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Right then folks here we go little pickup just arrived earlier on this morning in for this next auction um it’s actually quite a bright looking little thing the closer you get there’s a few imperfections here and there on the body work don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect by any means um but it certainly looks bright and uh you know from a distance runs over so

Well just drove it round from the garage just to get these few photographs of videos and uh yeah went back came around here okay starts as soon as you look at the key engine sounds real sweet i’ll start up for you in a minute chrome working such light around the front front bumper’s good headlight surrounds mirror caps etc all the chrome on it overall is okay um

A few imperfections here and there on bodywork down the bottom half mainly um there’s a few bits so she’s not perfect on the body by any means but um it’s certainly acceptable enough same with the door skins a little bit here and there once the hoover out and things inside seats are just looking a little bit tired now i’m sure they’ll clean up well enough um

But just starting to look a little bit tired nice glass rear window in the back headline is not so bad dashboard and things are all very nice obviously got on there 56 850. showing on the clock but yeah i just want to route them bits and pieces to be fair once we’re here i’ll just fire it up for you there you go boom straight up just like that choking a little

Bit there you go sticking over there really nice we’ve got her in and things not too bad a little bit in places but um overall it’s okay a little bit of a shame well it is a shame really about the bed not the tiniest bed in the world but then again it’s obviously been used etc all done in that sort of one of the shot’s gone really all that raptor stuff so it’s

Protected it it’s done its job um but not the straightest bed in the world there you go but uh no overall it’s a bright bonnie little thing no means perfect but very good little modes are very usable so you want to come down check it out make sure you’re happy with it and see what you think i’m just going to take it back round to thorntondale now guys so no

Please do come and have a little look uh i think there was a fair bit of paperwork in a folder with it i think there’s quite a few bits and i think i saw a note saying gentleman’s owned it for 30 odd years but don’t want me to that it was certainly a long time anyway um so yeah there you go get yourself down have a look

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1978 AUSTIN MORRIS MINI 850 | MATHEWSONS CLASSIC CARS | 21 & 22 OCTOBER 2022 By Mathewsons Classic Cars Limited