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2 Big Reasons NOT to Choose 2022 Tundra SR – and MANY Reasons To BUY

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Learn all about 2022 Toyota Tundra SR. It is VERY different from other Tundra trim levels. Let me know what you think.

Hi everyone i’m jeff teague in raleigh north carolina today we’re going to be talking about tundra sr the 2022 sr has many reasons why customers would want to buy it but it’s also got some very powerful and important reasons why you might want to stay away from that we’re going to explore both of those this is a tundra sr crewmax 4×4 in super white and this is

The very first 2022 tundra i’ve seen starting under 40 000. factory msrp 000 boom and one of the reasons why i was so excited to get one of these srs is this is gonna be like looking for a loch ness monster like looking for a leprechaun a real live unicorn right because you just don’t see that many srs especially in reviews you’re going to see capstone and trd

Pro and all those trim levels that are at the higher end of the spectrum well sr and sr5 they’re both important to the tundra lineup for different reasons this one here it’s pretty cool lots of value for the price you ready for a couple reasons to stay away so let’s look underneath the hood and we’re going to see right here toyota’s new 3.5 liter v6 twin turbo

Engine it replaces the outgoing 5.7 liter v8 engine here’s what’s different that engine the v8 engine 381 horsepower 401 pound-feet of torque toyota tundra for 2022 promised more power more horsepower in its twin turbo for all trim levels except for the sr version all other versions of this one get 389 horsepower 479 pound-feet of torque the sr is different sr

Produces 348 horsepower and 405 pound feet of torque so it’s less power in the vehicle just so you know this is the only trim level that has different powertrain specifications unless you’re going with the tundra iforce max the hybrid that has more obviously the other thing you’re going to want to know well is that this one does not come standard with a hitch

Or a harness you’ve got to go ahead and get the sr towing package and that’s going to be 430 dollars extra it includes the hitch receiver and the 7 pin harness now the towing capacity toyota advertises the new tundra up to 12 000 pounds towing capacity and then it goes down from there based on lots of different specifications and factors and things like that the sr

Version whether you get the double cab or the crewmex that you see here 8300 pound towing capacity so that could come into play if you’ve got larger trailers campers boats and things like that that still need to be pulled but maybe with a little bit more power so that’s another reason to stay away unless this fits your needs i sound like one of those companies

Interviewing customers does that satisfy your needs and your requirements and for me it’s kind of cool to review the base trim level of any model because it’s something we don’t get to see a lot and this one here it’s unique in its own way it’s got a nice a lot of people think this is more classy than even chrome more luxurious we’ve got the gloss black surround

Here and then we’ve got this matted black grille each toyota trim level in the tundra lineup is going to have a different type of front grille and then you can even add in a trd grille which will say trd but this is tundra and it has led headlights that oh that was bright and led daytime running lights as well this has toyota safety sense 2.5 so it has the same

Modern safety features to help prevent accidents keep people safe for a lot of new owners wheel size wheel appearance tire size tire appearance that means a lot but maybe it doesn’t mean a lot in which case an sr would be perfect for you these look nice on the truck looks more like a durable vehicle nothing blingy about it nothing fancy also you can always pimp

These out and add in upgraded wheels of your own this is a good place to start though with sr and to a lot of people less is more so it’s still got that aggressive bold look from the profile but it doesn’t have a lot of extra badging and again bling to it it’s just your basic truck that suits your needs so let’s go along take a look at the curves the line those

18-inch wheels there this one just has a matte black mirror back i’m bringing me or back yeah and then it doesn’t have blind spot monitor it’s got black door handles no chrome around the sides anything like that those lines are fierce toyota caused this technical muscle look at that look at it will you just look at it and then let’s go along lots of black

Accents here do you think it’s gonna say tundra yeah now here we’ve got our backup camera and this is a composite bed that’s aluminum reinforced it’s light and it’s durable and it’s tough it resists scratching denting rusting and this is a crew max so the back window should be able to slide down through power another view shall we shall we time for a look

At the interior here you’re going to see that it does not have soft text it does not have leather seats they’re fabric seats they look pretty darn durable to me got a storage pocket here bottle holders here let’s keep going this is an all-weather mat that’s been added optionally got rear air vents there these are cutouts in case you want to put something like

Maybe usb ports there so let’s take a gander all the way across toyota gives you with their new audio multimedia system eight inch screen which you see here or 14 inch screen does not have a moon roof so let’s take a look again crewmecs has the biggest back seat more than double cab this will come with a five and a half foot bed right here it’s got grab handles

