1978962 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LT Crew Cab

Hello and welcome to lakewood chevrolet my name is brett and this is a 2019 chevrolet silverado lt 2500 crew cab four-wheel drive now under that hood there is the famous duramax diesel engine it is a 6.6 liter v8 that all comes together in a nice six-speed automatic transmission i’m just gonna get started right with these double stack lamps here as you can see

There is the projector on the top one light share in the basement and way down here is the fog lamp and as i trace my path down on the bottom chrome bumper you can see that there are two recovery hooks hidden there as well snug as a bug and this is a z71 package yeah it is the chevrolet premium off-road package now come to this side as you can see the 18-inch

Aluminum with steel wheels here as you can see there’s the chevy logo right there these are heavy duty wheels for a heavy duty 2500 hd truck and in there is the rancho monoshocks because it is a z71 this is quite a truck it is made from a steel frame with nine steel cross sections to keep it stable and chevrolet tough now as you can also see you get the century

Commemorative mud flaps there those are nice because chevrolet is a hundred years old this year now the back you got the chrome bumper with the side steps you’ve got sensors all through there and yes this vehicle can tow and not only off-road as you got the gooseneck hitch there and all of the attachments to hook up to your trailer as i come up here you’ll see

The black bow tie on the tailgate and the lock you can lock this but it is not locking us out today i’m gonna put it down and it is a spray protector already in here the bed liner with the hooks to keep your low down you got a very nice sprayed box but the best part of these boxes is that they’re made from rolled steel and not aluminum stamped that just makes

Them almost puncture proof and very durable this is an lt so on the inside it will be nice i’m just gonna show you those wheels once again this is a long truck i’m almost losing my breath walking by it but it is an lt it’s a z71 and it is a diesel those are three fun words to say when you’re talking about trucks so i’m interested to see what’s on the inside and

Welcome to inside of the cabin i just want to show you outside the door here we are sitting pretty well i don’t know about pretty but i am sure sitting high in this cab as you can see that the mirrors are split to give you different views if you’re hauling as well as it does have a signal light on the side but we’ll get to some more stuff as there’s so much stuff

To go through in here these are all your automatic windows doors mirrors and locks and with the nice gray trim there and as we go up right beside the steering wheel you got the sway assist because this is a tailoring package you can tighten your trailer or loosen it customize your toe and you can go from two wheel drive all the way to four wheel drive with a

Turn of a knob you can stop on four high four low if you want to and there’s your automatic lights now onto the steering wheel which is leather stitched and gray with all of your amenities straight ahead of you on here as well as all your communications on the right hand side your hands will never have to leave the steering wheel this is the driver information

Screen it is big bright and bold this is a new vehicle with only 25 kilometers on it that digital screen will also show you stuff like the tachometer in your trip computer as well if you like to keep information i just want to point out the little details such as the z71 in the honeycomb rpm grille here now as we go over to that eight inch diagonal color tele

Diagonal color touch screen we like to call it the infotainment 3 system to shorten it up here this is the home screen you can see the time the temperature this is a 4g lte so it’s super fast let’s try it out boom that is good response time you can get satellite radio for three months after that it is up to you this vehicle does have six bose speakers throughout

And a quiet cabin so you will be able to enjoy that satellite radio you also get onstar for a month now i’m just gonna put it into reverse here so you can see the backup camera that is a backup camera that is nice and clear and i like how it points down so you can see all of your trailering hookups so you don’t have to wonder how it’s doing and you also have the

Tap until on your little transmission there or on your big transmission rather so that your transmission can help you tow some stuff if you are struggling it has heated seats on both sides and here is the atmospheric controls very nice and easy to use and laid out as well as here are all your options such as hill assist the option to bring your pedals forward

Backwards customize your ride they even have led lights in the box of the truck now on to i’m just going to show you the double opening glove box there the bow speakers the nice trim and on to these seats here they are leather with the nice stitching great ergonomic support and they are doubly insulated so they don’t lose their comfort during the rides work

Of this truck’s life but i want to show you one more thing too if you’ve got company bring the bench back i’m a big fan of the bench this is nice leather seats there you can open that up yours the other seatbelt can store in there and you can store other stuff as well put it down but if it’s only you or another person put that down and you have a nice armrest

Separating yourself the roof is quite high in this cabin as well because this is the big 2500 hd now there is one more row so i’m gonna get right to it off-road capability in a duramax this is a great truck from certain angles it certainly does appear to be on all angles as we get up in here you can see that it is a bench seat and it’s a 60 40 bench speed and

The seats do not diminish in quality the further back they go they are leather with the great stitching but i’m going to show you what they can do this is my left hand i’m right-handed but it’s so easy i’m even going to talk while i’m doing that and i didn’t even lose my breath you just lift that up and you can lift the other one up to create quite the feng shui

Of storage room in the back or you can put it down for other reasons who knows it might be your truck you can do with it what you’d like i’m just showing you around here you put the big gulps after a big day of work the back windows are tinted so they are pretty much glare proof except for when you look directly at the sun like i did that is an automatic window

That you can control from the driver’s seat as well i’m just gonna show you a round on this cab tons of space and i’m gonna give you the full door panel as well there we go and i’m gonna do my last looks on the other side you got the diesel roar the big truck shocks the under carriage protector that 2500 hd just open it up climb on in see the z71 trim there is

No power on this seat but it is comfortable and heated so you will forget about that i’m sure in time the ceiling is quite high this is a truck it is a diesel z71 2500 hd this truck is made to be a workhorse in comfort if you like what you see come on down to lakewood chevrolet on the corner of 91st and 34th i’m just gonna let it keep running so that it is warm

When you get here i’ve got the keys all you gotta do is ask for a test drive

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1978962 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LT Crew Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet