1982344A 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Double Cab

Hello and welcome to lakewood chevrolet my name is breton this is a certified pre-owned 2017 silverado 1500 now underneath that hood you have the 5.3 liter v8 engine capable of 355 horsepower and an incredible 383 pounds up is hard now i am going to get acquainted i’m going to pick this mirror or this headlamp as you can see this color is somewhat white and this

Vehicle is covered in it now with the double headlamp there you’ve got the projector as well as an led strip there with the reflector and the summit white bumper with to recovery hooks right there to help yourself or someone else out of a jam and you come up to the honeycomb machine drill the yellow bowtie and the split with the summit might no over here things

Get a whole lot shinier as you can see these are chrome wheels with the chevrolet logo in it these are 18 inches with great tread as you can see they are ready for some road action in there is the chrome 6 inch sidestep with some mud flaps they’re all come with this vehicle now this is a silverado so you know that it is made from a steel framed cage as well as it

Does have traction control and electronic stability this vehicle also does do a lot of towing in its day as you can see it has a trailering package with the hitch and all of the amenities there is a side step bumper and there are sensors all the way throughout for the backup camera now as i back up i’m just going to take you to the wraparound tail lamps they are

Big bright bold people will know when you are stepping on the brake there this is a lock tailgate so no one will have access except for you this box is finished with the protector as well as it is made with rolled steel and not aluminum stamped that just makes it way more puncture proof and durable than other boxes on the market to date this vehicle looks great

It handles great but is the inside great that is what we are going to find out if you stay with me i’m gonna jump on in and i just started up that certified pre-owned 2017 silverado 1500 i just want to show you that mirrors first of all you get double aspect on all things as well as a good view of your trailering package speaking of the hitch you’ve got this way

Assist in here tighten up loosen it up customize your toe as well as you can go from two-wheel drive all the way to 4×4 in the turn of a knob you can stop on for high for low if you want to and there’s all your automatic lights now the steering wheel is a great grip steering wheel with amenities on the left hand side as seen there as well as it does have the nice

Airbag in the steering wheel there is the tap until if you’re just not feeling it all you got to do is tap that and your transmission will kick in and help you tow that load and this is the driver information screen as i said before it’s a pre-owned certified that is how many kilometers are currently on this vehicle and the driver information screen is big and

You can see a lot of dials and keep track of your driving experience now speaking of experience this is the infotainment system i’ll just put it back to home there it is very responsive this is the homepage you can see the time the temperature and the date let’s just go to audio boom it’s that easy very responsive this vehicle does have four speakers throughout

Creating quite a great sound with a quiet cabin dome is gonna put it in reverse and you have the backup camera there is the grid or if you’re an experienced driver and you don’t want the grid there it is but i’ll put the grid back on as most of us do like that grid this is the atmosphere climate controls as you can see they are very easy and responsive to use there

Is traction control and there’s an led light that you can control in the box and there’s some storage room as well as there is a heavy-duty mat from weathertech right on the forum is gonna do the seats right here way up here these are upholstered seats with the stitching and with great lumbar support as well and in the middle there is the center console you can

Easily put two hands their arms are you could store stuff in the mat or in categorized places as well as there is a plug in right there there’s enough for three coffee here why three because you can invite some friends to join you in the front as it turns into a bucket seat while this is all i can show you in the front there are a lot of options but i ran out of

Time i’m gonna jump in the back and show you around back there and i think they should put an hd after this 1,500 because everything in here looks pretty heavy-duty and capable now as we get into the back here i see that they have the same quality as the front but they’re a little shorter and smaller but yes the design is the same with great ergonomic support and

The heavy-duty mats from weathertech continue in the back treating quite a durable back but i’m gonna open these up all you gotta do is there is a latch on the bottom you just lift that up and it’ll extend the whole row in one fell swoop so that you can store stuff back here if you don’t want to put it in the box you know your bed or your dog’s bed your luggage

What have you if you don’t want to put it in the box or if it’s raining and with the tint it is a gland eichler environment with hardly a blind spot to be had but i’m gonna give you the last looks on that side so you just stay tuned i’m gonna pan out and show you a sample of the door panel i thought since you saw most of the inside your last looks should be the

Memorable ones you’ve got the big wheels you’ve got the chrome step assist some more wheels and the big frame the silverado in 2017 where can you find this truck it’s down at lakewood on the corner of 34th and ninety-first follow us on facebook go to our web page at lakewood chef calm or hey why don’t you come down here in person i’ll hold the keys all you got to

Do is ask and we’ll go for a test drive

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1982344A 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Double Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet