20 Mercedes-Benz GLE VS 20 Audi Q7 Facelift Which is the best?…

Hi everyone welcome back to hundreds of our channel so that you can see for the day we have 2020 of the mercedes-benz gla and 2020 of payslip the audi q7 they release now so we are going to see the practicality of two of suvs infotainment and stuff like that so let’s start with this one the new glp so also you can go with to open the car with your smartphone

That is so very nice you can see the beautiful interior illuminated the scenes dance player this is the amg line so it’s more sporty outside and the inside and you can see the interior is very interesting especially these two screens which work and looks very futuristic and very good you can control with this touchpad and you give a very nice feedback and you

Can tall with the system and you can control with this touchpad also you can go with the touchscreen if you want to but the best thing is you have this very soft to rest your hand and to work with the system and here we have drivers display is very good and very easy to use change the styles of display in going progressive and this is the mv ux also wear a cloth

Has the same system to some climate control the cupholders value charging there see the storage in dock armrest is very deep very good and the glove box right here also we have the vacuum so it’s not very good in a cabin so right now let’s wipe in the audi q7 so right now as you can see we are inside of out the q7 but there’s design now is the same as the ld q

8u l the start/stop button engine so it’s very nice and clean design but i don’t know maybe the gla is more interesting okay well things that i like is this string wheel with a flat bottom is so so good and this car is brand new if you live in the kosovo you can find here at auto salon i’ll visit and they have very good price for this car and every car actually

So let’s check the infotainment is touchscreen the audi changed the mmi which have the wheel in older models i don’t know i really prefer to have a little joystick because when you are driving is way more easy to control the infotainment but after all this very good system to work with also you have the feedback in touchscreen so you know what are you doing for

Example what are you touching navigation and this screen is for climate control and for example driving modes you can change there so you can see parking sensors also we have the ambient light in mercedes once you have a lot more color to play with i’m talking about the ambient light so we can see the virtual cockpit again i think is a little bit more good than

The mercedes ones also this is very beautiful and a little bit the bottom feels cheap ok let’s check the exterior now and we come later in the back seats with drunk and stuff like that so you can see like i said blizzard gla it fitted with the mg line so it’s more sporty you can see the bumper in the front end with diamond grill the led daytime running lights

With the multi beam headlights and you can see for example this q7 is s line you can see i don’t know maybe the face is more good in the q7 coming down below what do you think about that so we can check now from both side you can see this remind the ml which this model replaced that but just they changed the name i don’t know what do you think guys for exceed

Design i think the ld wins specialty you can see in the bag is very good way more good than jelly i think but the face that i don’t like in mercedes vents and audi in the latest cart you can see a bus this is so annoying you have complete faith exhaust exhaust on somewhere this is the same thing mercedes runs you can see is just the plastic i think they’re

In machines man in the petrol engines you actually have the real one for example let’s check the bmw it’s right now and i can show you look this is real man you can see why they don’t use like the bmw i really don’t know so sick the trunk of this to course now it’s all electric actually this car have with seven seats and you have electric to operate them you

Can see when the seats are down is very very spacious so right now let’s wipe in the gla so here we are trunk of the q7 is definitely way more big we can see some under storage here very good car – electric trunk calls for both parts and the button in the trunk in the audi is more premium if i can say so less with back seat now q7 so you can see the door is

Opening very wide and it’s easy to put for example the seat of your kid back there and it’s very easy to jump and so here we are we can slide a little bit in the back if you want extra legroom we have four zone climate control and you can see this alcantara it’s so premium we have this beautiful two cupholders the lights also the headroom is very good i’m

About 180 centimeters so let’s check now the back of the gla so you can see i think is more easy to start in the back of the g and we compared to the q7 yeah it really is you can see and you are sitting more low than the q7 in the q7 the back seat i think they are a little bit higher so here we are the armors with two cupholders also this have a panoramic sunroof

But now is covered on you can see the headroom is very ok everything in both cars they are very good so here we are so how d i think is more good in the exterior van gla but if you want more technology and more good interior i will go with gl d so guys i hope you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe for more videos to come and don’t forget to leave your

Comment about these cards and we see you in the next video bye

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20’ Mercedes-Benz GLE VS 20’ Audi Q7 Facelift ! Which is the best?… By Shend Riza Cars