2001 Toyota Sequoia Carpet replacement

The original carpet was destroyed from years of kids and pets and towards the end, some mice. It’s beyond cleaning. For $25 I got a much nicer carpet out of a wrecked Sequoia that was getting parted out. Come and check out the mouse house as well!

Have you ever done a plumbing project where you take the trap off and you get those gases from out of the the drain pipe that’s blocked off by the trap and you mix that with a little heat and an onion burp the smell from an onion burp and you mix those all together that’s kind of what it smelled like hey there everybody welcome back to groundhog’s garage my name

Is jim hey i’m replacing the carpet in my sequoia with carpet from another sequoia i didn’t get a new one the guy i bought the fender from his sequoia had some pretty nice carpet in it so for he sold it to me for 25 bucks i’m just swapping it out and i really wasn’t going to make a video of this i mean you take the seats out you put the carpet in you put the

Seats back in but i i wanted to show you this it’s been sitting for a while and the woman was very upfront she had four or five kids and she said it was a mess and she had cleaned up what you could see um but here’s what you couldn’t see so a lot of a lot of life going on underneath here like uh like a mouse life and uh various little sundries over here and

Mouse poop and fresh wipes battery so there’s even a little bit up in here in the center console so i’m going to get my vacuum cleaner and clean this up because if i don’t it’ll just end up in my yard so we’ll get that vacuumed up and then cut the sections out take the seats out real quick throw the new carpet in or the new used carpet and put it back together

Foreign if you’re asking yourself why i haven’t taken the seats out yet it’s gonna rain or it looks like it’s going to rain any minute now so i’m just doing little bits at a time and then when i am absolutely ready i’ll yank the seats out put the carpet in put the seats back in thank you there’s an aftermarket dvd player with screens in the headrest and

It didn’t work and i see why that wire is chewed through those wires are chewed through i saw a couple other ones here i think those all look good let’s look at the other side and we got a bunch two through over here foreign not chewed through so much but through the insulation yeah that one’s chewed through more poop and get that vacuum cleaner fired up again

Man underneath the carpet that’s mice man they get everywhere look at that turd fest it’s getting a little dark so i thought i’d take a quick look at this i’m going to take the seats out pull the rest of that carpet out i thought about getting some carpet cleaner and scrubbing it and but uh foreign it’s got some mileage on it smells like urine there’s dog hair

So it’s either mouse urine or pet urine or both yeah the other carpet isn’t perfect but it’s in a lot better shape than that let’s uh i’ll get it out here so you can take a look at it that’s nasty it’s the next day and i don’t really remember where i left off but i’m getting ready to put it all back together i don’t have the seats bolted in yet these aren’t

A complicated affair they’re very accessible and easy to take out i would tell you they’re a little easier than on the tahoe the center console can actually come out without taking the seats out it’s not that hard it’s actually a two-piece steel once you put the first half on the second half will actually just kind of click in and down and it interlocks a little

Bit which makes it nice to work on and let’s see let’s look at the back seats real quick the back seats um they just fit into these grooves here and the hinges do and you bolt them down and then you just latch them into the back there which is really nice so this carpet well not perfect it’s like 100 times better than the other one that’s the jack cover and it

Was indicative of what the other carpet looked like and now you can see what the in comparison to the replacement carpet so it’s a lot nicer but i’m reaching the tail end here this is going to go together pretty quick once i’ve had it apart it is definitely easier than on the tahoe so for what it’s worth not a big deal there were just a couple wires uh two for the

Cigarette lighter and 100 or 12 volt outlet and uh the what else no the seat heaters which is the cover that goes here and everything just pulls out i mean it came out pretty pretty easy so all right side put this down here let’s get the get this a little closer plug the cigarette lighters in here set that down like that so here put it back on the clip okay

So this plug is for all your temperature controls for the back seat the rear half this is for your side view mirror controls and then you got your your seat heat controls here and uh looks like we are where we need to be there foreign bolts are the same a lot of 10 millimeter there were a couple different sizes the seats have 15 millimeter and then there’s

Like two hooks on the back that are 13 millimeter but i don’t really even know what those are for foreign these up with a socket with a ratchet i don’t want to break the plastic so outside of the fact that the other carpet was pretty gnarly looking it already smells better in here but yeah it definitely smells a lot smells more like perfume now than it did all

Right here we go foreign i want to show you this so this is the back piece and see how it’s got those hooks there well those hooks go on these slots right here and you push in and down and if you want to get it apart you just take all these bolts out and then push it up and it pops it comes apart so it’s a two-piece steel which makes it a little easier to handle

Which is very nice plugging in the rear seat heater controls putting those tabs in there pushing down solid got the cup holder piece you got the two seat warmer controls here for the mirror here i took this apart took the switches out and put this in my kitchen sink and scrubbed it it was pop all over it and getting the cup holders clean once you get it plugged

In it just pops into place the seat heater controls the plugs are identical the switches are identical but there’s a black one and a brown one so they’re not identical but they’re very close so um i don’t even know if it matters what position they’re in well i guess it does well no it doesn’t left seat right seat could be either one the wires are playing along

To get to the right switch the plugs are color coded to match the socket so if you forget it’s not a big deal you’re good to go and then this just kind of drops into place and snaps in that’s all there is to it and it comes out the same way just you just pull up and it comes off foreign millimeter bolts right there’s one and there’s one we’ll get those in and

This is pretty much put together working on this car reminds me of my old working on copier days these hinges will not can you see this down in here this bottle cap hey lady that document feeder won’t work if you got paper clips in it well guess what hinges won’t work if you got bottle caps in them what else is in there i don’t know what that is all right

I just wanted to show you that this is the right passenger seat and i took it out i took the bottom off because uh this hinge here wasn’t latching in so i just wanted to clean it up lube it up and a little gold chain fell out and some other things and i took the opportunity to clean this before i put it on camera because some things just don’t need to be seen

Hey i’m just kidding it wasn’t that bad so i’m gonna put it back on here and we’ll get the seat dropped in what you wanted to know what it smells like oh you’re a sick bunch um let’s say a little cat pee mixed with some dog pee mixed with some mouse pee steamed with some cabbage with onions and liver have you ever done a plumbing project where you take the

Trap off and you get those gases from out of the the drain pipe that’s blocked off by the trap and you mix that with a little heat and an onion burp the smell from an onion burp and you mix those all together that’s kind of what it smelled like how about a litter box burning hair someone’s seafood cooking in the office foreign just about done with this project the

Carpets in i got some trim pieces i’m just cleaning i got them in the sink and uh that’s the uh that’s the jack cover that’s what the old carpet looked like i’m gonna have to clean that but you can see the new carpet or the newer carpet um so that’s where i’m at i’m gonna finish the video here so i’m just about done with this video series i’ve only got maybe i

Might replace that seat cover on the driver’s seat so anyway if you like these kind of videos click on subscribe down below and let me know about your sequoia project thanks for watching if you got this far and i hope you have a good day

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2001 Toyota Sequoia Carpet replacement By Groundhogz Garage