2001 Acura Integra GSR POV Drive + Dyno pull INSANE VTEC with a awesome back story

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All right guys welcome back to yo spill hope you guys are having a great afternoon and uh i hope you guys are ready for this video so we have a new car to the eos belt lineup uh i’ll give you a quick backstory on it we’re gonna take it for a drive and then we’re gonna stick on the dyno just to see how much power it actually makes i am really interested in this uh

Because i love these cars if you guys didn’t know yoast build is not just me it is me and my older brother my older brother recently has had a uh big thing with bringing home new cars uh but i kind of told him we don’t need any more projects if you’re gonna bring something home at least make it something that already is running and driving ish if it’s something

Little we can fix it quick but we don’t need more projects that are going to be long term so he found us a field find 2001 acura integra and for being an up north car this car is in immaculate condition uh there’s nothing else i can say about it so i’m gonna flip the camera around right here i’m gonna show you the ins and outs of the car we’re gonna go for a test

Drive and then we are going to dyno it hope you guys are ready for this one so this is our 2001 acura integra gsr this car is 95 stock literally interior is all stock the brakes the wheel bearings the drive train itself is all stock the only thing that i’ve modified on this car uh is the exhaust it had a huge hole in the muffler and we had this old school 3a

Racing autozone muffler from years back so i built it an exhaust it came with a header and it came with an intake manifold and a valve cover swap already so let’s get under the hood i’ll show you exactly what’s done to it and yes it did come with gsr blades but they had bad tires so we’re rocking some ls meshes for now until we get some good tires for the gsrs

So under the hood you have a b18 c1 uh then matching motor and transmission to the car you see this is a version 1 skunk 2 intake manifold it has a stock throttle body has a little three inch intake pipe and then you have the header you do have ac power steering heat factory radiator abs you have cruise control you literally have all the emission stuff the evap

Canisters um so as you see that is a very clean engine bay for a car of this you know age on the interior this is a vinco nine car you have leather door panels leather wrapped steering wheel leather seats front and rear cargo tray and the only thing this car really needs is the carpet floor mats other than that the car is in pretty much mint condition there is

A little spot of rust right there and then a little bumper tap right there we will take this car to the body shop and have them fix the bumper and have them fix a little spot of rust right there um because other than that this car is pretty much in perfect condition we like i said we do have the gsr blades we will get them with some new tires and throw them back

On here so that the car is matching all original this car i’ve checked every vin plate on the door the fender the hood the hatchback and the bumper and it all original to the car so this is a really rare find up here for a car that’s never been you know crashed abused anything like that so the owner of this car was a church pastor he was a 60-something year-old

Man he drove this car every day for he said like five or six years and then he started doing maintenance on it and he was told by his mechanic that there was something wrong in the head and that’s why it was loud and that came to not be true so it has a rebuilt factory cylinder head it’s the actual cylinder head off the car um but then it sat in a field for two

Years because they couldn’t get a run right and uh now we have it so i’m gonna do a startup here i’m gonna get in the car i’m gonna throw the gopro in and then we’re gonna go for a drive and uh this is actually my first time driving it since i fixed it um my brother’s driven it of course to get it tagged but other than that i haven’t actually driven this thing

So uh hope you guys are ready for this and uh it should be a fun one a bone stock integra gsr oh another thing it does have rear lowering springs and ground control front coil sleeves i noticed that when i had it on the lift we don’t plan on changing it depends on how good it rides i think it’ll probably ride decent so let’s go and test driving and see all

Right guys so just prime the fuel pump and let’s get to driving our gsr turn this off turn that off so i can actually talk to you guys and you guys could hear everything so sunroof car of course gsr front rear disc um brakes of course when i go to make this video it starts raining windshield wipers work that’s the first time i’ve tried them so the story on um

Basically how we found this thing before others did my brother was searching on facebook marketplace and um the guy had posted this car as a acura automatic he didn’t he didn’t put that it was manual transmission he put acura um i think he put gsr automatic it wasn’t he didn’t have it as an integra gsr uh manual but he had put it as a acura automatic which is

Like an odd thing to do um but like i said he was a a pastor for a church so you know this was his baby he even told us he said once you guys fix it uh because i told him i’d fix it for you know i’d get fix it and get it running i wasn’t going to destroy it he said would you guys fix it i wanna you know i want to go for a ride in it uh so we’ll have to make a

Video on that we’ll have to make a video of driving with the old owner of the car if he is down i’ll have to you know make sure that he is uh you know down to be on camera um but yeah so it is literally a 173 000 mile gsr uh like i said earlier the head has been taken off and rebuilt uh i checked the timing the timing is perfect uh the reason why he couldn’t

