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1995 Ford F150 XLT – Overview + Test Drive

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Foreign how’s it going everyone steve here with the gr auto gallery and today i have the pleasure of taking this 1995 ford f-150 xlt for a little test drive uh we’re just going to take it for a little test drive down the road make sure everything’s working as it should and then we’re going to hop back inside the building and just give you a little

Better or a little better overview of the truck um so 101 000 miles on the odometer all the gauges appear to be working as they should the truck is lifted on some bf goodrich all terrains but it doesn’t really wander too much drive straight down the road let go the steering wheel no brake steer whatsoever the brakes feel good it seems to be shifting very

Smooth all the lights are functional on the truck headlights brights turn signals tail lights and brake lights wipers work horn works just a really really solid f-150 let’s go hop inside and give you a little bit better of the overview of the truck so this is a lifted single cab short box f150 xlt green i believe emerald paint overall really nice condition

It shows very well um you do have a few spots where the clear coat is starting to bubble up whatever you want to call it but overall the truck shows very well on the outside body is rust free nice bed liner just a really solid looking truck it is lifted like i said on some five spoke aftermarket wheels with some basically brand new bf goodrich all terrains

Still a lot of tread life on those on the inside now you have this really nice gray cloth interior um very good condition headliner as you can see is starting to sag a little bit here and there but it’s still all in one piece glove box a pretty nice size you do have the original owner’s manual as well as the vin card for the warranty we go to the driver’s

Side as you can see power locks power windows that do work on both sides over here you do have your steering wheel horn buttons and then your other controls cruise control stuff like that steering wheel does tilt up and down as you can see 101 000 miles on the odometer automatic transmission four-wheel drive oem radio does work uh blower as you can hear

Does work well as well as the ac blown cold um so one cool thing about this f-150 um they all came with manual rear windows but if you look at this switch right here you do have a power rear window which is a really really cool touch so yeah really nice on the inside everything’s working as it should let’s pop the hood one second here under the hood you do

Have the factory 5.8 liter v8 i’m running real smooth still very clean under the hood none of the tubing is cracking or anything like that still in very nice condition all the belts are in good condition all the fluids pass yeah just a really really cool truck just make an awesome daily driver winter rig summer rig beach cruiser beach runner whatever you want

To do with it this thing’s ready for it if you would like to see pictures of the f-150 feel free to go to our website we have over 100 pictures on there link is going to be down in the description and if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to give us a call we would love to help you out um and also feel free to read the description under those

Photos on our website it’s going to give you a lot more information about the f-150 and hopefully answer some questions that you already have if you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a like comment and subscribe and as always enjoy the rest of the video so you

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1995 Ford F150 XLT – Overview + Test Drive By GR Auto Gallery