2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage – Overview

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How’s it going everyone steve here with the gr auto gallery and today i have the pleasure of showing you around this aston martin db7 vantage first off we’re going to give you guys a nice walk around video so you get a good idea of what the car looks like and i’m going to pull it up on the lift so you can see the underside like the frame exhaust suspension stuff

Like that and then i’m going to walk around with you guys kind of go over the overall condition of the db7 and then show you some cool features and last but not least we’re going to give you guys a running video so stay tuned and i hope you enjoy so all right you guys i hope you enjoyed the walk around as well as the underside video now like i said we’re gonna

Go around the car together kind of go over the overall condition and then show you some cool features so overall the aston martin is in really really nice condition especially considering the age i believe it’s a 2002 it only has i think 23 000 miles on it we’ll confirm that in a second when we go inside but the paint shows very well there are just a couple very

Small chips around the car but overall does show very well wheels pretty nice condition as well tires have a lot of life left on them there’s some pilot sports just a really clean car the lines are awesome as for the interior some dark blue leather and blue carpet door cards are in very nice condition you do have power mirrors right there cool thing about this

Vantage is is a manual transmission which is rare it’s hard to find these db7s with a manual transmission so that just makes this one that much cooler all the carbon fiber trim has some sun fade to it uh kind of a yellowish color now but that’s pretty normal on these cars so not 23 000 but 26 000 miles on the odometer still very low for this car horn does work all

The lights are functional on the vehicle the blower does work but it makes kind of a squeaky noise if you can hear that so not totally sure what’s going on there radio also works but another normal issue with these is the volume knob you kind of got to go really slow because it’s touchy hopefully you can hear that as for the rest of the interior overall really

Nice condition you do have the aston martin logo in the headrest here’s your ashtray and cigarette lighter your window switches good sized glove box with the trunk button um yeah headliner is this tan suede really nice condition there not sagging at all the only issue really with the interior uh is just some wear marks and cracks on the driver’s seat you do

Have your dv7 vantage plaque right there on the driver’s side and then on the passenger side another really cool fact about this car it says it was hand built in england for the 2002 los angeles auto show so this was i believe this is the one that they had in the showroom for the los angeles auto show in 2002 so really awesome car some pretty cool history on it

As well if you would like to see pictures of yes martin feel free to go to our website we have over 100 pictures on there link is going to be down in the description and if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to give us a call we would love to help you out however we can and also make sure you read the description under those photos on our website

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2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage – Overview By GR Auto Gallery