2001 Nissan Maxima Brake Light Fuse, Stop Light Switch Replacement and Troubleshooting

What’s going on fellas i’ve got a 2001 nissan maxima here and i’m gonna use this car to point out to you a few troubleshooting steps for when your brake lights aren’t coming on so one of the easiest things for you to do really the first thing you should do is check your fuse there’s gonna be a 15 amp fuse up here you can just pull it right out like so look through

It to see if it’s blown or not and be sure to reinstall it push it in all the way that 15 infuse its role is to provide constant power to your brake light switch and i’ll show you the brake light switch now so going under the dash here you’re gonna look at the brake pedal and work your way up and you’re actually going to teat you’re gonna see two switches here

Unfortunately the easier one to get to is for the cruise control in the computer so this is not important for us for the brake lights but i can use this to illustrate a good point oftentimes there’s a rubber grommet that gets or a plastic grommet that gets pressed into this bracket here and when the grommet breaks as you see this one has it no longer engages with

The pusher on your switch so if that happens that can actually cause your brake lights to come on and stay on and you can see that’s happened on both of these you can buy new grommets at the parts store so that’s a you know first thing i check if a car comes in and the brake lights are staying on i check to see if those grommets are still there so this switch right

Here the one with the black connector that is your stoplight or your brake light switch and if you want to remove it you just simply grasp it rotate it counterclockwise let’s see if i can get a better angle on it oh there we go kind of tough for me to do one-handed so you rotate it counterclockwise and it will pull straight out so that’s the switch here if you want

To test it you can disconnect it by pushing on the tab here and pulling it out if you connect these two pins together with like a something substantial like a very thick paperclip or a heavy wire if you connect those two pins together then you should have the brake lights coming on as far as installing the new one if you do replace it you just kind of push it back

In it will only go in pretty much one way you push it back into the little bracket there and then you twist it to lock it in place you can kind of adjust it so that it comes on so yeah you get the idea anyways i hope this was helpful to you guys be sure to let me know if you’ve got any questions more importantly if you’ve got any advice about troubleshooting the

Brake lights on your nissan maxima thanks for watching

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2001 Nissan Maxima Brake Light Fuse, Stop Light Switch Replacement and Troubleshooting By Lehew Tech