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1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible in White & Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

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Hi i’m lou with another episode of my car story and today we’re in carlisle pennsylvania at the chrysler nationals you want to see some great carlisle events check out the description in the text in the video and you can see where the carlisle events website is and come check that out i met david hill david are you having a good time i’m having the time of my life

It doesn’t get better than this doesn’t get better than this so david tell me what uh year make and model car do you have this is a 1969 chrysler 300 convertible chrysler 300 convertible stay right there and come on right alongside me and tell me how long you’ve had this one i acquired this in 2012 um was not the beauty it is today this is one big white beauty

That’s for sure my painter told me a lot about that how many 300s do you see um now we’ve got an owner’s association and we have quite a few within it um bmv estimates there are 511 drivers left out of 1933. wow i got to keep going back to get all of that in okay that has quite the presence i got a picture i actually did a uh video shoot at the ims and it

Was uh yeah i had the speedway museum in the civil war what’s the reaction when you’re driving this one for everybody that knows if you love a big car you just they just fall in love with it if i get gas it’s not five minutes it’s 15 to 20 or 30. because they got to talk about it well they’ve never seen one exactly it’s been quite some time and they didn’t

Spare any time with the 300 on the back all the letters spelled out and look at the size of that quarter along with that stance now the one thing too with the chryslers is they had that little tip up right here it tips up usually the dodges were flat yeah this was a chrysler newport only which one is the higher level the 300 or 400 was the top because 300’s at

The top and in the convertible model the 300 was your best car the new yorkers were not the convertibles are the new ports newports were the entry level yes they are i’ve seen a couple got it newports in the middle new yorker excuse me new yorker in the middle newport is the bottom and here we have the 300. let’s uh open the uh we got some trunk and treats no

It didn’t have duals originally did it um that’s where it gets a little um fuzzy the more research i’ve done and the more i uh i was able to confirm but not in but no written documentation all the high performance 440 v8s were dual exhaust is that right all right so this was this is a period correct ad announcing your next car i’ll see if i can get that clear

The great new chrysler and this is a little postcard then this was your brochure interesting how it’s all black all black very very luxurious looking the new yorker very nice photos new yorker two-door hardtop quite the seat in that looks like a living room other people go through that hopefully they can pause on some of that the wagon you’re telling

The country girl with the horse usually with the wagon sure nice shows how it opens up a little airflow actually that’s quite the outfit yeah that uh welcome honey i’m home well that was back when i was almost out of high school so uh so that was the way the girls usually stop by your house david just like that uh maybe not exactly when i had my sports fairy gt

Uh definitely nobody got nobody got the car but i thought it was cool yeah that’s great and then the top of the line well that’s what we have here right now we’re going to go boating but why go boating when you have a 300 you have your boat already with you i’m actually doing a show in indy out out of that boat dock is that right yeah and the guy said he goes

Why would you like to and i go what i think i could dress up the boats a little bit that’s for sure i said how many how many boats have you got out there that have uh that have a lot of white in them and i thought i think that would just fit in the background the newport custom the pictures are great i was very fortunate i found that bike i was actually looking

For wear apparel and uh you found it and i stumbled into this posting and i thought i’ll take a look and ma’am is most generous that was great more great photographs the newport the photos are great this is a book yeah well i want something with authenticity yeah that uh if you don’t be caught telling a bib when you weren’t aware that you were so well to your

Point i like the trunk and treats specifically because of that because then it eliminates questions on colors and things like that because you go hey look at the brochure all right we can close that very good thank may i you the interior thank you so we have a large door with a great all presence the 300 the bucket seating the console option was very rare most

Could keep most individuals opting for the buddy seat and uh when i acquired this car i got quickly on the web to see if it should have had a console and i got a definitive yes i’m going to give you that for just a moment okay thank you that’s how i don’t lose my camera no we don’t want to do that 70 000 not bad yeah i uh when i acquired this car and had 61.

The 8-track nobody can have an 8-track without three dog night there you go and of course we can expect an automatic let’s take a look under the uh the key there let’s take a look under the hood shall we thanks let me just show that now is that the the newport emblem is that the newport emblem uh no okay no different yeah that that was what they called the

Base entry steering wheel gotcha okay there were much nicer ones but according to uh for this car everything as you see it is how she was made in 1969 gotcha same with under the hood i’ve placed harnesses hoses routing of plug wires heater hoses this is to honor this period correctness of 1969. we’ll actually have to make sure we open when we turn the car on

We’ll do that next in a second we’ll uh make sure that we uh the chrysler tnt 440 that’s got to be the top engine it how is question court marketed if you had the performance motor and a chrysler you had a tnt engine if you were at a plymouth with the high performance 440 it was a commando and if you had a dodge it was the mag god that’s great thank you for

Sharing that with me well let’s let’s start it up sure we’ll actually start it with the hood open i’ll walk to the back we’ll step on the brakes for a moment david sure we’ll let it idle and then we’ll give it one rev but come out and shut the hood if you would and then we’ll make sure we get the uh hideaway headlights too very smooth that that’s when you get a

Numbered matching cardboard to the oil fan everything works in harmony all right when you have a moment nice across the back that is a real nice presence let me listen to it idle for a second i know this is at first but those are quite nice can you put it in reverse for just a second all right we’ll put it back in drive those are nice reverse lights let’s

Give it a rev shall we one more time now i see why they call it a 440 tnt let’s uh can we the headlights vacuum operated nice all right we’ll close those very nice david come on out david stay right there what a treat to have you on the channel what an amazing car this high-end very large chrysler so amazing thanks for all the knowledge that you shared with me

Today too i learned quite a bit and i’m sure the viewers did too david thanks for being on my car store yeah i’m it’s been a pleasure i have followed you for many years because i like your authenticity of getting it out to all those car collectors thank you so much my pleasure thank you you

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1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible in White & Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile By Lou Costabile