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1993 Ford F150 Lightning Restoration Project : Engine Removal Part 3 #fordlightning #svt

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Hey everybody and welcome back to another episode of third coast obs today is part three of the engine removal i actually filmed this a few weeks ago i’ve been editing the the footage trying to get it to something watchable i had a lot of problems with the gopro that day the camera kept overheating the battery would not take a charge i couldn’t get it beyond

11 to 33 and it would just shoot down i think the charger got wet i don’t know what was going on with it i did my best to salvage the footage but this is uh just a quick overview more so just to document the process it is complete it is done try to enjoy it there’s not much talking in it because i had very little to work with as far as making this if you stick

With me at the end of it i appreciate it i’m sorry we’re going to get this camera under control and we’re going to try and get some better stuff on this teardown before we get to the rebuild please enjoy it thank you all again for watching of course it’s going to rain of course it’s going to rain right now we are not ramping down we’re just getting started

Nothing stops this train nothing okay this isn’t lining up nothing’s going right today let’s get the fuel rail out of the way okay that scares me fuel rail two fuel injectors stayed looks like it right there sure don’t like that it’s been a nightmare this side’s body mount bushing was a an 18 that one i couldn’t get anything but a 20 on with them

Bolted it from underneath after that whole hoop law i went through a rainstorm should be free to come up let’s see what happens okay we’re coming up oh good come on bring the rain again okay we’re up i’m a little off but we’re free out over here on this side we’re clearing that over here that makes sense that looks free to me there we have her 351 get

These valve covers off so we get the heads off my god one’s just the short bird of the block he’s getting the short block he can fight the pistons and everything out of this i don’t i obviously i can’t do that here he i paid him money so i don’t care kind of rushing through this a little bit because i may be able to get this to the builder today i’m day behind

Okay valve cover let’s get this damn damn hose out of the way oh famous gt40 heads let’s get him out all right pause for a second gotta take a break this damn gopro is killing me we got the heads off intake lifted it down battery’s going dead it will not charge pulling lifters now i’m about to just take this as is i may try to take this timing cover off

Real quick let me pause that and i’m gonna start working on the timing cover see where i can get down on that and then after that i’m loading it up and taking it we’ll be back guys it’s been a terrible day trying to record the batteries are not taking a charge i don’t know what’s going on if it’s my charger if something’s wrong with that i think it got wet i’m

Getting about 30 30 and then they just keep flying out real quick i know hopefully i got the engine getting pulled we got all the wiring harnesses out of the way it’s keeping tucked away it’s going to be a complete nightmare got it rigged up i tried to start filming when i was taking the heads off in the intake but the battery went dead i don’t know how much of

It got i took off what i could safely in this driveway and even this isn’t even safe so i need to get it loaded up in the truck heads intake we’re looking at doesn’t seem to be too bad completely caked with oil i’m supposed to take this wool pan off and all this stuff he can do it i can’t there’s no way i can do it i got a hell of a mess hell of a mess i’ve

Got stuff everywhere and i still got to put that back together to take the paint this is a big job all right let’s get this loaded up let’s take this to alvin they get to start working on the motor finally all right that’s loaded that was sketchy we didn’t put that on film we’re in there it’s as best it’s going to get i’ll try and strap it down and uh we’re

About to go ahead and go drop this thing off and hopefully the next time we see this thing it’ll be shining like a diamond in the goat’s ass because i don’t want to see it all nasty like this again i don’t know boys i wish i could have done more to just take him to block oh well it’s costing enough money okay let’s get the road no parking wasn’t packed all

Right engines dropped off at the builder rotating assemblies in i need to get some details um but basically we just wanted to get it to the shop so i’d like to know more about what pistons he went with and all that so today was just getting it there all right now it’s time to go home uh we got a transmission to get loaded up and we’re going to try and get

That core support done this weekend too so we can get the truck to paint all right 2p continued we’ll keep on going you

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1993 Ford F150 Lightning Restoration Project : Engine Removal Part 3 #fordlightning #svt By 3rd Coast OBS