2000 Ford F150 XLT EXT Cab 4X4 for sale

Alright folks today we have a 2014 50 extend extended cab pickup truck and the first thing we’re gonna do is start it up as you see there it starts right up no problem alright and again this is a 2014 50 extended cab let’s just real quickly go over some of the equipment power windows our mirrors that’s some kind of works right aftermarket radio which i may or may

Not be able to figure out how to turn on source success you did oh there’s that we’re not but i must spend too much time messing around that obviously it’s got a usb port we have a seed on right now it’s about 68 degrees we don’t really need any of that but it does work alright so that’s just real quick just some of the equipment in the vehicle the next thing we

Do is hop out and take a listen to the motor and it’s just a quick look around the hood in the edge all right and while we are here we check the trap level of tread depth and the tires we are about nine thirty seconds of tread on the front tire about eight thirty seconds on the rear six thirty seconds on our other rear tire and about eight thirty seconds there

So that is the tread depth for your tires all the way around all right all right there’s a shot of our dashboard nice nice and clean they’re in good shape seat belt for the middle all right shot of our door door jamb door jim contingency all right there’s your extended cab seat and we’ll just go quickly on the door jamb here all right so that’s a quick look

At our passenger side now we’re check out the rear truck bed maybe i was lucky i didn’t lock it on myself obviously so you see we got our top here pop this thing off real quick and she has a better view but it’s your basic truck bed nothing fancy here all right so there you go folks here’s a look at your truck bed and tailgate obviously we have little players

So i’ll get you a better angle in here all right okay so put this guy up then again there’s your tailgate some problems there let’s head over to the driver’s side alright and our driver’s side i obviously drivers seats in good shape there and same thing backseat all right and for front door and then get a look here at all right so that’s a quick look at the

Interior of the vehicle next to reduce the quick walk around of the exterior so again ford f-150 52 to thousands of model year panel by panel except this guy also sir right here and up top here and so you see couple of minor dings and dents but really overall the trucks in pretty good shape tailgating see a little bit of damage here with get up top all right

Folks and exit i’ve got a 2000 ford f1 f1 50 pickup truck next thing we’re do is half in it and take it for a quick test drive all right folks now we’re gonna take this this 2000 ford f-150 extended cab pickup truck out on a quick test drive maybe if i can get my seat belt on there we go alright and hopefully these tree guys don’t screw me up cuz they’re set up

Right along our test drive round it’s the first things first oh what this guys doing obviously you can hear the exhaust leak all right so that’s basically you got exhaust leak and you can hear the tire noise that’s what that noise is all right so anyway nice and smooth all the way up to about 50 miles an hour are on rolling along nice and easy now alright so i’m

Gonna turn around up here on the left see put on the brake no vibration and the pedal no pulsation so brakes feel pretty good alright so next thing we’re gonna do is spin around a dog sorry guys i got distracted this dog yapping and i was trying to figure out where it was so i didn’t worry about it running out in the road ok all right and again all the way up to

About 55 miles an hour all right nice and smooth there all right so next thing you’re gonna do is a break check in the parking lot across from les hopefully it’s that gives me clear paths to do this alright so basically i’m a break check to make sure that we stop and we’re not pulling wildly to the left or right you stop in a nice straight line so that’s what we

Did there folks alright so next thing next to last thing we do is check out the four-wheel drive system on this truck all right so we’re just gonna use our gravel driveway which has always been very good to kind of demonstrate the effectiveness of the four-wheel drive alright so for first for example first things first i’m just gonna pull up here this trucks in

Two-wheel drive right now which means rear-wheel and you can hear all i do is just spin and i’m just gonna make a mess of the driveway so what i’ll do now and same thing give it some gas alright and the spinning is gone so obviously what that means is we were in 4×4 high all right now we’re in low range all right it’s the same thing let it roll forward a little

Bit float on the break give it a little shot of gas haley jump right off now four by four low you don’t really need to use very often less the weather’s really really terrible i’ve been going uphill you’re pulling basically you stump out i grab stuff like that so really jets where generates a lot of the traction there alright so same thing back out in the 4×4

There so anyway so that’s working just as it should and that’s it folks so again 2000 ford f-150 extended cab obviously we just did the four-wheel drive so it does have that feature as well so if you’re looking for something you know maybe even a second or third truck a work truck wintertimes coming around the corner so you’ll need something for the weather up

Here in the northeast this would be a good one for you pop you guys out here the one last walk around over the video vehicle all right sorry about that one last walk around real quick folks of the truck alright that’s that’s the picture of shot of the truck one more thing for our new jersey viewers we have a good sticker until july of 2020 which is next year so

Anytime so that’s it again 2000 ford f-150 extended cab it goes happy triton v8 motor in it so anyway folks thanks for watching and hear from you soon

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2000 Ford F150 XLT EXT Cab 4X4 for sale By hiautoex