2.7l Turbo Real World MPG – GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD 4 Cylinder Fuel Economy

I just crossed 1500 miles with my 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation Double Cab and I wanted to share my real fuel economy experience. This GM 2.7 Liter Turbo 4cyl engine in the Sierra and Silverado 2019+ pickup trucks is a hell of a motor. I have been really impressed with my truck’s fuel economy and how well it performs. Since I now have put on several miles to get a feel for fuel mileage I can happily say the truck is getting 20+ mpg.

Ah shoot this thing’s almost out of gas again i guess i gotta pull in and get some more fuel let’s check out what the actual fuel economy is for my 2020 gmc sierra elevation double cab but more importantly it’s the one with the 2.7 turbo so we need to find out that i make a mistake buying the 2.7 and not the 5.3 well let’s hit the gas pump and i’ll show you

Exactly what mistake i may or may not have made oh all right you saw that we just filled up and now it’s time to record the fuel economy on my air a care app from fuelie so the truck just turned 1601 miles old so let’s go ahead and uh and add that in so 1601 miles uh today the fuel was two dollars 39 cents uh which isn’t too bad i’m up here uh in new england

Uh and for volume we put in 18.678 uh gallons so total fuel cost is 44.81 now we’re going to go ahead and go through here it is the middle of winter and this car has been idling a bunch uh to warm up now uh i’ve been about 60 percent highway so keep that in mind uh and then the rest of the mix is probably in that uh that 40 percent rural kind of roads a little

Bit of city i do go into uh into boston for work twice a week so i do deal with the stop and go we’ll go ahead and save that and uh and now we need to be able to see what the charts are so if we go into the fuel economy you’ll see for the 1500 some odd miles that i’ve had this vehicle we’ve done an average of 20.11 miles to the gallon and in fact my worst fuel

Economy which was right after buying the truck when i was showing it to my friends and it was idling all the time that fuel economy my worst was 19.07 so i gotta say i’m actually really impressed uh you know this truck has had uh again like 60 highway to and from about 40 rural but i do spend two days a week in boston so i got to deal with some boston traffic but

That means i’ve been getting uh just about 360 miles uh per tank i usually fill up while i’m inside that quarter range and the truck will tell you that i can actually get almost 500 miles out of a tank now the other neat thing to talk about is that means that this truck to run is costing me about 12 cents a mile and you know that’s really not too bad i’m pretty

Happy with that uh this truck getting over 20 miles per gallon in combined driving uh with stop and go with idling in the morning i mean it is uh it is february in massachusetts so that means it is cold we’re on winter blend this truck is performing well well go ahead and let me know your thoughts down in the comments section below let me know if you would make

The trade off of the extra power the 5.3 to get the fuel economy of this 2.7 did it impress you the fuel economy or do you think it really should have been better either way be sure to hit that subscribe button that way you can see more videos about this truck as we go forward i’m going to have some towing videos some modifications things like that and we’re

Going to dive in more about the 2.7 liter in this gmc sierra thanks for watching you

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2.7l Turbo Real World MPG – GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD 4 Cylinder Fuel Economy By Jr’s Gasoline Alley