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1971 chevrolet chevelle malibu sport cooper two-door hardtop riding on some nice looking chrome rally wheels here now you can see the insignia on the side of it malibu 350 that is indeed correct on this one 350 v8 underneath the hood that is a numbers matching v8 underneath there and that is paired up with turbo hydramatic 350 automatic transmission that is

Also numbers matching and if you want to check out the stamping on both those items the engine and the you’ll be able to see those in the still pictures which i’ll tell you how to check those out here in just a bit also nicely equipped car power steering power brakes ac now ac components all appear to be there compressor does kick on and off to me it did not

Blow real cold so you might want to have it charged or a little bit of tlc on that but everything seems to be there and compressor is working now you can see the ss on the grill no not claiming that this is an ss someone’s dressed it up a little bit if you wanted to take that back off that would not be a problem there’s a 350 underneath the hood now those still

Pictures if you want to check out the numbers matching stamps interior underside engine bay still pictures uniqueclassiccars.com clicking a link down below this video in the description i’m going to take you right there and of course you can call us at 507 the way this would have 507-386-1726 from chevrolet back in 1971 has undergone a paint job a repaint though

Interior light sandalwood vinyl was also the original color combination on this car to be 7 14 i believe it was on the trim code dual exhaust and we’ll pop the hood start it up let you hear it run remember we do consider trades financing is available of course we can assist with transportation and this vehicle may be eligible for an extended service contract

Consult with your sales associate when you call in or email take a peek up and down the driver’s side you can see the paint decent shine to it a look above each of the wheel wells bottoms of the doors nice looking car you will find few imperfections in the paint right here if you could kind of pick that up it’s a little bit tougher to see a little spot where

There was some checking just a few small areas so it’s one of those get in and drive don’t be afraid to drive it but i consider it a trailer queen no will it show nicely at any of your local roll-ins cruise in shows absolutely but you will find some imperfections all right interior manual windows as you can see but door panels or door cards vinyl seats not

Full of rips tears or holes i saw one little spot i’ll show you here as i get around to it right here we can see the piping a bit but again get in it don’t be afraid to drive it seat belts all intact in it you’ll be able to see pictures with and without the floor mats in it and with the still pictures take a look at the top of the dash of course it really

Likes to see how the top of that dash condition is looks good there headliner also intact looks good all right let’s start this up let you hear it run we’ll pop the hood check out underneath there starts easily nice sounding 350. i did have the radio work aftermarket am fm cassette radio does work did not have the wipers work and i mentioned the ac before

Did not seem to blow real cold for me but we’ll check out the components when we get underneath the hood and like i said that compressor did turn on and off door closed is nice fits nice there you go nice little rumble coming out of that 350 and remember numbers matching engine and trading all right i’m going to pause this a second pop the hood let’s check out

The engine bay and we’ll wrap this hey did you know that this car qualifies for an extended warranty it’s just like the one you get at your new car dealership except it covers your classic car instead covers all the major components like engine transmission drivetrain and you can get coverage up to 10 years repairs aren’t cheap these extended warranties are a

No-brainer contact us for a quote on this car today there’s a peak underneath the hood nice and tidy there how about the engine bay power brakes power steering you’ll see the ac compressor all the components seem to be there has not been converted from 1 12 r12 excuse me 134 fyi 10 headers smooth running engine good sounding we’ve watched these videos before

Sometimes but you don’t hear that’s the case of this one you don’t hear your exhaust lead chicks anything like that smooth running 350. there you go 1971. chevrolet chevelle malibu 350 numbers give us a call out there and 507-386-1726 we do consider trades financing is available of course we can assist with transportation and this vehicle may be eligible

For an extended service contract consult with your sales associate with a call-in or email you

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1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe | For Sale $39,900 By Unique Classic Cars