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1994 Honda Passport Flip

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We buy an almost-dead 1994 Honda Passport 5 speed to resurrect and flip. Did we get taken? These Hondas were only made for 2 years and the Passport and Isuzu Rodeo were virtually identical trucks. This one is a 5 speed manual with high and low ranges in the transfer case! But the engine knocks. Did we get taken on our flip?

Hello everyone jeff and jay here with another edition of jay’s big adventure jay’s the fuzzy guy only that’s not jay that’s al his girlfriend because jay is off on another adventure on his own but today we are starting a new video series what we have done is found a 1994 honda passport these were only made for two years it was a joint venture with isuzu and

So it actually has an isuzu 3.2 liter v6 in it this particular car though is a super rare 5-speed manual and these have a high and low range so it is a true four-wheel drive this one’s not in terribly bad shape for a 94. we got it from a guy who didn’t know what he had and didn’t know what he was doing we went to look at it and he said that the engine was

Knocking and indeed it was but everything else in the car worked i just drove it enough to make sure that the four wheel drive worked and the clutch was in decent shape and i bought it just because it’s worth at least this much in parts when i got home we found out that there was no oil in it i mean it was less than half a quart well that will indeed make it

Knock but put some oil in it and it actually runs really well now we’ve got to do a couple of things to it the heater blower doesn’t work although the air conditioning is still fully charged and we washed it and now the alternator isn’t charging but that’s probably just a a wet connection somewhere because it did actually charge when i bought it but today we’re

Just going to start cleaning this thing and see if we can polish this thing into something resembling a car then put it up for sale what i really like about this car is that it’s actually pretty clean um it’s going to be a little hard to see in here but the carpets are not bad a little bit of a rip on the seat but that’s no big deal but this is going to be a

Cheap affordable all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle and that’s why we bought it it’s not in bad shape it also came with the front bumper in the back and he had taken it off for something i don’t know whether they were planning on using it as a uh as a tow behind or whatever but the we’re gonna have to pull the bumper out of the back seat and see if we

Can reattach that and we’ve got some tires coming for it and it just needs a really good detail i think it’s going to be a pretty good car first thing is to spray the entire engine with simple green so so we got the car back to the shop we did the outside cleaning um carter’s working on the inside but i’m going to start working on the paint

And i have never done this before i haven’t buffed i haven’t gone through any kind of training and we’re just going to jump in and do this just like you would if you’re starting off from scratch on your own so i know the professionals are going to look at this video and faint under the couch but i really wanted to do this with no preparation without a lot of

A background i just want to see if i can figure it out i don’t know if this is going to show up on camera but this paint is just hammered it is of course we got the clear coat peeling off it’s got a ton of checks and cracks and stuff in it so i really can’t hurt this a couple little scratches that i’m going to try to take out but i just want to see if i can

Figure out how to make this work so i’ve got a pretty good buffer and a foam pad and i bought some meguiars ultimate compound i don’t actually know if this is going to be a heavy enough cutting compound to make this work so i’ve got some heavy duty compound as well we’re going to start here i mean really how hard can this be you let’s take a rag and

Wipe this off and see if we’re getting anywhere and of course part of the part of this is it’s hard to tell whether it shows up on camera but yes there is a significant improvement i think i’m okay it’s uh it’s certainly not uh so i haven’t heard any so we’re just going to do a couple of sections and eventually we’ll have the whole hood done we’ll take a

Look and see how it goes i’ll tell you what for not having any idea what i’m doing i truly mean that um that’s a big improvement it is at least shiny uh these are really harsh lights so they show absolutely every imperfection i think when we take it outside this is actually going to look pretty good okay well we have been cleaning and buffing and shampooing

And the car is really coming along pretty well um of course it rained so the the paint doesn’t look that nice but paints really come back quite a bit the interior turned out quite nice um gosh the seats are in good shape the carpets are in good shape i’m really kind of impressed it’s uh it’s turning out to be a nicer car than even what i was expecting so we’re

Really going to go to town here and do a bunch of additional little things we’ve gotten the rear trim plates off we’re just going to paint those and make them match then i think for the roof because there’s so much surface rust we’re probably going to have to sand that off and do a por 15 which is a rust inhibitor and that will really help um stop that rust

From going any further and that would just make it uh kind of a satin black because i don’t want to try to match the color particularly but um and then i’ll be ready to go gosh all in all it’s turned out to be quite the nice car we’ve got tires coming for it and in just a couple of weeks this thing should be ready to sell so that’s it for this episode thanks

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1994 Honda Passport Flip By Jay Bear