1979 HONDA Odyssey is Back | Ressurection and One Last Send

This video is bitter sweet because we pull out the odyssey for one last time to have some fun with. It is incredibly fun to drive and feel the two stoke power it just takes up a lot of space in the garage and she isn’t taken out much anymore so we decided to move on. All it really needed was some carb tuning and a wipedown and she looked just like it did when we restored it, then we took the 2 stroke off road go kart out for one last rip and had some much fun.

Ah she’s back it’s been sitting in storage for a really long time unfortunately the main reason we’re getting it out again is to sell it so we got a couple of things to do we need to touch up some of the pain i just wipe it down and then put some gas in her and get it running and make sure to staytuned was in because we’re going to take it out for one final rip

Nice knobby go power sports tires don’t got here you still hold there with all right here goes nothing first pool see how many takes actually it started we’re finally out here it’s kind of bittersweet because we’re selling the odyssey but we’ve had it we’ve made a lot of videos with this thing but that was probably around this time last year so i’m really excited

To get back to it and i think we actually messed with the carburetor a little bit we did a little research file it was just in storage and i think we actually freed up a lot of power and are really using the dg muffler to its fullest and hopefully we’re actually running it to wean or anything like that so let’s get to ripping this thing yeah the brakes build don’t

Work yeah odyssey i don’t know any ml350 brakes or just like really bad i don’t know i mean we remember working on it a lot but we can pitch it brakes pretty good so we’re what unique joe oh it’s fun and it’s not super fast but i mean on these dirt roads it’s pretty fun without brakes a little sketchy because you can really overcook the turns but it’s

Like it’s really good on especially out here it’s pretty perfect for this yeah so it did seem to be sputtering at the top and so we are gonna try to lean out the jet just a little bit more you see what that does yeah definitely not going to set any speed records but for like an oem like honda vehicle it’s really cool that they actually even made this thing

So yeah i think we’re just going to keep ripping it i think that carbon justment what did the trick still a little poppy and stuff at higher rpms but that’s about as good as we’re gonna get it i mean we’re also just right about to sell this thing so but it’s running pretty dang good other than the brakes i think whoever gets it it’s gonna have a really complete

Odyssey yeah it seems like this working here like sprott or wouldn’t expand it all there’s just like only in the like maximum torque mode yeah that was cooper burnouts and yeah it was good for turning around nice thankou mutter oh you know calm down there buddy you think we got a harness came in a little too hot there steering’s not good enough for

That move money how was it it was really fun i mean i never got to go fast cuz it was stuck in first gear whatever you wanna call it the torque converter but yeah i mean it was cool drifting it around and stuff i mean it really has no rpm when the belts like when the drive pulley is in but yeah hopefully and get that fixed i mean it’s

Just a basic 780 torque converter so it’s not that really big of a deal but i think we’re gonna end the video here thank you go power sports this is one of our first fully sponsored builds by go power sports everything is on here if you have an odyssey go power sports is where it’s at for parts you wouldn’t think it because it’s like honda stuff but they really

Have a lot of stuff that can make your asset look like this so other than that thank you guys for watching see you next time

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1979 HONDA Odyssey is Back! | Ressurection and One Last Send! By Build Break Repeat