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2001 Ford F150 Supercrew Start Up and Review 4.6 L V8

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Today i have a 2001 ford f-150 xlt and today i’ll be going over the features on the interior and the exterior and checking out the engine bay on this f150 as well as going over some of the f-150 s main competitors as well as trims and pricing so let’s go ahead and check it out the remote keyless entry now this generation f150 is one of my favorite generations of

The f-150 this generation started back in 97 and lasted until 2003 and ford redesigned it and oh for it’s a black exterior with the gray cloth interior manual driver see adjustments just go ahead and start this baby up i actually really like this interior of the f-150 these this layout on the expedition as well only 80,000 miles on this f150 very low mileage nice

You have a letter upstream will four-speed column-mounted automatic transmission let’s go ahead and turn on the lights we also do have your hazards go ahead and turn on those automatic driver side window go ahead and pop the hood check out the engine bay chrome exterior mirrors halogen headlamps under the hood of the f-150 you will find a 4.6 liter triangle v8

Very powerful motor now the f-150s main competitors are the dodge ram chevrolet silverado the gmc’s here as well as the toyota tundra total vehicle price for this particular f-150 is nine thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars this is a super krewe model which had the unique taillights the power windows your power door locks and your power mirrors and let’s

Go ahead and wrap up the f-150 very powerful nice now material quality and the f-150 is okay pretty hard plastic right here it is a truck so that’s to be expected every truck in this class has hard plastics everywhere so but you have cruise control you have also a tilt steering wheel you’ll find an am/fm cassette deck as well as well as a cd player all your a/c

Controls your fan speeds the temperatures as far as comfort goes in the f-150 the seats are actually pretty comfortable i’m actually very surprised the eye support is out actually pretty good as well i have to say do a full bench seating cupholders there’s your center console more cupholders nice simple gauges too now i like the silverados interior just a little

Bit better because everything is ergonomically correct in the silverado please check out my review on the silverado all right and i’m going to shut down the f-150 let’s go ahead and check out the rest of the truck give us a power adjustable pedals material quality does follow-through in the rear still pretty hard plastic right here but it’s actually really soft

To the touch right here and pretty soft to the touch on the armrest which is actually very good now back here you will actually find lots of legroom i’m actually very surprised it is pretty coffee back here to just like the front now compared to the toyota tundra toyota is definitely going to have better reliability of course but the f-150 is definitely going to

Have better power trains and more configurations with the truck body style let the toyota tundra is still great truck please check out my review on the 2000 toyota tundra here comparing it to this you have cup holders right here – it’s actually not too bad back here alright full manual passenger seat glovebox compartment all right thank you for checking out this

Review on this 2001 ford f-150 if you have any questions on this ford f-150 please let me know remember this is cameron’s car reviews car buying made easy you

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2001 Ford F150 Supercrew Start Up and Review 4.6 L V8 By Camerons Car Reviews