside but yeah something all right guys you hear that thing behind me it’s on it almost sounds like it’s not but that’s got a mind of its own man to take off dude that thing just wants to go but we don’t want to idle it too long

Because we totally forgot that we haven’t wired up the fans or anything like that but honestly dude right now dude it is sounding so healthy but that’s just gonna be pretty much a wrap for today’s video hopefully in the next one we have a bunch of stuff like the drive shaft getting worked on and also the rear axle so on and so forth there’s not really much left

On this car before it’s 100 complete and also we’re gonna focus on the gtm and this force we were thinking about just dropping a brand new build on you guys but we don’t want to do that no more we got to finish these three projects up they’re super epic projects so i think that’s the smartest thing for us to do just go ahead and wrap these builds up before we bring

Out something banger but i don’t know when the next video is going to be i’m thinking probably um maybe next sunday you guys are gonna get this video sunday so i’m hoping sunday this sunday coming up you guys get a video but thank you guys so much proud love and support definitely be sure to drop your comments and thoughts down below hope you guys understand that

You know i’m a married man he’s a married man and we’re just trying to do the best we can and you know what i mean we’re gonna make some epic stuff happen here in the near future so you’re going to want to stay tuned with all that being said we’ll catch you next time peace

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1967 LT4 Swapped Chevrolet Camaro Gets Abandoned Once Again!!! By goonzquad