1996 Subaru Impreza WRX V-Limited #839/1000 | Northeast Auto Imports

1996 Subaru Impreza WRX V-Limited #839/1000! | Northeast Auto Imports

This is a 1996 subaru wrx not just any regular old wrx that you see down the local car meet this is a v limited and it was built for a very special reason this thing is a pocket rocket one of the most iconic japanese sports cars of the 90s and arguably of all time is the first generation subaru impreza wrx wrx of course stands for world rally experimental and

The first version of the car was introduced in 1992 and as the name suggests the wrx featured rally inspired technology that anyone could buy including all-wheel drive a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine stiffened up suspension and special limited slip differentials altogether these changes made for one of the most exciting cars of the early 90s and

The wrx proved to be a hit together with the mitsubishi lancer evolution it was one of the great road-going rally cars on one hand it won the world rally championship three times in a row from 1995 to 1997. and on the roads in the hands of not colin mcrae’s it was pleasing drivers as one of the best performing cars at the time to commemorate their first rally

Constructors championship in 1995 subaru launched this commemorative model in 1996. it was designed to celebrate subaru winning both the 1995 world rally manufacturers and drivers championships they were limited to a maximum production run of just a thousand examples this one being number 839 out of a thousand and these were marketed as being only available in

53c rally blue although chassis lists suggest a significant number were sold in other colors such as solid white and pearlescent black the v limited was mechanically the same as the wrx but had a curb weight nudged to 1240 kilograms or 2734 pounds so how can you tell a v limited from a standard run-of-the-mill wrx well on the trunk here you get a special crest

It reads out obviously world rally manufacturers champions subaru 1995 and this of course is number 839 out of a thousand that were made and you also get that crest sewn into both of the front seats i quite like that up front is the ej20 a turbocharged 2-liter flat 4-cylinder boxer engine same as the power plant found in the standard wrx how much power does it

Produce great question from every bit of research i did i kept getting 280ps which is around 276 horsepower which is also the same power output as the sti so how does that make sense and then i remembered the error that this car is from and the japanese gentleman’s agreement between auto manufacturers where they came together and agreed to limit their advertised

Horsepowers on their cars to 276 horsepower this was done in an effort to reduce car accidents amongst the youngsters with their street racing and such so 276 horsepower it is then right now that 276 horsepower is sent to a five-speed manual transmission and can send these little cars to 60 and around five and a half six ish seconds and onto a top speed

Of around 150 and their party piece isn’t even how fast they are it’s how they handle now this one is riding on factory suspension those oz racing wheels are aftermarket but the suspension itself the rest of it it’s all factory these cars are extremely nimble they’re extremely well balanced they feel well balanced and they feel extremely tossable that’s not to

Say the speed and the power isn’t fun and that’s pretty rare that this is riding on factory suspension because you don’t see a lot of these in this condition anymore in this shape being stock and all the last first generation sti i drove had about 500 wheel horsepower and tried to rip my face off it’s so much fun it’s just a different experience because this

One’s so quiet on the interior i don’t have to raise my voice to talk to you there’s no loud exhaust but you can still hear that classic soupy rumble and because it doesn’t have a screaming exhaust when you get that turbo spooling up can hear that too now this one does have 45 000 kilometers on it or just 28 000 miles for you american folks it’s just an absolute

Pleasure to drive it’s so smooth it’s not some stiff bumpy ride even though it has from the factory stiffened suspension compared to the regular impreza it’s just a great all-around car this thing look at that it’s perfect the way it goes around corners it’s just a pleasure and you have that confidence of all-wheel drive it’s fantastic this thing it’s just a

Little pocket rocket so well balanced you have all the traction in the world it’s putting down every single one of those 276 horsepowers oh man this thing is fun no wonder it won so many championships it’s all usable on the street thank you guys very much for watching i will catch you in the next one happy motoring you

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