1977055A 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Crew Cab

Hello and welcome to liquid chevrolet my name is brett and this is the 2015 chevy 2500 h.d in silver there are some customs so i’ll point it out when we get to it but wait a minute yeah i’ll let him know alison just called and said that yes it does have elson transmission with that v8 duramax diesel engine under that hood in the front it is all chrome all blinged

Up as well as blacked out with those two black recovery hooks and that grille with the chevy bowtie in the millet it’s a split grille with chrome side by side standing in unity underneath there you’ve got the fog lamps and you have these double stack lamps on the top bunk you have the projector on the bottom bunk you have fan or area light but it is just the same

As it is part of that a double stack feature on the hood there you will see that it does have that duramax badge this vehicle does have traction control brake assist and electronic stability i’m just going to take you guys on a little tour here of these custom chrome step assist as they are chrome and black grip all along the under coat of this 2015 chevrolet 2500

Hd those mirrors as well our powered heated and turn signal indicators this is a 4×4 truck with a chrome step assist on the back bumper as well as it does come with a towing package you have all of your necessitated needs there to facilitate a complete successful hook up the tailgate here is lockable and i’m just going to take you over to this side to show you

These rear tail lamps as they are pretty impressive and big and people will definitely take notice when you are stepping on the gas or backing up the box is made from rolled steel and not aluminum pressed and does come with those black guards along the edges this is the crew cab cannot wait to get into those deep dark tinted windows in the back see what’s going

On and i’m about to get to the bottom of it and welcome to inside of this certified pre-owned 2015 2500 hd as you can see the steering wheel is leather stitched with amenities on both sides such as all your audio on the right this vehicle does come with that allison transmission i was telling you about and does come with tap and tow if you’re having issues let

Allison take over and help you tow successfully this is driver information screen that is the amount of kilometers currently on this vehicle and on the digital screen and it does have the analog screens as well that illuminate quite nicely so you could see them in any type of weather let it be overcast it or just plain dark outside over here you do have the towing

Package so that comes with sway assist and that option to go from two-wheel drive all the way to 4×4 for stopping at for high for low if you’d like to automatic hid lights as well as locks and mirrors one look at that dormir with the turn signal indicators this vehicle does have acoustic laminate glass oh the cabin noise is dimmed quite a bit this is the screen to

The infotainment system in this vehicle i was on sirius satellite radio you get that as well i just want you to see how easy that is to respond and if you want to go back you just go to that home signal and i’ll just put it in reverse here so that you can see what is shaken down you can see easily the hook and ladder there so that everything is great this is the

Atmosphere controls you got air conditioning and you’ve got a lot of amenities here right at the bottom such as pedal adjust traction control you get lights in the box as well is that parking warning which serves people great just because sometimes you have those lapses now over here is the double glovebox and i’m just going to show you a bit of the door panel

There you’ve got the black with the silver trim right there the seats in this vehicle are upholstered with manual headrests they are ergonomically designed that is why they have all of these lines here and they are doubly insulated so that it keeps its composure throughout the lifecycle of this truck in this truck ain’t done by a mile this is the centerpiece as

You can see you can hold stuff in here it also flips up to a bench seat and i just want to show that yes these cup holders are that big so they can necessitate any early morning drive with three coffees stop at tim’s and you were on the go bring a friend because you have a bench seat and i’m gonna see where your other buddies will be sitting i just opened the door

Right behind the passenger seat just to show you that step assist and a bit of that doorframe and of that heavy tint in the back it is all blacked out here so it is an anti-glare environment here in the back and as i turn around you will see that the car fox is taking a much-needed nap after he checked this vehicle out on carfax and it is it all came up smelling

Like roses and it’s dark enough back here so you can catch that afternoon nap the bench seats are the same as the front they are upholstered with that economic design it’s a 60/40 split bench all to show you what that means if you’re not that good at math like i am you just lift that up that’s the 40% the 60% is what’s left over you just put that up too and you

Get a hundred percent of this carpeted flooring available for more storage if you’d like to and put them down it’s easy like that the car fox i got to wake him up and get him off to check on more vehicles this vehicle does have one of those beverage trays in the middle that you can put up like that and everything is great as well as you can see the inside of the

Box keep monitored from the back window this is what your guests will be seeing as you’re taking them on a drive to and fro in your brand-new certified pre-owned 2500 hd from lakewood chevrolet we’re on the corner of 91st and 34th why don’t you come on in check out this custom vehicle with also custom mud flaps on all four tires won’t be here for long so you might

As well come see it when it’s in town

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1977055A 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Crew Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet