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#2 Prepping the box truck for departure [cutting a large hole]

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A large giant relatively small hole.

Oh my god you know that i’m doing this right now this is insane it’s following it’s gonna be fine today i’m starting the build process oh my god in a way this build feels like redemption hey come here think of mine yeah hi hi good morning got my bean good morning good morning from monterey i’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that i

Was on the other side of the country last week yeah so much has been happening behind the scenes between planning the build getting ready to leave trying to figure out the logistics of how the heck we’re going to live in this thing before it’s built out it’s been a lot but a lot in a good way anyways as much as i love being back in my hometown and as much as i love

Living with my parents i think it’s definitely time for us to get our butts back on the road but in order to do that i have to take care of one very daunting task and that task addresses the question that it feels like everybody and their mother has been asking ever since i brought up this whole box truck thing i’m gonna take all of this out thank you pretty

Much every other day that i’ve been staying with my parents my dad has been asking me where the heck i think i’m going to be doing this build and i’ve kind of just been replying well i don’t know um he’s been replying to that in a way that makes me think that he thinks that i’m lying or that i’m just being like secretive like maybe i have a secret warehouse or a

Builder up my sleeve and i think what i keep replying back to him which is i don’t know i’m just figuring it out as i’m going uh has him a little bit stressed out but i mean it i have no plans i have no idea where i’m gonna do this build and i am just figuring it out step by step no warehouse no builder but for this first step i decided to come to the first place

That i could think of um home depot will i be doing my entire build in a home depot parking lot perhaps step one foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign was one of the longest days of my life and i hate to say it but it was not awful i don’t hate to say it i love to say it i finished the cutout so there’s definitely a hole tomorrow i’m going to

Be adding some metal pieces and a gasket i don’t know how to explain it i don’t know how to explain anything yesterday i learned the difference between screws and bolts and tonight i’m going to be googling the difference between a drill and a driver but i will say that i think i can do this i really think that i can and that this build is like night and day for my

First fan build i feel like if i started describing the 20 year old mariah people would be like you’re lying there’s no way you didn’t know anything there’s no way you just let everybody else around you take over your build and a way this build feels like redemption anyways um i’m gonna go take the hottest bath ever i’m gonna cuddle thin and then i will be back in

The morning for around actually i’m really excited for tomorrow tomorrow is all the fun stuff god life is good oh my god i miss my friends i’ll see them soon i’m leaving home soon that’s what this signifies it’s the thing that i needed to do before i could leave home because for safety reasons i didn’t want to be leaving maybe a store unlocked or open or whatever

So anyways good night foreign i’m definitely simultaneously super excited and super nervous about today um from all the videos that i’ve watched it seems like i’m down to the easy part or like the satisfying part of this process but everything that i know about van builds it’s usually the things that seem easy that end up taking like the most time so we’ll see

Everything that i did yesterday took 12 hours so i don’t know off to home depot i go just kidding i think i’m gonna go start at the beach i love this truck always go on to safety on your clouds it’s amazing thank you thank you to hang around it’s not that easy hello hi everything is done except for the boot so it’s looking really good actually like

I’m really proud of myself i’m really really proud of myself i didn’t half-ass it i didn’t do it the easy way there are a couple of different people who i saw do this and some people did it in like a quicker faster easier way um but i chose the hard way because it just seemed a lot more stable and sturdy and resistant to water and i’m really glad that i did i’m

Almost done we’re so close okay foreign hello all right then yes come here dinner okay or a bowl or a spoon be right back well i feel so weird right now a month ago i flew back to my hometown to see if i wanted to go back to college and quit the van life a month ago i’m really glad that i didn’t quit um for a lot of different reasons but i feel

Like right now i have this opportunity to like build the life that i want to live like physically build and create the life that i want to live instead of living in other people’s worlds instead of going to school getting a job working for somebody else i have this opportunity to work for myself and to create my dream life and that’s like a once in a lifetime

Maybe opportunity and i’m just really really glad that i i wasn’t even thinking about that to be honest i was just spicy water this is a really weird dinner

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#2 Prepping the box truck for departure [cutting a large hole] By Mariah Alice