1991 Chevy Crew Cab Dually 4-speed 3500 4×4 454 (update)

This is a 1991 Chevy Cheyenne Crew Cab Dually 4-speed manual 3500 4×4 with a 454 big block. Just having some fun with the truck, we hope to drive it more this summer. Thanks for Watching! 🙂

It just go straight back back end over that way you what we got is a 1991 chevy c 3500 cab at one time normally a forest service truck we’re probably the fourth of fifth owners i don’t know for sure but it’s a 454 with a four-speed for 56 years on the rear end the dean is 60 or 70 in the rear lisa dean is 60 might be a team of 70 and it runs on

Propane we’ve got a run on propane tank is right in here can’t see its berries and snow but it’s like a 20 gallon propane tank the fuel pumps in the tanks are not working so we have to run on propane we probably want to get it running on gas this we’re gonna fix the fuel fuel pumps in the tank it doesn’t run that good at propane it’s probably 20 degrees right now

Go ahead and start that up for me you don’t want to do it okay so basically you just you don’t have to pump it on these propane you just turn it over hopefully the battery’s good you see it helps just to turn over bit stop do it again no chop required from me his idols nice they start pretty good nicole – no jokes required what all it is liquid propane

Coming vs newbee it’s got real crappy tires on it for a winner and we envisioned the full drive rig it’s got manual hubs on it about a year ago we put that crane on i tell we looked all right jizz in and out not too fancy but does a job it’ll lift 2,000 pounds and if you guys remember the 83 dually the old diesel engine is under the underneath a pile of snow

Yeah we’ve got the new six five in there we just haven’t got it all hooked up yet but we’ll be doing that this spring or summer getting it revived and it’s got a good motor now just needs to be all hooked up this thing is pretty quiet single exhaust with 456 years so it’s kind of screams going down the road it but it’s a great pola truck hey kyle’s going to

Gonna take it for a little spin we’re not – we don’t have a whole lot of propane in it but hopefully we’ve got enough here to show the thing driving it’s a nice truck he’s some work but it’s pretty good running truck turn your lights on where are you going cosmo going for a ride huh oh stay in there get up okay yeah we’ve done some work to this truck it was

Pretty messy when i first got it we took the bench seat out and we put in bucket seats out of an old suburban so they work a lot better nana console left the rear bench seat but i think we replace the – bezel didn’t we put a different – bass a little fancier wanna put some gauges in it like i said it’s a 4-speed onedrive hello we change the steering call put

Another steering column in it we flirt uilt steering oh man it didn’t have tilted or but anyway carl’s gonna take for a little spin we’re doing minute driving just take it out around and back again out the driveway back in the other one little stormy today about 20 degrees with the wind it’s probably i don’t know close to zero one of those subscribers wanted

To see an update on this i’m one of the dooley so we did this one obviously the brown dual he’s not running it’s covered up snow but it’s been a pretty rough winter here the last month or so we started off easy winter and we got hammered the last month or so not getting off easy this year there’s the round dually over that’s a one time that’s at 83 so that’s

Like eat yours older than that truck but that’s a good truck we’re not getting rid of it we like it we like all these hello what do you got to say for yourself it’s pretty slow i was driving it in second gear the whole way yeah it’s cute pretty low we’re actually now third gear your third yeah sit along right now it’s not in low range right right now that people

The shifter has technically it was third gear but it says two it’s really only a three-speed but it’s still it still forced me yes that’s an ear yeah if you had chains and stuff on it there’s it nope that went better with that well he just ran into pallets that’s why we shouldn’t do stuff bang up the behind scraped it that was stupid didn’t think it

Was that close yeah he scraped at the bumper all right so anyway that’s it for this video not much more we can show you in that one but more to come so till next time see on the next one adios amigos and

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1991 Chevy Crew Cab Dually 4-speed 3500 4×4 454 (update) By BigSky ChevyGuys