1998 GMC 1500 SLE 4×4 5.7L 350CI Z-71 Extended Cab SOLD

Hi everyone this is john from the car company and this is our 1998 gmc 1500 this is an extended cab short bed z71 package this truck was traded in here locally beautiful teal in color nice alloy wheels the truck has a z71 off-road package it’s a nice older truck the trucks not perfect but it’s pretty straight and drives not drives out nice rear bumper looks great

You’ve got a factory tow package got a nice rubber mat here in the bed this is a six and a half foot bed the truck has a sliding rear window as well the truck is bone stock stock airbox stock exhaust there’s your alloy wheels nexis tires are 260 575 16s yeah plenty of tire life left we’ve under coated the frame this is an sle package you’ve got the rain guards on

The windows you’ve got the bug shield on the front chrome bumper here in the front get the chrome insert in the grille factory tow hooks and we’ll take a look inside door panels in great shape you’ve got power windows power door locks power mirrors cloth seating this is a six passenger truck the interior this truck is in a very very good condition this truck only

Has 96 thousand miles and it definitely shows it lumbar support carpets nice there’s your headlight switch cruise control tilt wheel and we’ll go ahead and start this truck up this is a nineteen ninety-eight you’ve got ninety six thousand six hundred ninety miles the truck runs out drives nice great oil pressure it’s got a jvc cd player with your mp3 input there’s

Your climate controls rear cargo lamp push button four-wheel-drive cupholders are right here you’ve got a cigarette lighter and then two twelve volt outlets is your center console this flips up gives you a little notepad to write on or hold any paper that you need then you’ve got the inside you’ve got cd storage flip it up if you need the extra person to ride along

With you the steering wheel is in nice shape there’s no where a lot of times these from age just will get ate up and you know cut up the leather get cut up from wedding ring or watch a lot of times you will just drive like this but steering wheel is nice we’ll go ahead and pop the hood turn on the lights now this is a third this truck has a third door which this

Will slide forward and in the third door is on the passenger side this does not have the fourth door like the newer trucks you can see the rear seats are nice headliners a nice shape these older trucks they got a heavy door to them kind of like an old classic core you gotta make sure you shut a little harder passenger-side door panels just like the drivers side

You’ve got a little mark right here in it other than that everything seems to be perfect lumbar support for the passenger the third door here the handles right here pull that you can open the door up door panels in nice shape rear seats are nice we’ve got the books with the truck here in the glove box the dash is not cracked – is in good shape 498 it’s a pretty

Nice truck and this isn’t perfect by any means there’s gonna be a few little things here and there on it overall it’s actually a really nice truck this has the 5.7 liter so the old 350 vortech v8 these motors are extremely reliable everybody knows how to work on them and parts are cheap this is john from the car company that’s the car company online.com if

You have any questions on this truck feel free to give me a call directly at six one four five six three nine nine nine nine thanks have a great day

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1998 GMC 1500 SLE 4×4 5.7L 350CI Z-71 Extended Cab SOLD!!! By JohnsTrucks4Sale