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1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Wagon: Six Liters Of Grocery-Smashing German Power

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For three decades, this six liter family-friendly juggernaut has been pinning drivers in seats while ruthlessly smashing Saturday errands, earning the nickname, “The Hammer.”

You back in the day i mean if you went to mercedes-benz and you wanted the best and that was you know five 60 sel or sec and you got in it wasn’t quite all that you wanted it to be you know yeah you could bring that car to amg and as long as you had enough enough zeros on the end of your check they would do it didn’t didn’t matter what you asked for you know

They’d make it happen that was one of the really cool things what amg was whatever you wanted as long as you pay for it and make it a reality when amg first put the these cars together this chassis with this engine they didn’t really have a name for it yet but then a writer from elvis road and track or car and driver who one of them said when you floor it it’s

Like hammer hits you in the back and you know it just takes off the falter buck you know that they like the name hammer because one it’s the same in english as it is in german it’s just a great name for a car you know it works works so well especially given what they were doing and what it was what it was designed to be didn’t make many of them i think the

Whole production is somewhere in the 30s how many people were willing to spend 160 180 200 thousand dollars on fast wagons and sedans back in the 80s it’s so different from from your your normal mercedes station wagon i mean it has all the functionality is there but at the same time you know there’s she lets you know that there’s there’s there’s something angry

Under the hood if you don’t utilize it enough she’ll let you know you know it doesn’t enjoy just being dawdled around it wants to spend time from you from four to six thousand and once you bring it there all is right it’s addictive and again it makes it makes a noise isn’t it feel it’s different from every other engine it’s uh only one amg ever produced for

A client up in open canada and he actually had it made for his for his wife car originally started life as a diesel oddly enough because they they weren’t bringing the gas-powered wagons to north america yet he got a diesel wagon in and then went through the whole hammer treatment of gutting everything and in this case even the the wiring electricals because

Now they had to make it talk gas as opposed to just diesel and did the full-on six liter you know 32 valve m117 based off the s-class bottom end the modified transmission their own rear subframe to house the s-class differential with a limited slip and the usual suspension upgrades springs shocks brakes wheels body kit a few interior things goodly bit of audio

Gear nakamichi stuff from back in the day the advent of the suv hadn’t really come yet so the the mom car was still the station wagon i’m just conjecture here i guess she’s like why why do you get to have all the fun i would like to have some too so you know make make me one 400 horsepower wagon back in 1987 was a good time people people didn’t expect it the

Rear-facing seats are they’re awesome one year you know 78 years old wave or maybe other gestures it’s people behind you see your father drives away and it’s it’s a good time you know stuff you never forget my father ran a concore restoration shop when i needed a car at one point he made the offer of getting one that he had an old 1979 to 80s he had unknown amount

Of miles on it but the deal was that i could have it basically if i fixed it got it running so i did and i drove that car for five six years couldn’t kill it no matter what i did yeah we just did absolutely wouldn’t die and giving us trying so hard and it refused i figured there really must be something to this mark and that kind of got me into it still

Saying but you feel special you do you know because you you know you know nobody else is driving one of these it makes it an event can you take it out even if no one else knows you know i know and it’s awesome you you

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1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Wagon: Six Liters Of Grocery-Smashing German Power By Petrolicious