Up and what i like about tundra is it’s got grab handles for the whole party road trip holiday road oh oh oh what do you think so far got the engine on so you can hear what it sounds like when it’s humming toyota in case you forgot what you’re driving it’s a toyota okay so this has not a power passenger seat not a power driver seat got a lot of character in

These seats actually lots of different ways to break it up it’s like a teacher during lunchtime recess break it up break it up then we got a storage shelf here nice big chunky air vents grab handle should we look inside here all right and then we’ve got this is where you might see the smart charging the chi wireless charging it’s not in the sr and then here

Does this open no does this open you betcha and then here you can open it this way or this way so passenger or driver controls and then we’ve got storage space in here i see some usb connectivity on this one so now we’ve got look at that brake hold electronic brake we’ve got digital temperature controls it’s single it’s not dual and then we’ve got this eight

Inch screen which can show us different pieces of information it’s like i almost knew what to push so you got wireless apple carplay wireless android auto sirius xm tons of voice commands that you can give it with this new faster processing speed more commands and capabilities and functions than ever before and take a look at the power driver seat oh wait it’s

An sr it does not have a power driver seat it does not have the ability to raise and lower the seat this is for the back of the seat and then it’ll have a bar i love this bar in front so no power seat but we kind of expected that didn’t we with an sr version i mean it’s the base trim level after all it’s not a leather wrapped steering wheel although it’s sort

Of like a faux finish which is interesting because that’s what you would normally see if you had a leather wrapped steering wheel very interesting to me got this 4.2 inch information display here go through different pieces of information so again the interior is nicely laid out i like the use of gloss black because it’s minimal it’s not dominating the interior

Cabin at all it accents it and that’s the way gloss black should be in my opinion do not have anything fancy digital auto dimming about this particular one although you can sort of dim it this way by doing that it’s got safety connect lights and then no lights on these mirrors right here but it does have a slide function as you can see right there and look here

An added bonus toyota promised under seat storage if it’s not the iforce max hybrid it’s where you keep the nickel metal hydride batteries there’s going to be under seat storage in fact there’s a lot of it so how creative can you get with this right here that’s what i thought that’s a welcome addition nice job tundra and what’s kind of cool about this window

Sticker here is with an sr there’s not going to be as much information to show so we can get through this one kind of quickly but it gives you enough information because there is a lot that’s important on this just not a lot of information i’ll tell you what i mean this is tundra two-wheel drive sr crewmax five and a half foot bed made in san antonio super white

With black interior safety ratings are not posted yet here’s the plane it’s very foggy out here right now very misty we saw it though i think it could be a skinwalker anyway look at the fuel mileage here 18 in the city 24 on the highway 20 whether you get above or below depends on your driving style a lot of conditions a lot of factors but you should be able

To do pretty good with this one much better than last generation 10 speed automatic transmission it’s got that start and stop engine automatic limited slip differential which a lot of people will like in that multi-link rear suspension 2.5 so you can stop the video and see what that is 18 inch styled steel wheels and again like i said it’s an aluminum reinforced

Composite bed led headlights daytime running lights and a manual leveling adjustment holler eight 8-inch multimedia system wireless apple carplay android auto people will like that it does have a push button start which is nice it’s got under seat storage here we go 38 000 plus 430 for the towing i’m gonna get it delivered from san antonio to all the dealerships

All around there’s a cost to everything especially delivery so here it just has all weather floor mats on it so that actually stays pretty close to where we started 40 0409 and the biggest part of it was the delivery and then the hitch and those mats matt thank you so much for watching everybody what do you think of 22 tundra what do you think of this sr version

For me i find it to be a good value it’s a vehicle that you can get reasonably priced if you want that full-size truck and you still want the tundra name the tundra badge that extra power all that kind of jazz right there’s a lot going on with the sr so again for that forty thousand dollar magic number this is your baby right here as long as you don’t need the extra

Power and the towing capabilities perfect choice so let me know in the comments section what you guys think is this a choice for you are you going to go all the way up to the capstone baby please hit subscribe i have i’m approaching 40 videos now on the 22 tundra so if you want to learn a lot more about it i don’t know if many people have more videos on 22 tundra

Than i do so hit subscribe and then if you’re returning i appreciate it i’m on tik-tok and instagram where i do short little videos of things like this toyota jeff reviews and auto jeff reviews that’s my sister’s station my sister channel that i look at all brands so auto jeff reviews thanks everybody so much see you next time you

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2 Big Reasons NOT to Choose 2022 Tundra SR – and MANY Reasons To BUY! By ToyotaJeff Reviews