1987 AMC 4×4 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Junkyard Find

1987 AMC 4×4 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Junkyard Find. This was a pretty cool find. Not very often that an old Wagoneer makes it into the yard. This was the last of the AMC Models. She appeared to have been under water possibly but overall still in not too bad of shape except for a dent on thr rear passenger side of the roof. Under the hood, the only thing missing from thr AMC 5.9L 360 was the carburetor. It had headers, K&N filters and asome8 Jacobs spark plug wires. Inside, the interior was rough but their was a pretty cool looking hula girl on the dash.

Check this out man check this out i just made a video on one of these what’s that a couple weeks ago it’s a little much earlier one it was 69 i think it was like let’s check it out man we got another one it’s pretty rare to see in the yards these days man yeah 87 i think 87 amc jeep grand wagoneer look at this thing man i had to come check this thing out look

At this thing here look at the yard took the wheels off i like that wood grain paneling there’s the uh vent on it this thing with america can i can for kids oh this is the uh this is the auction right i think you get it from i think i’m not sure of these but you know damage the grill there this plastic that chrome’s coming off i thought these things had uh the

Ornament here i see no holes in the bottom though for it i know they did at some point just don’t know where uh what year was the um the windshield’s busted appears the last have been on the road no five it’s four by four obviously well i think they all keep four by four didn’t they because i don’t know i don’t know these these uh these things like that but i

Like about them is what are they up to like 91 or something early 90s when they finally stopped making these like freaking relics from back in the day i mean the fact that maybe a tree or something fell on it tree limb this is probably the uh the yard that did this some of the emblems are gone i think all the rest of the glass is good take a quick look underneath

Hurry up i keep trying to make this video man more people keep popping by not to look at it but uh look at other vehicles that just came to the yard it’s pretty solid underneath i’d say i don’t really see any rust you know so oh boy is she funky she’s stank oh my my oh i need that n95 mask i need a freaking respirator for this bad boy check that out man got

The hula girl already twisted to the side there that’s pretty neat uh wait oh oh wait to to the side baby we got the we got the oh we got the rampage mean a little bottle of coca-cola a little bit of change i guess i’m thinking that came out of the ashtray i guess i mean look at dirt daubers and this thing must have been underwater or something right maybe i

Don’t know it’s a lot look at this jeez now that i’ve seen on these steering wheels well i think maybe in better shape than this one probably take command a little bread you know tilt steering wheel these are the creme de la creme man back in the day you know four wheel drive click yeah high low right there handle for it i think these things yeah i think both

Both bucket seats were uh full power i guess i’ve got inside here i can’t even see nothing here on the side though by jeep corporation yeah yeah martin auto tank complies with florida standing with fort lauderdale lauderdale plenty of times many years ago though oh man she’s got an aroma to her what yeah this thing like it was underwater or something fluid

Glass backs let’s take a quick look underneath man underneath the hood okay underneath 1987 says 5.9 liter 360. an amc 360. they took the carburetor things i noticed a couple things on a few things i noticed on this one it’s got headers on i noticed the uh the air cleaner there it’s k n i saw on there or did i not see it there see that yeah me i like to call

It out attention warning water site the heck what’s up with this i wonder if we got nothing but water in that oil where is the uh let’s call it on this one well it wouldn’t be anyways because they uh um they always drain it here yeah man this thing was over in florida another thing i noticed too sucks they cut two of these wires man um where i’ve seen it on

There these aren’t cheapies you see it there jacobs electronics energy core 8.5 pure uh millimet silicon maiden these are these little brackets for the power steering with a little bread k n i think they had this right here you can see like uh there i don’t see no holes for their breathers on the valve covers themselves i don’t think those those headers are are

Like name brand or anything but you know two dollars for the for the actual you know the filter except what’s they’re reusable but uh is that it is that it man i don’t want to miss another yeah we’re gonna call this bad boy a rap man i don’t uh unless uh looking to see where the unless that’s no i don’t think that’s the the uh the tag for it though anyways

Man that’s gonna be it i’m gonna call this bad boy rap but yeah there it is man pretty cool to see one of these it’s been it’s probably been a few years since i’ve seen one of these in the yard you know yeah cool deal all right man on the next one

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1987 AMC 4×4 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Junkyard Find By Classic Ride Society