2001 Nissan Maxima Parking Light Fuse & Relay

What’s going on fellas i’ve got a 2001 nissan maxima here i’m gonna use this car to point out to you the location of an important fuse and relay for the operation of your parking lights and your tail lights so first things first we’re gonna check the fuse you’re gonna open this cover by pushing on that tab there and the fuse for us to look at is going to be the 10

Amp fuse and the upper-left so you can just come simply grab it and pull it straight out so be sure to check that as you can see this one is intact now the role of that fuse is to provide a constant power to your taillight relay so the tail light relay is located right here in order to get to it you’re gonna push up on that little tab and pull this back and the tail

Light relay itself is gonna be this one right here you can try tapping on it to see if it’s stuck or you can remove it and one thing i will say about removing it you may have to push on this little retaining tab there get it out of the way after that point you should be able to wiggle this out and it will come right out like so and you can swap this with different

Relays as a troubleshooting step a good relay to swap it with would be your fog light relay which is right here now while we’re here i’ll point out to you the pins and what each one does i’ve pointed out to you the 10 amp fuse that provides constant power to it that comes in at let’s see that comes in at pin 1 and pin 3 so both of those pins should always be hot pin

Number let’s see pin number 1 and pin number 3 those are gonna be these two fuses right there so those two fuses are always hot i’m kind of pausing because i have to read the numbers on the inside of this and it’s kind of hard to see yeah one in three those always get power from that tinian fuse i pointed out to you now there’s a something called a smart entrance

Control unit it’s inside the car behind the – it’s a little electronic module and when that module decides that the parking light should be on because it’s receiving a signal from your switch it sends a ground and that ground comes in on pin number 2 which we can see pin number 2 is this pin right there so the ground comes in right there to signal this relay to

Click when the relay clicks or is energized it sends power from pin number 1 sorry from pin number 3 to pin number 5 so it connects these two together so it connects these two pins together so that pin actually is what goes to the lights themselves if you hook up a paper clip between these two then the light should just stay on permanently so yeah i hope this was

Helpful for you guys be sure to let me know if you’ve got any questions more importantly if you’ve got any advice about troubleshooting the tail lights on your nissan maxima thanks for watching

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2001 Nissan Maxima Parking Light Fuse & Relay By Lehew Tech