1991 Acura Integra | BUMPER IS PAINTED using ERA PAINTS

A lot of progress on the Integra. I think some of you guys will be totally surprised how nice it’s turning out. I can’t even believe how nice the car came out

All right guys so i’m just chilling in the car right now and i have this bumper right here you can see my disgusting seat but yeah i’m gonna um try and paint this thing today um this is off to the a9 obviously i’m going to uh thoroughly clean it i’m going to wet sand it and i’m going to work right here this is where like uh it’s pretty bad just to get that filler

Down and yeah but man just been chilling in the car i am freaking lazy but yeah my back hurts but luckily i have my little stool so i can do this sitting down but yeah so let me get started oh by the way guys i’m actually planning to do a rear interior back seat delete just to work more on the weight reduction but yeah so this actually came out pretty dang

Nice i was kind of like uh is it kind of riser-ish but no i actually like it it’s pretty cool i’m gonna put it back uh pretty soon but in a few months but for now i’m just gonna rock it and yeah it’s kind of weird because i could already tell it’s kind of getting oxidized after being in the sun for like no more than eight hours it’s kind of crazy so yeah so

I’m gonna do the rear seat delete and that should come up pretty nice so yeah but i’m gonna save all the parts and everything and then who knows i might end up doing a uh black interior swap in the front i’m gonna find a dashboard and work my way back but if that’s something you wanna see uh smash the like but now i gotta get this bumper out of here i have so

Much junk back here alright guys so i got it all clean and it’s a watery mess right here but what’s one cool thing is that i have a squeegee it’s like a small little squeegee i just put uh water and i can squeegee all this away this is body filler and that’s basically dust so i get my little duster the next day and it just blows away so it’s like i’m not really

Leaving anything behind but yeah so i already have this nice and smooth i got this nice and smooth i just gotta go in this edge a little bit and then i gotta get some of this loose um primer off right here i have some 320 and maybe in here a little bit and work in this grill next and i’ll be done i’m done right here there’s an imperfection all right here and

All along this i am not going to get that i’m just going to paint over it because uh this is not going to look perfect and bumpers get thrashed and this bumper is just way too dang old to uh try and make mint condition but yeah but it does mean a lot because you know he did pick this bumper out and uh well i picked it out he grabbed it and yeah so and he put it

On and everything so it does mean a lot but i’m just gonna try and keep it um you know quick and decent looking and everything so let me work in this grill area and um i’m gonna prep it for paint all right guys so there it is right there i’m just gonna go over some spots with the 400 grit and then it’s going to be ready for primer and paint and clear but yeah

It’s still kind of wet right now but it’s still going to go through one more phase of sanding and then i’m going to end up painting this black right here over and i’m gonna be painting the grill then after once it’s on the car i’m gonna mask up everything and then repaint this black and paint the grill black and then the lip is going to be black because i have a

Really nice one in my apartment and i’m not going to be using the one that came on the car originally and then also i’m going to go back to the amber lights so no more clear lights that i bought i’m gonna go back to the embers that he uh bought but one was cracked but it’s still gonna be usable but yeah so i think that’s gonna look really really nice the blue

With the amber oh yeah so let me get the sanding and uh you guys will probably most likely see this painted today but yeah or in this video kind of excited for this this bumper has uh never really been nice looking in our possession and it’s finally gonna look nice all right guys so i got it all sanded down ready to go now it’s ready for adhesion promoter and

Finally some primer and uh based off of my primer if i see that everything’s looking pretty good like no huge imperfections i know that there’s something right here that kind of sticks out yeah right there a little indentation really not worried about it but if it’s too much i’m just gonna work on it a little bit more but overall this is uh looking pretty done

So the thing though is that the integra has a dead battery and man i do not want to uh jump start it so i’m just gonna try and paint the bumper like this or stand it up like where it’s like level and uh yeah just try and do it like that but overall it’s looking pretty good right here there’s a lot of imperfections but all this is just gonna be a satin and it’s

Not gonna look as bad and uh it’s a bumper too so it’s not gonna be uh perfect so let me get to painting and i’ll update you guys as soon as i get started all right guys so the younger ones helping out the older one so let’s uh get this thing going no wait wrong car got it beautiful all right now let’s um disconnect all right guys so i got it everything’s

Looking pretty good all i have to do is just uh mount the bumper and then i’m going to uh mask up everything using this plastic sheet that i have and yeah man it’s kind of weird looking at this car compared to my other car because uh the rsx has uh probably four doordings and this one has about a million so you can’t really tell on camera but man yeah it has a

Lot of little ones but sooner or later i’m gonna do the full pain work i mean full uh bodywork and paint but just to uh get the you know this paint on here looking this nice you know for what a couple hundred bucks is not bad at all and i’m very grateful for air and uh their paint is going to be on the bumper so that’s gonna be kind of cool i also have another