Get the car running as is because as earlier i showed you guys it has a skunk 2 version 1 intake manifold well if you guys don’t know or if you know anything about gsrs a gsr the factory intake manifold flips the throttle body upside down so the map sensor and the tps sensors are from factory in the wiring designed upside down so your map sensor actually goes

Down and your tps goes up whereas 90 of other hondas is the other way around your map sensors on the top and your tps is on the side so when you swap a gsr and you put a you know a type r style intake manifold which is all a skunk 2 is you get the sensors upside down so like i said i checked the timing i checked everything i did put a new set of plugs in it um of

Course i checked oil did all that make sure the oil was clean and then started it and it started right up after i did that the only problem was it was idling at like three grand and then i looked and of course if he changed the intake manifold of course he had the throttle body and everything off because it doesn’t have a skunk through the throttle body as a stock

Daughter buddy with stock sensors but then i noticed that he had replaced all the sensors when you replace a honda throttle body or a b series throttle body the gasket that comes off of it uh matches the back side of it if you try to buy one of those aftermarket 68 millimeter gaskets or 70 millimeter gaskets it does not match the contour of the factory throttle

Body and what happens is it leaves a little vacuum leak right underneath uh where the map sensor is and the car will run like garbage so basically uh plugs uh flipping the map sensor and the tps sensor back to where it belongs fixing the vacuum leak and then of course once i got it running the exhaust had a big hole in it in the muffler so i replaced that i put

The header that was in the car on it which is basically a type water style header uh and then i built a 260 millimeter exhaust for it which is like 2.3 something um but i built an exhaust for it uh it was not even that loud and uh my brother has been driving it and he says it’s a phenomenal car so as you guys know i drive the h22 ek every day that is my winter car

And now that the winter is pretty much over it’s actually 70 today you can see i’m in shorts and i’m in slides like i would be in florida we can actually get some of these cars out and have fun so i’m gonna take you off of here i’m gonna put you on the head cam and we’ll do some driving uh now that you know the story of the car where it came from and like i said

Our plans are literally just fix the a little bit of a little uh rust hole on the driver’s side quarter panel have the back bumper repainted and then just enjoy the car as a daily driver these cars are only going up in value we did keep the stock exhaust i do want to find a stock intake manifold but other than that this car is going to be left as is all right

Guys so now we’re on the head cam i don’t know how well you guys can see but i hope you guys can see everything i need to put the defroster on so after driving an h-series car i’m going to have to talk a little louder now because of course as you can see it’s raining um the b series shifter is really interesting uh it is very tight and feels very linkage-like

Like i said uh compared to an h-series shifter i don’t know if i like it i couldn’t say that you know i’m a fan of it but i’m just accustomed to the shifter style of transmission that comes in a h22 like my juke has a shifter style uh k-swaps have shifter style so i’m just more accustomed to those uh but you see there’s no check engine lights the only light on is

The abs uh from what i found one of the abs sensors is broken uh so i will try to fix that uh i did order new brake pads and rotors for it because like i said this car has been setting the last time it was inspected was in like 2017 or 2018. so there’s no need um to not update the safety stuff you should always update safety stuff on cars you find out in the fields

You see it has 40 miles on it which shows you my brother has been driving it you can hear here the rear wheel bearings are a little bit loud uh we did order those as well and um yeah once we get up here i’ll do a pool and then we’ll get it back home and put you guys on the dyno so so all right guys so the bone stock gsr with an intake manifold and exhaust

Made 154 horsepower and 115 foot pounds of torque you guys are wondering why it is so low if you guys haven’t listened in any of the videos we are at 700 feet into the side of a mountain and our da is usually 2200 to 3200 so of course at sea level the car will make a little more power but this thing is on a stock ecu with a three inch intake pipe a skunk two gen

1 intake manifold it has a type r style 4-1 header with a full 60 millimeter exhaust with not one not two but three forms of muffling these b series love to be raspy i haven’t actually heard the clip of this thing on the dyno when i’m editing this video i’m sure it’s probably pretty raspy but uh i don’t think that’s too bad 154 out of a stock tune on a gsr and

Once it goes in the vtec the the pole is really smooth now the timing before vtec is really and i didn’t stick a wideband in the exhaust because i kind of really don’t want to know but uh yeah hope you guys enjoyed the video hope you guys like the new acura gsr that we are going to be daily driving and uh hope you guys are ready for the next one until then you guys are the greatest

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2001 Acura Integra GSR! POV Drive + Dyno pull! INSANE VTEC with a awesome back story! By Yost Built