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1995 Land Rover Defender 130– LS3 SWAP –At Celebrity Cars Las Vegas

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At Celebrity Cars Las Vegas

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to celebrity cars if you’ve never been to celebrity cars website before go to go to find your favorite vehicle like this really cool land rover and if you have any questions you give us a call but we got lots of cars for sale in there about 50 of them exotics classics muscle cars super cars we got them all

But today this is a very very special 1995 land rover defender 130. why is this one so extra special well it’s a it’s beautiful green it’s a brand new build and why is it a brand new build from 1995 well if you look at both fenders and we pop the engine compartment you’re going to find out that there’s an ls3 in there from a camaro an ls3 in a 1995 land rover

Defender so awesome awesome awesome car now look i’m your living breathing condition report here at celebrity cars i go over the conditions of cars the paint the wheels the interior we look at the engine compartment we pop the trunk if we can pop the trunk we look inside look at the seats make sure there aren’t any stains um also make sure you know curb rash

And all that kind of stuff get a chance to kind of sort of sneak a peek underneath this thing too as we go around it but in the grand scheme of things here folks it’s got an ls3 motor in it a great big v8 it’s a brand new build it’s only got a couple hundred miles on the odometer i have no idea when it was painted but it’s a beautiful green and it’s it’s got

Some improv imperfections it’s a 1995 folks we’ll go over what a couple of those are but look at listen i’m not going to tear this thing apart it’s a 1995 land rover with a great big v8 in it you probably find three or four of those in the country if not the world with an ls3 in it so are we going to beat the crap out of the paint today no it’s beautiful it’s

Green see it i mean it’s amazing the wheels are beautiful come on around here we’re going to walk around to the to the passenger side i positioned this outside in uh in the sun particularly so you could see it and also i positioned it so you can see what it looks like in the shade you can see where some of the welds are you know if you’re picky about welds

And being straight and all that kind of stuff uh you know i this is to me is as done as best as it can be these things have welds all over them and and and that’s what you get so we’re going to use the camera today to really focus on the paint because there’s not a whole lot of things for me to pick out um there might be a small scratch or two but i i mean i i

I think for this particular vehicle you know you’re not going to win a car show for paint okay you’re going to take it to a car show and everybody’s going to envy you because you’ve got a great big motor in there so that’s what this is all about so come with me let’s um spend a second on the hood if we want to get in particular about things i mean this paint is

Beautiful quincy if you could you know just kind of sort of manage so people can see that you know people have gotten their their microfiber towels out they’ve cleaned it i can see a couple marks from a detailer with a wheel but other than that i mean we’re just in you know the binoculars of the sunshine out here this is a beautiful green nobody’s going to poo poo

This green the front fascia is beautiful these inserts for the headlights they look to be in new condition as new condition i know it might be hard for you to see some of this but that’s why i’m here because if we just whip by in a video camera you wouldn’t see any faults anyway that’s why we’ve changed our business model to make sure we go over every car because

This isn’t a cheap one okay so maybe you want to take this home and you want to know it’s you know overall condition so that’s why i’m here this all the green across the whole front here underneath this beautiful black uh land rover bumper here this all kind of sort of looks new as well great big fancy fan right inside here it’s gorgeous the lights all look good

There’s like really minimal patina at all uh it’s just uh looks super i don’t have a whole lot more to say this uh kick plate i’ll call it down here bump plate doesn’t look like it’s ever hit anything and quincy do you mind can you see that under there good brother you can good you come over here too if you could over my right shoulder and look underneath only

Because i feel the lights really see how clean it is underneath this like i said it’s a it’s a a much newer build and we’re happy to have it here this thing’s incredible you’re driving one of these things with lots of horsepower it’s really unreal all right let’s spend some time in the sun are you ready for the shaded side you’re telling me let’s do the shaded

Side since we’re kind of playing with shaded front nose bumper here these black panels up here are all in superb shape just uh you know a two percent patina out of a hundred uh it’s just i i’ve got nothing but nice things to say um these panels across the front um you know they’re they’re green they’re really nice and that’s that’s all i have to say i i i think

Everything looks fine everything’s nice and green there might be a couple little paint marks but i mean in the gram scheme of things quite frankly who cares again we’ll show you why the power play in a couple minutes all this down the whole driver’s side of the car is just nice solid green paint look at our reflections here see our reflections and so there’s a

There’s a little bit of uh you know it’s not a shiny clear gloss mirror reflection find one of these that actually have that you won’t um so just beautiful green it’s green it’s green a little splash here sorry i didn’t wipe that off all this is great the black lower panels here um there might be a couple scuffs from getting in and out of of the vehicle but if

I found one here that was really bad i’d let you know okay just a little small mark here small marks not just the kind of stuff i’m just trying to point it out it’s not perfect but you know it it kind of is work your way back here beautiful green see all the rivets going on new bolts good looking stuff uh we haven’t talked about these wheels at all yet there’s

No curb rash on these wheels folks um we’ll get to the front driver’s side in just a minute but they’re all nice and black all nice and silver let me check this front one again here real quick just to make sure i’m correct on new curb rash no curb rash whatsoever be very difficult to get curb rash on one of these nope beautiful beautiful wheels okay come on back

Here we’re working our way back into the sunshine portion of things we did look at this already but once again i’ve got nothing but green back here a couple of small light scratches a couple of little weird things going on but nothing that i need to point out um if if you’re really particular you’ll have to give us a call and we’ll explain things better but i’m

Letting the camera do the work and this is just all very very fair build ls3 6.2 liter v8 when have you seen one of those back there next to this word okay once again rear tail lights are great all the black stuff is really nice let’s look in the back real quick you got a full on spare all ready to go got real nice bed liner in here looks like maybe it was used

