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Hi guys doug williams viva las vegas autos again got another cool vehicle here today for another video test drive 2001 ford f-150 lightning svt racing group with ford motor company this thing i’ll tell you is supercharged and it is one badass truck i mean it is if you’re going to get a truck this truck lays it down and lays it down nice lighting built by the svt

Group were powered by the svt group was a special performance vehicle like the cobras the lightnings and new raptors out nowadays but back in 2001 these were the fastest trucks production trucks out there in this truck with a 5.4 liter i’ll tell you you know mazing as small as that engine is it puts out a ton of horsepower factory standard 360 horse this one with

The air cleaner another up to 380 with 400 and i think 40 took foot-pounds of torque it’s a lot of torque but i’ll tell you the cool thing about this truck is one thing and that is the condition and the low mileage of it when i’m out buying vehicles i want them to be just top-notch condition i want them to look like they’re brand new 2001 that’s an old vehicle

This thing’s 14 years old already and it’s only got 31,000 miles on it that’s spectacular mileage for a truck of this age the paint looks like it was put out of the factory yesterday fantastic condition not only that but if you look at the stance on this trucks truck was lowered the stance is beautiful on it and it’s even got d-o-t racing slicks on the back what

That means is that just has enough tread on it to be able to be on the roads legally ok so you can drive those what looks like slicks on city streets and not get a ticket for it but i’ll tell you they can lay it down and give you that traction to that you want and dragging this thing you’ll see a drag in our video as well but again trucks in immaculate condition

We’ll take it for a test drive come on let’s stick go for a ride in this thing again are you for a test drive first thing he knows when you get in this car is that it’s super clean obviously with thirty one thousand two hundred and twelve miles on it it’s going to be for as old as it is i mean you just cannot go wrong with this car or this truck shall we say with

Modifications that our honor the suspension the exhaust system which is just i mean just got a low about the lowest tone just sounds sol incredibly deep lots of fun real nice sound system in they obviously put a sound system with a deck on it that has it you’ll see a lot of this equipment in our ad but whoever had this obviously babied it just like the stuff i like

Bring it to me or i get to buy it when it’s part of the family some they’ve owned for a long time something that has been cherished in the garage in this case course no rust las vegas vehicle madeline that sounds good i think that’s great about this vehicles the handling characteristics lower suspension and you do have some dlt racing slicks street-legal slicks

On the back man those puppies up and you know your whole crew i’ll tell you have a hard time not wanting to just listen to my exhaust systems all the time on some of my hot rod cars this one one of those that deep rumble of the sink creates all the side out wow they are going to know why not meant to be a hotrod truck lightning supercharger on it and you feel

Secure in it too huge brakes on as well well trucks gotta slow itself down what a fun truck to drive see why the people that only sink love them you just something about cars and trucks with a lot of power you get thrill rides if you’re a person that likes an adrenaline like i am these cars will give it an adrenaline a good amount of fun do i have to pay a lot

For it other than being pulled over for speeding or exposition for me burnouts things like that but you can do those in the proper areas like you know drag strips and stuff like that or you can do it like i do it anywhere you can anyways hope you enjoyed the test drive on to the next one

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2001 Ford F150 SVT Lightning Supercharged Lowered – Burnout &Test Drive – Viva Las Vegas Autos By Viva Las Vegas Autos Inc.