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1976 Ford Bronco Sport Parked for 30 Years – Part 3

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Today I take a look at this 1967 Ford Bronco Sport and try to get it started after fixing the ignition module and wiring. Watch the first video here:

I’m steve from this week with cars and today i’m back with the 1976 ford bronco the parts that i ordered for the bronco have been on back order for many months and they finally arrived last time i found out that i was not getting any sparks of the engine so today let’s replace some parts and see if we can get a spark and maybe even get the engine running last

Time i suspected that the ignition module this box right here was bad we can see goo leaking out of the box from the underside so today i’m going to start by disconnecting this and getting it out so that i can install a new ignition module there was two bolts up front but there’s only one in the back foreign on to it over here so this potting material here on

The circuit board is starting to fail and come apart and see how liquid it it is now here’s the old ignition box and here’s a new ignition box first thing that you notice is this one is a lot heavier than this one probably three or four times heavier than the new one if we look underneath you can see the contents take up a lot less room and a new one this one

Probably has a more modern circuitry in it and this potty material is completely different than this old potty material so this should be a lot more resistant to weather and moisture so i’ll get this one installed and then we can check and see if we have spark again with the ignition module installed let’s install the spark tester again that way we can see if

That solved our problem and we have ignition now i’ll turn the ignition on and crank it over if we see a flash here we now have the ignition system working i went to turn the ignition on and discovered something so let’s turn the ignition on let’s even turn the turn signal on nothing’s happening and i figured out why in the engine bay we have our ground cable

Which goes down and connects to the engine right there on the head and this is incorrect the correct cable for a bronco should have three points it will start here at the battery it will go down and connect to the body here on the fender and then it will go down to the starter giving the starter a good ground and the reason the ignition and none of the lights

Are working is because we don’t have that body ground the engine is grounded but the body’s not so if we take a wire real quick i’ll connect it right there and then the other end of that we connect somewhere to the body like so we should get the ignition and the lights to work so let’s go turn it on and try it again turn signals are on right now but you can see

It’s not flashing i’ll touch the wire to the body ground now you can see it does flash so i’m going to make up a little ground cable that we can have connected from there actually going to take the solenoid back out and clean this area so that i have a really good ground to the body and then we’ll see if that solves our problem i have my bolt over here removed and

That’s all cleaned up then over here on the solenoid that’s where i’m going to put the other end of the ground so i need to take my grinder and just clean that up a little bit foreign patch for that body ground i still need to tighten that end down but it’s going to come along the purple wire and then over to here and all of this will be screwed together and our

Turn signal is now flashing again now that the ignition should be on let’s try to turn it over and watch for our spark okay we are finally getting sparked so the next thing we need is fuel we can easily get fuel to our horrible looking carb because there’s a hose right here looks like this hose is already tearing it’s not in very good shape so undo the hose there

That’s a fuel filter right behind it and i’ll just connect my fuel drip tank to the fuel filter we’ll put some fuel in the carb and see what happens okay i’ve got my fuel drip hose connected we’ll open up the valve and we have fuel filling up the float bowl sounds like it’s at the top doesn’t appear to be leaking anywhere that’s actually pretty astonishing i’ll

Shut the valve again i guess let’s see if it starts we’ll give it a couple pumps there is a little bit of fuel seepage here below the accelerator pump let’s give it a go let’s see if i can choke it a little more maybe give it a tad bit more fuel let’s try it again we do have an oil leak for me now below the truck so we’ll have to investigate that we can see

The oil spilled all over that is the hose that goes to the oil pressure gauge so we definitely had oil pressure and i’ll need to fix that hose before we fire the engine up again that’s going to be it for today we now know that the ford bronco will run next time maybe we’ll see if it can drive but before i can drive it i’ll need to get the engine running a little

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1976 Ford Bronco Sport Parked for 30 Years – Part 3 By This Week With Cars