Maybe once i i don’t know somebody could have just been standing back here for all i know but um this whole cabin back here this whole uh cap back here this whole pickup truck back whatever you want to call it is uh in really really good shape just really minimal minimal stuff you could see it okay driver’s side we’re back out in the sunlight here quincy if you

Could let’s uh really walk down don’t really care about what i’m saying i just want them to see the paint i want to see i want them to see into the paint i want them to see those rivets see all these things folks i see nothing but beautiful green a couple little swirl marks once again from the detailing that i told you about but there’s nothing you’re seeing

What i’m saying right there on that film up here as well all this just nice and green nice and clean and green ooh it’s hot though goodness okay um well let me let’s finish up here that wheel is in great shape the rear uh uh passenger side wheel is fine this one up here somehow got some overspray um it’s just gonna take uh somebody sitting down and uh spending

15 20 minutes to try and get the over spray you see those little white marks i don’t know what that is but that there you have it but other than that the wheel is just fine it just needs a little love and and and care okay uh if you look back up here again this piece that i mentioned on the other side it was in the shade you see how beautiful it is welcome to

Las vegas we got a lot of dust on things sorry that’s where it goes the windshield the windshield’s darn nice i don’t see anything on the windshield let me go over and look on this side real quick this beautiful windshield folks there’s no surprises here all right well we looked at all those things i’m going to open up some doors but let’s look at the coolest

Thing in the whole world i started this video off a lot of you probably fast forwarded to this point hi welcome back all right now the next trick is going to be if i can get this hood open there we go says corvette from what i understand it came from a camaro it’s an ls3 doesn’t matter if it came from a corvette or a camaro beautiful newly installed electronics

On that back wall still have your original vin plate for from land rover i see lots of clean fluids because you can see through these containers real well back here and this is just awesome so they got it to fit folks there it is all right we’ll leave this up for a minute because we might want to come back here and look at it we’ll give it a start and you can

Hear it and all those cool things okay i’m gonna open some doors so we can look at this interior okay i’m not opening this door right now okay so folks we got a lot of black plastic in here a lot of it looks original the shifter obviously is not but all this plastic in here looks great it’s all in one piece i don’t see any splits or cracks in it if you’re a

Smoker well you’re in luck after market sound system i see the gauges are super cool we’ll get a good look at them again in a little while or remember you can go to and look at some detailed photographs we probably took about 80 85 photographs of this vehicle so feel free to go check those out but you’re having somebody live sitting here looking

At it these seats are super comfortable i’ve been in that driver’s seat quite a few times super comfortable they feel like they’ve you know they were just put together there’s no stains there’s no rips the headliner is suede and it’s beautiful there are no marks in it just some looks to be just a couple fingers for either installing or holding on but all the

Visors are in decent shape i’m going to come over there meet you sorry about the extra dust i mean it only takes a day around here in las vegas for things to get dusty we try to keep up on it but but know that the door panels uh i don’t see any cracks in the door panels um roll up windows so no power windows in this one i have the key in my pocket and i’m going

To start this ls motor and get an idea what it sounds like the odometer on this vehicle folks says 125 that means 125. all the gauges seem to be doing what they’re supposed to be doing temp gauges up just a little bit only because we moved it just one or two spots the air conditioner i can already feel it it’s nice and cold i sneezed sorry i sneezed so hard i

Blew knocked the camera off uh listen it’s still running air conditioner oh i did turn the air conditioner off we know the air conditioner works good let’s turn the radio on i see it says volume i probably don’t have it on the correct setting to hear uh standby standbys tuner i won’t gotta go back to the tuner so we got a radio and it works super clean

In here park brake definitely seems to be able to do what it’s supposed to do we’re not going to play with any off-road stuff today that’s for you to figure out and play with give us a call if you have any questions about that yeah i i see nothing but a beautiful land rover folks uh i think it’s time to go for a ride what do you say we’ll be right back okay so

As promised we’re we’re in the 1995 land rover defender great big v8 motor in it we’ve checked out the radio we got the air conditioner everything’s all good everything up here well i’ve had this kind of sort of idling now for about 15 minutes oil pressure is exactly where it’s supposed to be the temperature gauge is you know hunkering down right around 160. very

Comfortable got a half a tank of gas going on the voltage is good got a little digital deal down here talking about the outside temperature it’s very cool very updated okay uh it is running still once again my foot’s on the brake put it down in the drive and off we go super smooth okay i’m doing about 40. let’s use these bricks ready three two and one yeah this

Is a good one everything’s doing exactly what it should uh does it feel like a brand new land rover no it’s not supposed to um you could feel the road you could feel the steering you can feel the gears shift you could fear all you feel all these things and it’s super smooth and today’s technology it’s wonderful back on the gas big motor in it almost makes you want

To drive a little faster not used to doing that yep that’s the brakes okay all right all right turn signals on got a good flash on the on the dashboard here i can see it’s working well canceled out on its own too turn the other turn signal on yep that’s doing what it’s supposed to do this is awesome with awesome power great car if you’re interested in buying

This land rover please give us a call if you’ve got any more questions about it give us a call we’ve got build information you can find out how many owners this thing’s had i don’t know if a carfax exists whatever but you can find these things out at go to land rover scroll down you should find this if you found this video on the interweb first

Go to you should be able to read up all about it if it’s been a couple months since this video’s been up and we don’t have it on the list at celebrity cars well then it’s sold but i hope you enjoyed the video this is uh incredible and um you should buy it it’s really awesome it’s ready to go it’s really fast see you next time

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1995 Land Rover Defender 130– LS3 SWAP –At Celebrity Cars Las Vegas By Celebrity Cars