Uh 10 that i’m going to be using for this fender and to touch up some of this over here because over here there was like some bleed through and yeah so this is going to be one can and one can but i’m actually thinking maybe i should do the the spoiler too but i’m kind of getting ahead of myself but would you see how things go but yeah so yeah there’s a massive

One right there too dording right there all right so let me get the bumper and um get started on this alright so there it is right there i’m gonna end up closing the hood then putting the wrap around and then i’m gonna put the bumper and spray it like that but yeah hopefully everything goes good because it is uh kind of windy and as soon as you want to paint

The wind has to come always all right so there it goes right there i like how this car is like very low and wide compared to the rsx where everything’s just kind of uh more narrower and more up this one’s just like more exotic looking it’s pretty cool but yeah so i’m gonna tie this down a little bit more because i’m gonna try and get paint under there on the

Side as much as possible kind of weird how it’s fluctuating like that it doesn’t really have a rough idle not really i guess that’s air or something or so yeah so right here it’s going to kind of be a pain because there’s less light right here wherever there’s low light there’s a huge possibility of a bad paint job and uh yeah as far as coverage i think that’s

What happened on this side too with this fender i believe what just being here in general it’s like not a really good place to uh paint but no choice it’s gotta uh get done but yeah all right guys so i got it one coat of the adhesion promoter and yeah so next i’m gonna put a light coat of primer let it dry and then i’m just going to build up the primer until

I could uh i’m primarily going to get all the dark spots all the blue spots and then once i get that give it one good coat of primer just to get it all uniform and then it’s going to be ready to shoot but yeah so hopefully the primer sprays out good that’s the only thing that’s going to be against me right now all right guys so that’s uh four solid coats you

Can still see some spider web cracks well there’s a bunch of imperfections but it’s all good it looks silver but it is for sure blue i made sure to get all up in here and yeah it looks pretty dang good i’m not going to get in there that’ll just be a waste of pain but i want to make sure i get in there little details coverage is pretty good this is not bad at

All and you can also tell that there’s a dent right here in the bumper right here is flat but i’m not really worried about it so i’m gonna get one more coat over the whole thing and get this thing in clear it’s gonna be kind of nice to have this thing in one color that and this and then i’m just going to sand down the hood and redo the hood again and just uh

Paint it black probably most likely it’s going to be a satin black and yeah so that looks uh so nice man came out so good that even though you know the whole primer situation backfired i still ended up just doing it anyways and just suffer some of the consequences later but who knows might be good might go bad but we’ll just see i like this color so much it’s

Gonna look so good all right so i’ll come back when i’m spraying clear it’s almost out i made sure to get up here as good as possible because i already know looking down at this car is the number one thing you do it’s so low so this looks really nice above all right there i believe i’m out finished so now i’m just going to let this sit up for 20 minutes

And then i’m going to uh clear coat it it’s going to be badass can’t wait to get this thing back on the road i just need a brakes and the coilovers and it’s gonna be on the road and uh this is gonna be the daily so it’s gonna be pretty cool all right guys it’s all ready to go 2k airplane man i can’t believe this is happening i’m gonna put uh the first coat

Of clear i already have it punctured everything’s good wait let me put on my mask all right what’s going on spinning everywhere all right so that’s the first coat of clear looking pretty nice compared to how it usually always looks i can’t believe this is happening so yeah so just gonna let this dry up a little bit more this stuff tacks up pretty easy then

I’m gonna go for my second coat all right guys so that’s it right there just gonna let it uh cure and yeah came out pretty good pretty glossy let’s see if we can get a close-up you could see those right there but that’s just because you’re it’s a super super uh close-up but that’s basically what you end up seeing that is not bad got the whole thing right there

Nice run too so yeah so i’m gonna let this uh cure and then i’m gonna take off the uh the wrap and then i’m gonna go park it and then uh the next video you’re gonna see uh being mounted properly and then the lights put back in and i’m gonna be working on the headlights just uh clean up the buckets put some hardware and um i think one fog was kind of loose i’m

Gonna send them down and polish them and yeah so it’s gonna be pretty good it’s gonna really really uh brighten up the front end and then from there i’m going to unloosen all the fenders while both fenders and hood and there’s nothing i could really do with the bumper as far as like adjustment but i’m going to try and adjust and you know bring forward the hood

A little bit it’s a little bit back and yeah play with it a little bit just to get the lines nice and yeah because i think uh well the hood is popped right now but this top line right here it has to meet down here together like that much gap and right now how things are the bumper is pushed in and the hood’s too far forward and the fenders are further forward

Than the uh hood so everything’s just out of whack i tried adjusting it but i don’t know something is tweaked but yeah i just got to play with it a little bit more and get it going and uh get it looking nice i mean but yeah guys so that’s gonna be the little video if you want to see more smash the like and yeah i’ll see you guys

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1991 Acura Integra | BUMPER IS PAINTED using ERA PAINTS By Integra DIY